The Faith of Abraham

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February 9, 2018

Praise the Lord, I’ve got some clowns in the back room,  I’ll need all of the prayer that I could get.

This program is live on the air.  We’re so glad to be with you tonight, and tomorrow night we will have Becky. We will have communion tomorrow night.  We’ve not had that in a while.

Make sure after the first break, you make sure you have your bread and crackers and grape juice.

Don’t use prune juice, and don’t use prune juice. I don’t know if you would know that story, but anyway, I might tell you that tomorrow night.

We will try to have that after our first break.  Remember tomorrow night we will have communion. We will take that over the air, together. I’ll be praying.

Let’s get into the word. I am excited about what the Lord has in the word and things get better and better and better and better and better. It just gets more exciting and we shall pray.

We thank you for your word tonight, and I would pray that your word and that you would reveal yourself to us, and you increase the faith of the people. In the name of Jesus I pray I pray your glory would rest upon them and through them. I pray that you could light up the world for you in the name of Jesus, Amen. Okay.

We shall go to Genesis 15:1, I spoke about this in the last two nights, but tonight were going to be going one step further. We are speaking about Abraham and we could talk about Abraham until we are blue in the face and things get better and better.

So, 15, Genesis 15 and we will go to one, and after this the word of the Lord came to Abraham do not be afraid because I am your shield, and protection and guard and fortress, I will be your great reward. Jesus is the inheritance of Abraham and then Abraham says what will you give to me because I am childless?

Who shall inherit my estate? Then, Abram says, I not have any Children and then my servants shall inherit all of this, and the Lord says you would have a son out of your own Body. He took him outside, and he says now look up to the heavens and count the stars, and then he says now your offspring shall be like the stars.

Abraham believed God that was credited him to righteousness. He says you will pass your heritage to your seed, and then he gave him the child of promise and maybe Abraham was about 75 years old when he heard this promise. That would be pretty old to have kids, in any generation.

Now let me continue and Genesis 17, and I want you to go to verse 15 and we shall read some, and God says to Abraham, as your wife, Sara, and you shall not call her by that old name, but you’ll have a noon name, and she will be the mother of many nations and the kings of the nations will come out of your wife.

Then he began to laugh, and then he said, could I have a child when I’m 100 and my wife is 90? If Ishmael would live he would have the blessing. Then God says, yes, your wife Sara will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac. I will give you a covenant that would be everlasting.

As for Ishmael, I shall bless him, and I will make him greatly and he will be the father of 12 rulers and he shall become a great nation. But my covenant will be with covenant, by Isaac. When Abraham, and when he has finished speaking God left him.

God speaks to Abraham and now he is about 99 years old. Abraham begins to laugh but so does Sara, and she lies about the laughter and she says really? Are you serious? Abraham was be 100 and then Sara is listening in, and then she says I am 90 and are you serious? But you know what? There is good news.

Let me go to chapter 18:9. Yes and go somewhere with us we patient, and where is Sara they said? She is in the tent. The Lord said, your wife will have a son next year at this time. Sara was listening in, and they were already very old and very old, and Sara was past the age of childbirth and then she began to laugh.

Then she said, I will have that pleasure? Then the Lord said to Abraham and why is Sara laughing? Will I really have a baby? Is anything, and make a note of that, and is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return to you at this time next year. Sara lied and said I did not laugh, but he said, I heard you laughing

and then they were both laughing at the words of the Lord. They would be like are you serious? We are old. Maybe somebody would tell me, you know, your 90, you know, you are 90. People would say I’m not listening to this guy, because he thinks he’s going to have children. You would laugh, too. Many people would.

If you had a baby at 90, lady, and mister, and maybe we would be an overnight sensation. Then everybody over the age of maybe 35 would say I cannot call him for prayer. Stay with me and this is a child that God had promised to them. But you may say but why would this count for us?

This would be taking several nights and we can get into some good stuff right now and you will go to the book of Romans chapter 4 and I want to go to verse one. What shall we say, that Abraham found? If he was justified by works he had something to be boastful of but not before God but what does it say? Abraham believed God and that was counted to him for righteousness. I just read this.

When a man works, your wages are not a gift but an obligation but to the one that does not work but trust God, and he walks by faith that would be his righteousness. David says, and when he had spoken of the blessedness that God created righteousness away from works. Blessed are those who would be forgiven and covered.

Blessed is the one that is not counted against his sins. Would this be for the circumcised? Or the uncircumcised? We have been saved by the faith of Abraham and this was credited to him, it was not after he was circumcised or before? It was before.

He received the sign of circumcision that he was walking by faith and he is the father of all of those who believe, and they are not circumcised, in order that the righteousness would be credited to them. He is also the father of the circumcised, and they also walk in the footsteps of faith, that our father Abraham exhibited before he was circumcised.

Abraham received the promise that he would be the air of the world and through the righteousness of faith, for those who live by faith would be heir and those who live by the law, they have no value, and the promise would be worthless, and the law brings wrath. Where there is no law there is no transgression, and it is by faith, it would be by grace and it would be for all of the offspring of Abraham.

I’ll explain it all and a moment so be patient. Not only those that would be of the law of the faith and he is the father of us all as it is written, I had made you the father of many nations. He is the father in the side of God, the one that he believed and God raises the dead, and he calls those things that would be not as though they were.

God calls Abraham, and he says you shall have a child. He spoke about the baby like it had already been born, and he spoke about the seed. It was the promise, and he says, and this covenant I will bring it about, with Abraham.

We are not talking about the covenant of circumcision, and God made that circumcision covenant with Abraham and also Ishmael and his offspring. Let me say it this way. Well maybe not. I don’t want to confuse you.

The circumcision came after the promise. It was the covenant of the blood, it was the cutting of the flesh, it was a covenant that they made, and the covenant of faith came before that covenant. That is the covenant that we will walk by.

Maybe you would laugh at your circumstances and you could say may be could God deliver me, of deliver me of the diabetes? Of liver disease or cancer? Or the Crohn’s disease? Whatever you might have. Whatever you’re going through. Yet God says it is done. It is done and finished. He calls those things that are not as though they were.

He says you are healed. You must hold onto that. It would be very important, that we would understand how he says it. So let me continue reading. We will trust you Lord, and for his word, and his word shall be fulfilled and he says by the stripes of Jesus you are healed, through the blood. We have the covering of your sins. He has become a curse for you, he set you free.

Let me continue, you will understand it. Against all hope Abraham believed so that the father of many nations like it had been said, and so shall your children be, and without any weakness of faith, he faced the fact that he was as good as dead.

People say I’m not sick and I don’t have the cancer, I don’t claim it. But the fact was, Abraham was as good as dead. But why do you not to the facts? These are the facts. If you have the cancer, you have it. That would be a fact. But God says he calls those things are not as though they were.

Maybe you have the cancer, but he says you are healed, it’s finished. He says you have a child even though you don’t. We pray for a lady and we prayed for her and she received the faith, and she had a baby. She is pregnant with a baby, she will have a baby.

The fact would be, and the deal is, face the fact and running around in denial does not fix anything. It does not mean you have faith. We need to confess the right thing. If you think that running around in denial would change your facts that will not. So he faces the fact that his body is basically dead. He was 100 years old.

Sara was also basically dead, but he did not waver, he held on the promise, and he was strong in faith and giving glory to God, and fully persuaded that God had the power to do what he said he would do. This is why he was righteous. It says, it is not just for him alone but for us. To whom God will give us the credit of righteousness.

I want to stop for a moment and will be coming back to it, so the promise, that God gave to Abram would be for us also. We can stand upon the promises. We do not deny the cancer, but we will speak what God has said that we would be healed by faith.

He did not deny the fact that his body was basically dead, but he believe the word of the Lord that God would fulfill what God said he would do and bring life through his death. That would be incredible. Think about it. Let me go to the book of Hebrews and we need to talk about this and come back. We want to come back with

we shall go to the book of Hebrews, and I don’t know how much time we have, Hebrews, all right now Lord help me in Hebrews 11 let me go to verse 11. By faith, Abraham even though he was past his age and Sara was barren, he would be a father, because he, and he considered Abraham faithful. So, so from the one man, he would be as good as dead and then his descendents were like the stars of the sky, and the sand on the seashore.

This is how God works. This is how he works. All right? God will give you more than what you could escort think. Maybe the situation would be, and God wants to take the things that are dead they would be made alive again. God wants to bring water out of the desert. Anybody could go to the faucet and turn that on.

People say that you have faith when you have the water out of the faucet. If it did not come out of the faucet, then there would be something wrong, but that’s not really faith. You know, and you know the chair won’t fall. But Abraham did something. He stood by faith.

I not want to be crude. Abraham believed God and he was credited for righteousness and he acted upon the word and he went to Sara, and he planted the seed.

It would be like Isaac when he planted the seed in the dead ground, with a bunch of dust.. So Abraham went to his wife and did the same thing, he planted the seed and he knew that God can bring life, and to the seed, that was already dead.

I don’t know about you, but that would be an amazing thing when you get down to it. Like Abraham, what you mean? But through the seed he had the child of promise. He had life, okay? Let me go to the next verse. We are still in 11 of the book of Hebrews.

By faith Abraham when he was tested he put Isaac his son on the altar. He had the promise, it was Isaac, he had the promise he was about to put his one and only son on the altar, God said, it is only through Isaac your family could be prosperous.

He believe that God would raise the dead, and he did, and he did receive I see back from the dead. God brought forth the offspring, and then he took the seed and then he put this on the altar. Because he believed that God could raise the dead.

Honey, that his faith. That is faith. Let me put this in these terms. Maybe you would go to your garden, and you take the seed, let me say the corn, you take it, and when this would be on the plant, it is alive. It pulls life, but when you break it off, and then you dry it out, it actually dies.

It is dead. We do not know how, all of a sudden it begins to grow again. Life comes from that which would be dead. Instead of being get it brings life. So also, and Abraham puts his seed, and he believes that God could bring the seed back to life, and God brings life, out of that which is dead, like Abraham.

We believe that God can do this. Abraham saw it, and he knows that God is the same forever. He has no problem offering up Isaac, and then through Isaac your children would be brought forth and I hope you get it. So in everything that we do, we must understand the seed of the time and the harvest.

As we plan in the kingdom, money or time or whatever it might be. It dies to us but God brings life to that which we would plant. We do this by faith. We put this on the altar by faith.

Now, let me go back to the book of Romans. Chapter 4. I’m going to be ending in a moment. Think about it. Think about it hard. Chapter 4. But also for us, and verse 24, let me go to verse 23, and the word was credited to him for righteousness, it is not for him alone but also for us to whom God was and to whom God would credit, righteousness for us that believe in him who has raised Jesus from the dead, he was delivered to death, for our sins and he was raised back to life for our justification.

Man just like God raised Abraham’s a son, and we do believe that God can raise his son from the dead. Jesus, and God loves the world that he gave his only son. He gave his only son, that whosoever, and if that would be you tonight, and you believe in him. God will bring you eternal life. You will not see death, because Jesus died for you.

Abraham believed that life could come from death, and we would be as good as dead, and we were in our sins. But Christ died in our place. God took that which was dead and raised it back to life, and whosoever would believe in him, he shall have eternal life.

Jesus did not condemn the world, but through Jesus the world would be saved. Just like Abraham believed, and his son would be born, and also God could raise him from the dead. So also, we understand that Jesus came and died, and God raised him from the dead. By that one lesson we have learned that everything we would do, God will bless it and bring forth life.

That should really get to you, if this does not, I don’t know what will. I have to stop now. We have got to stop. I joke around. I get something. I told my wife. I will say but wait there’s more. Just like an infomercial. Watch tomorrow night at the same time, same channel.

There will be more. We are just scratching the surface. Do you believe that God could raise you from the dead? Do you think that God could heal you and set you free? Can God bring your family back into the kingdom? Do you believe tonight?

Do you believe it? Whatever might be dead, and maybe you’ve done all that you can and do you believe that God could bring life back into them again? I wonder. Think about that. Do not laugh anymore. Stop laughing at God. Don’t say things are ludicrous. God cannot make the blind to see but he does.

Maybe you don’t think that God could heal your neck or your back but he does, and maybe he does not heal cancer, you think but he does. Maybe the doctor says you just got a few days to live, and maybe you would be in the hospital, and you wonder, I wonder if God could raise me from the dead.

Yes he does. He still does. Listen tomorrow night. He doesn’t for those that would listen to him, and believe him. It’s those who would obey and do what he says, and he offers that seed up to him. I will show you these things tomorrow night so stay with me. I have to stop. Now let me preached just one more thing. Maybe you don’t know Christ as Savior and maybe you would be hopeless. Hope is the foundation of your faith and why don’t you take a chance on Jesus? They say you are as good as dead.

They say, you know, you will die. But what do you have to lose? I can remember I went to the hospital and I was bleeding in my brain. I asked the doctor what could they do. I was passing out. They said they were drills holes in my head and they said I would die.

Then I got my jacket very quietly, and I began to walk away. The doctor thought I had lost my mind. I said if I shall die, there is no point in leaving behind a lot of bills. He was stunned and he says I guess not. I walked out of the door. I made the decision.

I made the decision to believe God, and take him at his word and that God could bring life out of death. 30 days later they said I was dead. As God is my witness, that doctor and the nurse, they said I was dead.

He says I don’t know why you are talking or breathing. But praise God I am here. I am breathing. I’m still talking. I can do that. Trust the Lord tonight. Take him at his word. Give him everything and I out to yourself. Receive him into your heart, and you can say Lord give me your Holy Ghost inside me and bring life. Not just for my mortal body but for my soul. Let’s pray together.

Jesus, I would pray now, and I pray that you could come into my heart and that you would forgive me and bring life, you would bring life and my soul, take away my sins and my iniquity and everything wrong. Wash me with your blood. I feel like my soul is cursed because my sins but take away my sins and remove the curse from me, and give me the Holy Ghost as a deposit for the guarantee of the greater things to come.

I pray that you could raise me up from the dead and you call those things are not as though they were. You spoke life to the barren womb and you brought out a son. You brought him into life. Bring me from death to life, in every way. I give you the glory. Amen and amen. God bless you.