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The Baptism of the Holy Ghost.


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September 4, 2015.


Jeff: hi, I’m Pastor Jeff Lane and there are many people that are requesting the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and I said, and if the Lord leads me, I would begin to teach you, and I’ll begin to teach you tonight.

If the Lord has me to teach something different, and do not get upset, and will do a little series, and it will take some time. but I want you to see the reason and the purpose for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and why, we have the Holy Spirit, and why we have things differently.

Now in the Old Testament, in the Old Testament, the Holy Ghost would come on the people, however, the Bible would say the word came to them and you see it, and the Holy Spirit came and maybe spoke to them or inspired them and then he would leave.

The Bible says, and he baptized Jesus in the Holy Ghost when he received the water baptism, and it remained on him, and that would be a big difference, and how the Holy Spirit was working in the Old Testament, and he came and he went and he came and he went, however now, he remains. But why is that?  I’ll explain. Continue reading The Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

God Listens.

God is listeningListen to: “God Listens.” September 3, 2015


>>Jeff: hi, I’m pastor Jeff Lane and I’m so happy to be with you tonight, and I was feeling like Christmas, and I am waiting for the Lord, and I feel like I’m a kid, running down the stairs, to see what is underneath the tree.  I, and I was praying last night after I left the TV station, I was driving home, and I just wanted to know the Lord, and why are so many people calling in, and they wanted the baptism of the spirit, and God spoke to me.

And he said, “They are not hearing this in the church.”  So many churches, and they are seeker sensitive, and they are worrying about tongues, and I know the Pentecostal churches, you know, the Pentecostal churches, and I’m not saying anything against the Assemblies of God, and I grew up with them, and my grandfather got them off the ground, and back in the 1900s, and I’ve got nothing bad for them.

I’m talking about the pastors and they are joining the seeker sensitive thing and they do not want to speak in tongues, but folks, and it breaks my heart, and they are not allowing this, and I’m like really? And honestly and do you think that you are wiser than the Holy Ghost? And do you think you know more than God? Continue reading God Listens.

Jesus Is the Same Forever.

pastor Jeff
Pastor Jeff

Listen to: “He Is the Same Forever.”

September 2, 2015

Let’s go to Hebrews 13:8, and it says and Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Folks, and I do not know why you have a hard time with it, and God is the same forever. and I meet people talking about all of the different ways that you could be saved, but it is always been by faith and God has not changed, and there is continuity from the old, from Genesis to Revelation, continuity and God wants, and God wants to live on the inside of you and he wants to have an intimate and a personal relationship with his people. He is looking for somebody that wants that type of relationship.

When we use the Old Testament, and we might say, that would be the Old Testament. If you don’t understand the old, you cannot know the new. There were some builders, and one built a house on the rock, and one built the house on the sand and when the storms of life came, and one fell, and one collapsed, and if you don’t know the foundation of the word and you don’t know the Old Testament, you will have a hard time, you need the foundation and you need the understanding that God is still working with his people in a very similar way like he always has, and the same way. Continue reading Jesus Is the Same Forever.