Searching for Love.

looking for love

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Saturday, November 28, 2015.

Hi, I’m pastor Jeff Lane and I’m glad to be with you tonight, I’m looking forward to this evening. Something hit me kind of hard, over the last two days, I feel like God just spoke summing to me, and I believe, that there is going to be both men and women that will get a word from God tonight and this would be for you and especially if you are feeling lonely and maybe you are single and hurting. I want to hear what God is saying and let’s pray and get into the word.

The time will not be long but I could make my point and hopefully I’ll be able to be helping you. We’ll get right into prayer. Father we thank you tonight we thank you that you’re mindful of us I thank you, that you look at the details, every aspect of our lives and you are examining it, and you care for us .

And Lord, you look upon us you care what we are lonely, you care what we are down and when we have nobody around us. Father, your hand is always upon our lives. In every area of our lives. Continue reading Searching for Love.

Authority Part 3

you have authority.
You Have Authority.

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November 27, 2015

Hi, I’m pastor Jeff Lane and I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I certainly did, and I had a time with my children and grandchildren, that was a wonderful time. We got together some years ago with my wife, and after a few hours, I told my wife, I wanted to marry her.

We got married six months later, and we’ve been married for thirty-five years, and we got into a discussion, about waiting, and when do you get married? And how long do you wait that sort of thing? And we talked about, and we talked about Adam and Eve, when they get married, the first day, and we did not know how old Adam was.

But when he had a third child, he was 120, and then he lived another eight hundred years, it would be safe to say, the marriage would be about maybe nine hundred years old, and for that long, until they died, and you know I do not know, and how long do you wait you know?

And I think, it would be knowing that got what told you to do. Maybe more than a matter of waiting, and so many people been married, they do not know each other still. Anyway, interesting thought. Continue reading Authority Part 3


Happy ThanksgivingListen to: “Authority-Continued.”

November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving.

>Jeff: Happy Thanksgiving and I pastor Jeff Lane and I’m glad to be with you tonight and once again, and we just want to say, happy Thanksgiving and we love you and appreciate you and we are so glad that we can share Thanksgiving with you this morning, and we would like to share some turkey, but I don’t know how we can get that, and I spent most of the day cooking and I love to cook, and my wife is thankful for that, and I do smell like garlic and onions. Everything should have garlic and onions in them and the way that I cook. To each his own.

And I had some stuffing, and Daniel will be eating that tomorrow, and that say, there would be a lot left over, and hopefully, this recipe would work out much better. I find it fun to relax and have this. Tomorrow will be seeing what is happening and I know that will be turning out really well, and you consider me a good recipe if you would like to.

We would be getting into Luke chapter 14, and we can study, and we will wrap it up tonight. And now let’s just go to the Lord in prayer and let him have his way tonight. And we will see what happens and father we thank you for another beautiful night, and that we could come before you, and we pray that your Holy Spirit would be upon us.  Continue reading Authority-Continued.