Fiery Furnace

fiery furnace

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December 3, 2015

>Jeff: Good morning, and I am pastor Jeff Lane. And for those of you who have not seen me before, we are here to pray, I am excited, God gave me a word tonight for the people.

Listen closely to what I have to say.

Let’s get started and go to the Lord in prayer. I believe that God can do great things like he always does. Father, we thank you Lord, for your word, and we thank you that your word will not return empty, it will do that which you have said.

I pray that your word would change the hearts of the people, and for the hearts of those that do not know you yet, I pray that you would turn their hearts back to you. I pray that you would touch them and melt their stony hearts and show them how much you love them, and father, I believe there are those that are called tonight, they need the word. So many people need the word that you have tonight.  Continue reading Fiery Furnace

Suffering for Christ.


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December 2, 2015

God bless you and I’m so glad to be here tonight and I pastor Jeff Lane and were going to be going to the Lord in prayer, last night, and I spoke about hell, and then, told you I would you know and then I told you I would begin about money later and to not want talk about suffering.

And then I’ll be asking you for so money later, so sign of you, I want to suffer, and stay with me and trust me, and now let’s go to the Lord in prayer and let’s get right into the word, God is good. And father God we thank you and we thank you because you always listen to our prayers, and your grace and your mercy is there. Continue reading Suffering for Christ.

Hell Is Real.

Road sign-heaven-hell
It Is Real

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December 1, 2015

Jeff: Good morning I’m pastor Jeff Lane and I’m happy to be here tonight. It was a little Hectic before I came on the air, and I had some papers, and reading letters, and I’m a little behind, I cannot believe I got this all together, hopefully. So anyway let’s pray, I’ll be sharing something with you tonight, it was an experience that I had, it has taken me a little time to discuss it.

It was quite emotional. I think you need to hear it. Before we get into prayer I want to remind you and especially the ladies and maybe you want to read my blog in a few days, and you could go to my website you see on the screen, i’ll be talking about what we were discussing on Friday night, and the next few days definitely, and you might want to take a look at it and that will help you, and my wife friend that, and she edits my blog, and she approved it.

It has her approval so read it. And anyway, now let’s pray and let’s just pray and father, we pray that you would have your way tonight, I would pray, and when I get done teaching tonight, and help the people to love me, and to stay with me. And listen, and father, I will do everything you tell me to do.

And Lord, and I pray that this would open up the eyes of the church and the people. Your church, and your body, open their eyes and let them see how many people are bound, and there being lied to. They cannot see the truth and society has blinded them. Continue reading Hell Is Real.