You Are Grafted In.

branch grafted in.
Romans 11:17
Grafted In.

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September 12, 2015

>Jeff: Praise the Lord and I’m happy to be with you tonight and I’m excited to be here, I believe that God moved in a magnificent way tonight, and it was just wonderful and now let’s go into prayer.

I want to get started and Father we thank you for your glory and we thank you for your son, and the Holy Spirit and for you. Lord, we would pray tonight in the name of Jesus to have your way, like you did last night, but even greater, and we cannot live on yesterday, but tonight, as we will come before you, and we prepare the table, and I pray that we could be with you.

I pray that we could see your glory greater than ever. and we just thank you for all that we are about to receive, and all that you have for us in the name of Jesus and hallelujah, and amen. Jesus loves you and Jesus loves you and I’m telling you, if you could imagine his love. Continue reading You Are Grafted In.

Holy Ghost Fire Outpouring.


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September 11, 2015


> I’m so glad to be with you tonight and I’m pastor Jeff. I want to say that Jesus loves you, and he loves you and this is so good to be here to tell you that.

I got a funny story to tell you, I was cutting my grass today, and this is a funny story, and someone that knew me from the television ministry, they called me and they said what are you doing? I said I was cutting my grass, and I said, the grass does not cut itself. You know, and when I tell you, they do not pay me a lot, I am not joking, and I have to cut my own grass.

I had a problem with my house and I’ve got to work on my home, and I don’t have a construction crew to fix my home either. That is how it works, people. This is TV and in reality, and this is Christian television and this is the reality.

I thought it was funny and I got a big kick out of it. and I went this week, and I went to and I you know, and I went preaching and I was preaching down around in Sarasota, and at a Nazarene church, and you might want to visit that church, and that would be on 59th St., and this is not what I’m saying, and sometimes I will go and I will speak, and I do not mind, and I do that once in a while.

I do not mind it once and a while. and within the state, and I’ve got to be able to get back here so I can do the program. and if I cannot get back here, and then I do not want to run away to some other state and do this.

And this is where my heart is and this is where I want to be, and if you want to call me from Hawaii, and if you want to pay the expenses, I might make an exception. however I do not go out. and this is where I belong, this is where God wants me. Continue reading Holy Ghost Fire Outpouring.

Be Full of the Holy Ghost.

Holy Ghost picture

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September 10, 2015.

And I pray that victory will be theirs.  We will get into the book of Acts, and we can pray and get into the word.  We thank you for your word tonight, oh, hallelujah.  I pray that you would set the table, and set the table with all of the things for us. Father, I know that you will set a great table in heaven.

I believe you will be serving us in heaven like you have done through the ages.  Serve the people like you so wonderfully do tonight, and I pray that we could have every good thing in the Holy Spirit  the Father of heaven has prepared for us, and you have your way tonight, and set the banquet, and I pray that we could be together, in Jesus Name. Continue reading Be Full of the Holy Ghost.