Give the Glory to God.

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(September 17-technical problems prevented the live program.)

Praise God, I’m so glad you’re with us tonight and I want you to know how much I love you, and how much Jesus loves you and he loves you so much you cannot imagine . I look forward to getting up each day, and I want to come down here each day because I cannot wait to see what God will do next. He is powerful, and for his will, and he is so awesome.

Just let them come into your life. Do not give him, 98% of your life, but given 100%, you will be amazed at what he would do for you, absolutely amazed, I am. I have been in amazement, and all day long and how he has just stepped in, and he is done what he is done in my life, and he humbles me each and every day, and I keep saying, “why are you mindful of me? And why do you pay attention to me?” I hear him say, “but you are my child and I love you.”

Now, let’s pray, and we want to get into the word and I believe that of got a special, and I believe I have got something special tonight for you, now let’s pray. And Father we thank you, and we thank you for another day that we can come before you and worship your precious holy name.

Another day that we can experience your presence and another day Lord and we can enjoy you and you enjoy us. Help us to just walk with you and talk with you and spend time with you, Lord and get alone with you, father. And father I thank you that you are mindful of us, and you pay attention to us and you are involved in our lives. And Lord, I thank you for your precious, precious love. Continue reading Give the Glory to God.

Do not have a hard heart.

Hard Heart
Do not be hardhearted.

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September 15, 2015

I’m pastor Jeff for those of you don’t know, and I’ll be glad to share the word of God with you, and now let’s go to prayer.¬† Father we thank you for another beautiful day, and we will start out the day on the right foot. Lord Jesus¬† have your way. And have Your Way, Lord Jesus.

And we pray tonight, that you will come in here and touch the lives of those who are calling in and you would heal the sick and raise the dead, to make the blind to see, and best of all, and set them free for those who are bound. Continue reading Do not have a hard heart.

You Are Grafted In.

branch grafted in.
Romans 11:17
Grafted In.

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September 12, 2015

>Jeff: Praise the Lord and I’m happy to be with you tonight and I’m excited to be here, I believe that God moved in a magnificent way tonight, and it was just wonderful and now let’s go into prayer.

I want to get started and Father we thank you for your glory and we thank you for your son, and the Holy Spirit and for you. Lord, we would pray tonight in the name of Jesus to have your way, like you did last night, but even greater, and we cannot live on yesterday, but tonight, as we will come before you, and we prepare the table, and I pray that we could be with you.

I pray that we could see your glory greater than ever. and we just thank you for all that we are about to receive, and all that you have for us in the name of Jesus and hallelujah, and amen. Jesus loves you and Jesus loves you and I’m telling you, if you could imagine his love. Continue reading You Are Grafted In.