We Must Be Obedient.

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Be Obedient to the Word.

Listen: “Follow the Lord in Obedience.”

February 10, 2018

>>Hello and welcome to America’s Prayer Meeting and I’m Pastor Becky.

Jeff: I am Pastor Jeff, and I have everything all lit up, and you can see this tonight with my angels.

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Jeff: We want to thank you pastor Glenn Morris, and they are on Mile Stretch Road, and they gave us the angels. They have New Life Purpose Church.

She has donated her own personal angel.

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Jeff: We are so happy to be with you tonight on the program that is live, and maybe you know, this program is live and you join us faithfully. We need to say anything else? Let’s get into the word.

I want to thank you Donna for the lovely gifts, that she gave this week and we do appreciate it and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Jeff: People have been so very, very gracious. We appreciate your love, and your outpourings of kindness, to America’s prayer meeting. God bless you. Let me pray. Are you picking on me? Am I fuzzy? Am I fuzzy? I have no idea if I could get through this out of were not in a rush, and we want to know more about Jesus and we can see where it goes.

We thank you for the word tonight and we thank you for the word every day. It is your word that we are breathing and we live by. I would pray tonight, I pray that you would prepare a table for us and bless our souls and bodies. In the precious name of Jesus we pray, amen.

We are talking about the seed, singular, of Abraham, and that is Jesus Christ. The offspring of Abraham. So, we went through all of that and we are looking at the promises. How Isaac planted the seed in the dust, but God gave him a blessing in the drought.

He planted. We saw Abraham, he took his only seed, his son and put them on the altar. He was willing to give him up. He believed that God would raise the dead.

He was saved by his faith. We believe that God put his son on the cross for you and for me. The father raised Jesus from the dead. With that being said we shall go to Romans 9. We will begin at verse 6.

God has not failed, and not everybody in Israel is an Israelite. Just because they are descendents they are not all children, in other words, it is not the natural ones that are God’s children, but it is those who are of the promise. This is how the promise was given. I shall return at the right time. Sara will have your seed.

People sometimes think, and Jesus rebuked the Israelites. They said they were the children of Abraham, but Jesus said, God could raise up these children out of the stones. Abraham was the father of faith, it’s not simply because, maybe it sounds strange, you would be one of the seed, but we know he has other children and Isaac.

It is because it is inside of you, that you would be his offspring, spiritually. With that being said, let me go backwards now, if I can. We will go back to Isaiah and want you to see something that I think is precious.

We will go to Isaiah 53 and let me go to verse 18. It was the Lord’s will to crush him and suffer, and he became a guilt offering for us, and he will prosper in the hand of the Lord. God made Jesus our sins. It says, they would give the sins into the offering, it became the scapegoat. Jesus was taken outside of the camp, of the temple, and there he was crucified on the cross.

It was God’s will. The Bible says he will see his offspring. Even though he died, God raised him from the dead. This was God’s will and when he suffered, he will see the light, and he shall be satisfied. My righteous servant will justify many. He will bear many iniquities, he will divide the spoils with the strong, and the great and he has poured out his life to the death. He is numbered among the transgressors. He has made intercession for them.

Let me talk about it. Jesus became sin for us. He was crucified with the criminals. The transgressors, he was treated like a sinner even though he was not. He was innocent. What why want to say? He was perfect. It would not be that he was simply innocent, he was perfect. He says no to sin and he did that. We see that when he was tempted.

He became sin for us and became a curse for us, so that we could be set free. Okay. He took our sentence that we deserved. Look at verse 54 this would be speaking about, if I could say it this way, it says Sara. She never bore a child, break forth into song, shout for joy, because you will have more children, for the one that has the husband. You shall stretch out the tent and do not go back, lengthen the cords, and I will spread out to the right and the left.

You shall be disposed of the desolate places. I think I want to say this and maybe stop here. God says not only will there be offspring, but it shall grow and expand. It would have many offspring. Whoever will receive him, will become the children of God. All right?

Let me go to Hebrews, I’m jumping around, but I’m going to be able to tie it together. Let me go to Hebrews 2:5. The angels were subject into the world to come, that we speak, there is a place where they shall testify, and what is man that God will care for him? He is a little lower than the angels and he is crowned with glory, and everything is under his feet. Everything is subject to him. But we don’t see that now in the present.

But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, who has glory and honor, and by the grace of God he would taste death for us. If Jesus is God, okay? He was God. He was higher than the angels, but he was made lower, he became a man. When he returned to God, and he sat down at the right hand, he was not only as God, but as man.

We were exalted into the very throne room of God. That would be an astonishing thing. It sounds like it’s blasphemy. But let me continue. Bringing many sons to glory, and he has done this, and he is the author of our salvation, we are made perfect through suffering. He was made perfect through suffering. People say they suffering for Jesus. He’s teaching me something.

But that’s not God’s will that you would suffer with sickness, Jesus became the curse for you and sickness is the curse. Jesus suffered because of his righteousness, he suffered because of the righteousness.

Anybody can suffer when you do wrong, but he suffered for what he did right. Now, okay? He was made perfect through suffering. He makes us holy, and we are of that same family. Jesus is not ashamed to call us brothers.

I will sing the praises of the Lord, and he says I am here, and these are the chosen that God has given to me. Praise the Lord. We are his offspring and children. I cannot say enough. That me drop down to verse 17. We shall just read through this and it is so good.

Now he shares our humanity, that by his death he would destroy the one the devil who has the power of death. He has made us free, and we were afraid of death. It is Abraham’s descendents who he helps. Not all of those who would be descendents, they are not necessarily descendents, even though they say they are. I want you to look it up for me. From the King James. 22:6. I think it would be 6.

For this reason he has been made like his brothers in every way that he would be merciful as a high priest, that he might make an atonement for the sins of the people. He suffered when he was tempted, now he can help those who are tempted. It is wonderful to know that we have a God who suffers like we do.

He was flesh like we are. I wish I could get you to raise your hands, are you poor? So many people who watch this program are very poor. Yet Jesus came, and he was the poorest of the poor. How I know? Because it says, and when they went in to make an atonement in the temple, on the eighth day of the circumcision, they brought turtledove’s. Only the poor could bring turtledoves. He was poor.

My father would say, I was certified poor. My father came from the hills of Tennessee. He left, he went to St. Louis, he worked for the government. You would never have known his beginnings. God blessed him greatly. Jesus is also certified poor. He sympathizes with the poor. He sympathizes with us in temptation. He became flesh like we are.

People forget, Jesus did bleed and die and he was bruised, he did feel pain. I cannot imagine, the pain he felt, and how bad it was. I not want to know it. All right let me keep moving and where did I go? Where are we? We shall go to chapter 3. Let me go to verse 11. I can find it.

I’ve gone too far, forgive me. I give an oath, and in my anger, this would be important. Let me backup. As the Holy Ghost says, and listen closely, did I finish it? Yes. All right. I did not. 3:1. The brothers who share in the calling, keep your thoughts on Jesus, the high priest, and he was faithful to the one that appointed him, like Moses was faithful in his house, Jesus is worthy of the honor more than Moses.

The one who builds the house has the greater honor, every home is built by someone but God builds everything. It testifies to what was said in the future. Christ is faithful like a son, over the house of the Lord. We are his house if we hold onto our courage.

Not everybody would be Israel, only those that walk by faith, who would receive the seed of faith, of Jesus. We become the body of Christ, and the house of God. God resides in us. But not everybody is a part of that house, but they must receive the seed and walk by faith. Like Abraham and believe that God raised his son from the dead.

Jesus is the one who builds the house, he is the firstborn, we are the house. Let me continue. As the Holy Ghost says, if you hear his voice, this is important and do not be hardened, like you did in the rebellion in the desert, where your fathers were tried, and they saw what the Lord did. God was angry with them. They always go astray.

They do not know my ways and I say, they shall not enter into my rest. This is the New Testament, see to it my brothers that you would not have a sinful heart, that would turn away from the living God. But encourage one another every day while it is called today, that you would not be hardened by your sins and the deceitfulness thereof. We should hold to the confidence until the end.

If you hear his voice, and don’t rebel, these are the ones who heard, they heard but they rebelled. These are the ones out of Egypt. God was angry with them for 40 years. Their bodies fell in the desert. God swore that they would not enter into his rest. For those who disobey, we see that they were not able to enter in, because of unbelief.

I read that for this reason. Abraham was saved by faith, it was his obedience. He placed his son and the seed on the altar. God said the promise would come, and God would raise Jesus from the dead. He did. Jesus gave Isaac back to Abraham. We come into our faith as we are obedient. We walk by obedience.

But if we want to go into God’s rest, my friends, then we have to stay in obedience. They came out of Egypt, they were set free from the bondage of slavery. Yet, my friends, they disobeyed. It says. Right here. Now we see that they were never able to go into God’s rest because of what? It was there unbelief.

They would not obey the Lord. They would not obey him. They did not hold onto their faith. We are born of the seed of Abraham, but we must walk like Jesus walked. Even though we might suffer.

Let me go to Romans 11, and verse 11. I won’t be able to get through it all. I can see it clearly. I’m gonna read it anyway. 11:11. They stumbled, listen closely, they did not stumbled was because of their transgressions, has been given to the Gentiles, to make Israel envious. They rebelled against Christ, so what happened? Salvation was given to the Gentiles, and to us. We have not seen them too far gone.

Their loss is our gain and now there greater riches will fullness bring. He says I am an apostle of the Gentiles, I make much of my ministry, that I could arouse my people to envy, and save them. This is the reconciliation of the world but they could be raised to life again.

The firstfruits would be holy, and then the entire batch would be holy. Here it comes, if some of the branches are broken off, and they are also grafted in, and now they share in the sap, and don’t boast, but think about this, you do not support the root but it supports you. The branches were broken off so that you could be brought in.

They were broken off because of their unbelief. Do not be arrogant, but be afraid. If God did not spare the natural branches, he would not spare you. Be aware of his sternness and his kindness, he is kind to you, if you would continue in his kindness. Otherwise you would be caught off.

If they do persist, they shall be grafted in, and God can bring them in again. If you are cut out of the olive tree, and it is contrary to the real olive tree, and so much more the natural branches would be brought in. In other words and what he says, they were born of Abraham or they were the Jews. God caught them off because they did not believe.

The gospel went to the Gentiles. But if we are rebellious like they were, we shall be broken off as well. But if they would turn, and turned back to God and walk by faith. God says I can bring them in again. The grace and the mercy of God would be amazing.

Let’s say you were walking with Jesus, and then you leave. What he says, the amazing grace of God is long-suffering. It is beyond comprehension. Come back to Jesus. Come back to him. Receive the seed in your heart. Believe upon him. He will forgive you, he will wash you clean, and bring you back.

I do not believe, listen to me, how can I say it? I have a cousin who has an adopted son. The son has my name, and we share the same last name. Now, he has my name, and he has our family name like anybody else, in my family. We treat him like a family member.

We don’t care if he would be adopted, or naturally born he is one of us. As we see it, and we don’t even think about it and he would be one of the family. No one says oh, he is adopted. It does not cross our minds. He is one of us.

When you would become part of the body of Christ, and you would be taken in by Christ. You receive the name. He has that name on your forehead. He has written that name on you. It is the name of, above every name. That gives you the rights and the authority.

Everything belongs to you. Not because of a natural descent, but because you would be born of God in Christ, our Lord, by faith. So the blessings of Abraham and the prosperity, whatever Abraham had, it comes to you. All of that was before the circumcision and the law. It was all done by faith. That would be good stuff. I wish I had the time to keep preaching.

I will go to one last verse. I guess I’m done for the night. I’ll have to forget that one. The word of the Lord is better. It is very hard for me to stop. I cannot get enough. ———–