The Greatest Is a Servant.

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February 3, 2018

Becky: Hello and welcome to the program. I’m pastor Becky.

Jeff: I am Pastor Jeff. We are so glad to be with you. We had a fantastic night last night. God was so good, and we had someone give a $50 seed, for the ministry to grow, financially in every’s a gift

Boy, you all, you really came through last night. You are helping to catch us up. I don’t have the totals. I know that were to be catching up for the year.

We praise God for that and the other thing, at the end of the night and if you were with us, and we had another $1000 challenge after 3 AM.

Before we went off of the air, praying for Sedona, Arizona, and a lady from Arizona, and she was a prayer warrior in Sedona, and she said thank you for praying for my town.

She matched the challenge and we praise God. So we are so thankful for that and we need to pray, Becky, we need to get into the word and we thank you for this beautiful night that we could come before you and serve you and honor you and bring honor your name.

I pray that we would honor your name and we thank you for your love and it is overwhelming and we pray that the love of God would go out over the airwaves to the people tonight, and thank you Lord, Amen.

We will go to John 1:1, in the beginning, was the word, and the word was God and God was with the word in the beginning, and through him all things were made, and without him was nothing made, this light was the light of men, and the darkness could not understand it. Here we have Jesus, the Lord of Lords, Jesus is the spoken word, and the Holy Ghost carries out the work.

Here we see, and before all things, Jesus was and he always has and he has always been and he is the same forever and his glory has always been, it has always been shining around and through the universe.

He left the right hand of the father, okay? He came down to the earth, and he took on the form of a man, and he did that so that he could exalt man to the right hand of the father. You say but what you mean? Okay stay with me.

Let me go to 1:10 and I want to read this, he was in the world and even though the world was made by him, they did not know him and he came to his home and they did not receive him but to those that did receive him and for those that believe on his name they have the right to be the children of God and they are not born of a natural dissent but they are born of God, the word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

We have seen the glory of the father who comes from the father, it is Jesus full of grace and truth, and Jesus came down, and it says, he stayed with us, and it is a dwelling and he made a home with us. He made his home with us. So here he comes down, he made his home with us.

He comes to us and we received him so that we could be the children of God, his children. Keep that in your mind, to go over now, and let me go to Romans 8:15. We want to sound like were going to be running around, but I would promise you, I will bring it together before we are done and verse 15.

If I could find that, Lord help me, and you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fear but you have received the spirit of being a son and thereby we cry Abba father. It is Abba Father, it is like a child calling to the father. Jesus says this on the cross, and he says Abba, have you forgotten me?

I think this is interesting and he says, and he says, can this cup pass from me? And that would be pretty hard when your kids say, dad, I need your help. So, we can call upon him, and as we are firstborn and you have a baby, and what does the child say? Daddy, that type of thing because we are immature, all right?

The spirit of the Lord testifies that we are the children of God and if we are children then heirs and heirs of God and with Christ and we will share his sufferings and we shall share his glory and suffering.

Whether this would be my youngest or my oldest child, I have a son that has a baby that is about One-year-old. She would be just as much as and heir as the oldest. She would be just like the old ones, they are heirs to my family line. They are heirs when they are born again.

You can call God your daddy day one. Put that on the shelf, nothing about that, and I want you to jump over now, and go to Isaiah 53, and yes I know I’m jumping around would stay with me, and I promise you it’ll be worth it, verse 10 and God crushed him and caused him to suffer and even though that was his will, and he made him a guilt offering, and he shall be prolonged and he shall prosper in the hand of the Lord.

Now, with that being said, and God went through a lot of trouble to adopt you. I remember someone that had adopted some girls from China. They told me the amount of money they had paid, for the flights over there and the lawyers fees, it was not a little bit of money but they had to take a great deal of time.

I thought that was love personified, beyond understanding and that was incredible. I think it could be incredible, and not that a woman would have a baby once but many times. I told my wife, it worries me about her, and it takes away the pain and the glory would be so great the pain would be taken away when you have a baby.

The first thing, and one minute, this woman is screaming in agony, and then she smiling and laughing, like nothing had happened but she would be so enthralled with this baby. This is how it is when you are born again, and he forgets the suffering, because of his child he holds.

Will of the Lord to crush Jesus, so that for the will of the father, so that you could be his son or daughter. That would be such a beautiful thing, folks, let me go back to John 13, if you are not confused yet, I promise you that you will be. Just before the Passover Jesus knew the time had come for him to leave this world.

He went to the father having loved his own in the world, he now showed them the full extent of his love. This would be the day when Jesus would go to the cross and everything begins with the crucifixion. They were serving the evening meal, and Judas Iscariot would betray Jesus and Jesus knew the father had given everything into his hands and he had come from the father and he would return to God.

And then he took off his outer garment and then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the feet of the disciples, and he dragged their feet. He came to Simon Peter, and then Peter said will you wash my feet? And Jesus says you do not know what I’m doing but later you will understand. Peter said do not wash my feet.

Jesus said without the washing, you have no part in me. You know, you have no part in me. He says unless I wash you with my blood, you would not have any understanding of it, and this represents the washing by the blood. You will get this in time.

Then Peter said, don’t wash my feet but everything, and then Jesus says, you only need to wash your feet, because you are clean. Then there would be one that would betray him and then he says not everyone here is clean, it was Judas Iscariot.

Then he says do you know what i’ve done for you? You call me teacher and Lord and that would be rightly so and this is what I am, but I am your teacher and your Lord, and let me stop and I want to get the picture and this would be Jesus who made everything. He made the starry host. He strips down, and he is there with the apostles with nothing but a towel, he humbles himself, the God of the heavens humbles himself and he washes their feet.

Try to comprehend, the King of glory, and the King of heaven, to the Lord of Lords washing your feet. I hope you can absorb that for the moment. Now, and now that I your Lord, and your teacher have washed your feet you should wash one another’s feet. I have put you as an example and do as I have done. No servant would be greater than the master.

Now, that you know these things, you’ll be blessed if you do it. He says now that i’ve washed your feet, you need to wash one another’s feet, okay? Put that on the show for a moment. Put that on the shelf.

You are his child, you have been washed. We have had four kids that we washed them And we cared for them, and we went through the rebellion, and we did not kill any of them, yet? There were some moments. But you know, and we loved them and we loved them.

We loved them with everything in our hearts and now Jesus has washed their feet. We go down to 21, then when he says this, Jesus was troubled, and then he says I tell you the truth you shall betray me. Then the disciples looked at one another and they wanted to know which one it was.

Jesus had John reclining upon his breast. They wanted to know who would was, then John said who is it? We have John, who writes this book, and he is leaning against Jesus. He is leaning on his breast, and he is speaking like a child, like a teenager, a young boy, and he speaks to Jesus.

Here we have, in the beginning of the walk with John, and this is just the beginning of his relationship with God, and sometimes you do not realize who your parents are and what they have done for you or any of those things. It’s just mom and dad.

It’s just mom and dad. Okay? And I want you to go to the book of Revelation and I want to begin with verse one, and go to verse 4. This is the book of John, he is in his old age, he is on the island of Patmos. The Romans wanted to kill him so they came up with an idea. They wanted to boil him in oil.

They dropped him in the oil but the problem was, they tried three times, and then they knew he could not be killed. I put my hand in some grease when I was younger, and I had my skin cut off, and I saw my muscles all burned but God healed my hand.

I tell you, I pulled out my hand, and the flesh began to shrivel and fall off. John has been drop down into boiling oil. There was still a plan for his life so he did not die. Like shadrach, meshach and abednego, when you go through the fire, and maybe it’s all boiled out, and you have endured the sufferings.

Honey, there is nothing left to burn. Everything was out of his life and he was totally sold out to God, and they could not kill him. He eventually did die, but we all have to die but nobody could kill him, but God took him and took him home. With that being said no let me read this, and to the churches I say grace and peace to you who is to come.

There are seven spirits before the throne, and Jesus is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead. So Jesus was the firstborn, we are his offspring. He was the firstborn from the dead. He literally died, he was raised from the dead. He was the first one.

This implies there shall be others. The ruler of the King of the earth, to him who loves us, and he has freed us from our sins my the bloods and we have been made members of the kingdom. To him be glory forever, Amen. Look, he is coming back with the clouds everybody will see him. Even though you pierced him and everybody shall mourn because of him, but he is the great I am.

The Lord God says I am and I am, and I am the Almighty to come. Jesus is the Almighty, and he is the great I am and they wanted to kill them for saying that. They were saying who do you think you are? And who do you think you are? Do you want to read anything? I would like her to finish it. Verse 9.

I am John, your suffering companion, and with patient endurance, in Christ, I was on the island of Patmos because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. On the Lord’s day I was in the spirit and I heard a loud voice like a trumpet, which said write it down on the scroll and send this to the churches, to Ephesus and Smyrna, thyatira, Sardis, For the churches hat Laodicea. I turned around to see the one that was speaking to me.

Then I saw the seven golden lampstands, and among them was someone like the Son of Man who was dressed in a robe, with a golden sash on his chest. His hair was white like wool like snow. He was blazing like fire. He had feet like bronze, and he had a voice like many waters.

He held the seven stars, and out of his mouth came a two edged sword, and he was like the sunlight shining in its brilliance. I fell down as if I was dead when I saw him.

Not stop there because he fell down, woe, wait a minute, and then he says this looks like the Son of Man. On right now here would be the King of Kings and God himself in his glory, but he looks like the Son of Man because he was. Did you catch this? Read a little bit more. Jesus before he goes to the cross he is at the feet of the apostles.

They do not understand what he is doing and they don’t know who he is. But as John matures through the years and he grows in faith and he goes through suffering. He has been boiled in oil. Now he sees the King of Kings, he is so amazed and he does not lean against his breast at the table like a child, and now he is a man, and he understands this is God Almighty.

He sees him in all splendor and glory, and now he is at his feet. Think about it. John is at the feet of Jesus and he cannot breathe or move. Jesus places his hand upon him. For me to get that would be more than I could imagine.

As we come to the Lord what do we do? We would be like a child, and I need this, daddy, or mommy, help me and blah, blah, blah like a baby. But now who is serving who? You see my friends, the definition of maturity, if I could give you a simple definition of growing and maturing would be this.

When you don’t look for your own need and you put others ahead of you. As you watch your children grow. You see them doing things, and you realize they grow up when they help others. It’s not all about them anymore. Here we have John at the feet of Jesus.

Then he placed his hand upon me and he said don’t be afraid I am the first and the last and the living one and I am alive forevermore and I hold the keys of death and hell. Write down what you see now and later, it is the mystery of the seven stars.

Then the seven golden lampstands would be this, these are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands would be the seven churches.

What does this do? For the lampstand? It would hold the light and gives it off, it gives off light. The church would be the light of the world and he says now you go to as I have done. Instead of now, the tables have turned. John has grown. He serves the Lord at the feet of the Lord, and now Jesus is not at his feet.

When you were first saved, but as you mature and grow you begin to do what Jesus does and you begin to help others and helping others. Serving others. Let me say something. You have not begun until you would be at his feet, and you serve him. You don’t expect him to serve you.

This is when you mature. This is what God does great things in you and through you as a good steward, as you serve others, gamble give you more capability and ability to serve others integrate away. Until you learn how to serve and when you pray Lord give me the various gifts.

So many people they want the gifts so they can have the glory but until you learn to serve the master, and be at his feet, because you are in amazement of him, you won’t see many of those gifts in operation. They can destroy you.

Would you give a baby a loaded rifle? And I can remember when I received a gun for hunting. I was very young. I received a gun. I understood the power of that rifle, it could do something good. A could feed or kill.

It could bring life and feed someone used properly. He knew I had to be mature enough to handle it so he gave me a rifle. I brought home food after going hunting. God can bring you the power, you can have the power to destroy or bring life.

But you cannot have that type of power until you can serve, and don’t expect God to serve you. He will help you. We must seek him with everything, and we must put him first. So a mature person in Christ is the one that serves.

He told the apostles, go and do likewise, and don’t worry about the greatest. The one that would the greatest would be the least, he is the one that will serve, Amen?

It is nice when the kids serve us.


I hope they would be watching tonight. If you’re not a parent, you might not understand. All right.