Put a Spear through Your Sins.

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February 13, 2017

Jeff: I’m teaching on something on my blog.  I had a very unique experience in the church yesterday.

I wanted to know if the people had any questions, and I was bombarded. One thing that spoke out to me, was the curiosity of my people.

I want to put this on my blog. I will  be talking about that. If you want to know about my blog, you can go to my webpages, you could read the message there.

At first, you might think, oh, I know that, and then all of a sudden it might hit you, then suddenly you might say, I did not know that, I did not know that.

Just please go to my blog, and stay with me, i’ve got my series as you would go through this and let me pray and let’s get into the word of the Lord, and maybe I did not say it already, I am pastor Jeff Lane and this program is live on the air.

Father we thank you and we thank you for the word that we are about to receive and I would pray in the name of Jesus, that your presence would be upon us, I pray that we could reach souls tonight and change hearts, and we would pray, that you would bring out of the workers in the field to preach the gospel of the truth, and clean out the church. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

I really, I wanted to emphasize last week, my blog, it was a little late and it came out on a Saturday but that was a mistake, and that was my fault and Becky’s fault, then she could not put it up on the web, and the point of the matter would be this: what I was teaching, I have taught a lot of things, and I thought this was a very good message.

>>I did not receive any replies from it. There was no commentary on my blog and I do pay attention to those things. I have to clear my throat, excuse me. That was a very important teaching. I got exactly what I expected and we want to talk about that a little bit. Most people say you know, let me not go there but too bad, you got me, I am not politically correct, I’m sorry.

Let me go to Exodus 25:25– that Moses saw, and this is Moses on Mount Sinai and he comes down from the mountain, after receiving the 10 Commandments to be greeted by the people running around in revelry, and having orgies, and going crazy and worshiping the golden idol, the calf.

People turned to gold when they turn from God, isn’t it? Anyway, there is a mess going on at verse 25, and Moses saw the people were running wild and they were out of control. They were the laughingstock of their enemies. So, listen, you become a laughingstock to the demonic forces, when you do not live right.

When you are committing sin in your life, the enemy laughs at you like you are a fool, and they could run over you with no problem, now let me continue so he stood at the camp and he says now if you are for the Lord you come to me and they rallied up to him, and this is what God says, every man, would take a sword and go through the camp, each killing his brother and friends and neighbors, and then the Levites did this.

Then about 3000 people died that day. Moses says you have set apart; you have been set apart today because you have been against your sons and brothers and God is blessing you this day. I read this and I want you to know, they did not arbitrarily, go through the camp killing people.

But you know, there was sin in the congregation so the people had to be killed, and look at AI, and that was a reference point, and Joshua was groveling on the ground, and he was full of agony, and God says now get up and get out the sin out of your life and get it out of the camp.

You cannot stand before the enemy when you’ve got sin in your life and go to numbers 25. There is you know a pastor, Jeremiah, he preach this many years, and they still remember the sermon from 20 years ago about Ichabod. Eli, and the people began to go rampant and they were in sin, and that Ichabod means there was no glory over the temple.

He says he had made the point, if your pastor does not preach against sin, you need to get out. While the Israel was involved in the adult through the Moabite women, and they were being involved in sacrifices and the people were eating and bowing down before the false gods. Israel was worshiping a false God and God began to burn against them.

Then the Lord says take these leaders and kill them and expose them in the broad daylight, so that the fierce anger of the Lord might turn these people to wait. I want to say. Pastors, you are the leaders.

Judgment will be falling upon you, as the watchmen if you do not sound out of the cry. It shall fall upon their sins, but that would be falling on you and even more so because you did not warn them away from their sins.

Let me continue and so Moses says, and you must put to death those of the men, that are joining themselves with the false gods. Listen to this, then the Israelite men brought to the family a Midianite woman, right in front of Moses and all of the people.

They were crying at the tent of meeting. There was a Couple committing adultery, Moses saw this, and then he took a spear, and he followed them into the tent and he put a spear through them and into the body of the woman. Then the plague was stopped.

Those people numbered about 24,000 and God had brought a plague against them and when you fall into sin, people say that we are under grace, and you’re getting into law, and if I hear that one more time, I’m gonna go and scream and I’m not under the law.

Abraham obeyed God, for his righteousness a and that was before the law and not afterwards, and don’t give me the law garbage because I’m sick of it, it is a lie from hell. If you think that you could live for the devil and commit immorality along with many other things and you think, that you would be a child of God, you are deceived, there would be no hope for you.

You are a reprobate. Any pastor that would teach these things would be a reprobate, you need to get out of that church and the glory of God has departed from that place now let me get back to this.

They go into the tent but I want you to see, they were so brazen, and while, and those who were with the people, like Moses and Aaron and they were fasting and crying and repentance, they were brazenly going out in front of Aaron, and he begins to have sex with this woman and a tent, and the priest, and they take the sword and they put it through them.

Then the Lord says this is stopping the plague. He had a zeal for the honor of the Lord and i’ve got to keep moving, and let me see now where was I? Oh, Lord help me to find this now here we go, the Lord says, the men, who are the priest, they have turned my anger away for they are zealous let’s I would be for my honor among these people, and in my zeal I did not put them all to death.

Now let me stop, and these people were zealous for the Lord, and the Bible says, that Jesus had a zeal for the house of the Lord and he would go to the temple and he would cleanse it. He would make a whip methodically, and that takes time to make it. But he put it together and then he went in and he cleaned the house, and your hatred, your hatred for your sins, you should have zeal.

You want to drive a spear through these things no matter the cost and you want to put into these things. You might say but how to buy do it? But let me tell you how, you take up the sword of the Spirit and you put that sword right through your sins. Why would you want to go back to your Vomit? If God has cleansed you from sins and why would you want to go back into the mess, before you were saved?

>>I’m sorry, I must use my saying here, are you stupid or what? You have been delivered from death to life and now you want to go back to that which put you back into death in the first place. Are you stupid or what? You need to wake up, church and wake up pastors.

You are taking people in the wrong direction, you need to repent and turn around. You have made them liable to destruction. An enemy of God. Read the book. Let me continue and I am sorry I start yelling, I become upset.

I will make a covenant of peace with him, and he will have look covenant of lasting, it would be a lasting priesthood because he was Zealous for the honor of his God, and he made an atonement for the Israelites. You say God looks for someone to stand in the gap and nobody had to die that day, because they got the sin out.

It just takes one, people. Let me continue and where was I? And why want to stop? All right, Lord help me. The Lord says to Moses, treat the Midianites like enemies, and kill them. They have treated you like enemies and they have deceived you in these affairs, and now the Midianites, these leaders, there was a woman that was killed because of the plague.

How does he say it? And we treat the enemy like a plague. We are not fighting flesh and blood, and you cannot put Spears through everybody around but let me say this, honey, look, you need to come you need to walk in the spirit and pray in the spirit and put the sword of the Spirit right through sin in the church but how?

You do that with the word of God, and that is the sword of the Spirit but let me keep moving and let me go to John now, chapter 8 and want you to see something here. This is not the book of John. Go to the book of John 8:31. To the Jews, who believed in Christ, he said if you would keep my teachings you would be my disciples and then, but what does he say if you would keep my teachings, then, then, if you hold my teachings, then–you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

You know, you need to know the truth and that would be good and people say if you know the truth that would set you free, and the problem would be, you don’t simply know the truth but you do it. You must walk in the truth and you must obey the truth but what does it say?

Did not just read this? If you hold, if you hold my teachings but what does that mean? If you do what I say than the truth would set you free. Now, this would be my problem. People say they have voodoo working on in their lives but okay yes and I know the enemy attacks you.

So many times you have these demons attacking you, you don’t have the sin out of the camp and sometimes, that’s not everybody but it could be the ignorance of the word, and so many people are committing sin, and they are involved in pornography and sexual immorality but when you talk to them, I will show you this.

When you begin to talk to them, the first thing they want you to do, they want to spear through the demon. You don’t do that but you put the spirit through the demons and then the demons will have no control. You put a spear through it. You put an end to it.

You should have a zeal for ending sin in your life, and for those around you. I don’t mean that you would walk around like the church lady and you would pray through. Let me keep going. I need to go to verse 33. I cannot get this tonight, obviously.

Then they said, we are the descendents of Abraham, and he is speaking to the Pharisees, and they say, they are not slaves and then they say, and we are not slaves to sin, and we will be free? But what do you mean? And then Jesus gets right to the truth.

Jesus says if you commit sin you are the slave of sin, and if you belong to sin, you will obey sin. It will be forever. If the son will set you free, you would be set free Indeed. You want to kill me because you have no room for the word.

I tell you what I have seen in the father’s presence, and when you do not do what you have heard of the father, oh, my goodness, and they became so angry.

Let me get back here and talk about slavery to sin. If you walk in sin, you would be a slave and that owns you. It would be like you would be a slave to drugs, and legal or otherwise, your body would not care what they are if they would be legal or illegal, you would be a slave either, either way.

You might think you are not a slave, and it’s legal so you would not be a slave because the doctor gave it to you. But know you would be a slave. When you are addicted, these things on you, marijuana or drugs or whatever or maybe sexual sin. Sin will wind up owning you.

You would be a slave. Maybe you say, I am not a descendent of Abraham? And then they say that Abraham would be our father, but Jesus says, if you were the children of Abraham you would do what Abraham did but I tell you the truth so you want to kill me and Abraham did not do these things.

They said that we are not illegitimate, our father is God. They claiming that they are the children of God, but with that in mind, let me jump over, yeah, i’ve got to wrap it up in chapter 4 and I want you to get this from Romans 4:13. I’ll be going back to John but I need to go down here, Abraham, he received the promise that he would be an heir of the world, but by the righteousness of faith, and those who live by the law and we are the heirs, and the law brings wrath.

Where there is no law there would be no transgression and it is of faith so this would be by grace and it would be guaranteed to all of Abraham’s offspring. Not of those that would be of the law but of the faith of Abraham and he is the father of us all, stay with me, and I have made you the father of many nations, and he is our father and the one in you we believe.

God brings life to the dead and he calls those things are not as if they were and Abraham against hope believed and he became the father of many nations, and the Lord said this is what you shall be. He faced the fact that he was as good as dead, and he was about 100 years old, and Sara was also dead but he did not waver because of his unbelief but he was strong in faith and gave glory to God and being fully persuaded that God had the power to do what God had promised.

This is why it was righteousness for him. It was credited to him for righteousness and this is not for him alone but for us, too. It is for those of us that believe and we believe that Christ was raised from the dead, and he was delivered for our sins, and raised For our justification.

He says simply this, not everybody that is Abraham’s descendents would be godly and not all of them. The Muslims, they come from Abraham. They came before Isaac. Abraham was the child of promise. But this would be the thing.

Faith is not simply believing. We can talk about it tomorrow night. Faith is not simply believing but it is action. He believed God Abraham believed God and he acted upon it, and he held the teachings of God. He acted upon the teachings.

He went to his wife even though they were dead, he still planted the seed, he had the harvest with his son Isaac. It was the promised son. I will tell you, that would take a big chunk of faith.

You are 100 years old and you want to have a baby with your wife that is 90. The man would have more faith and regardless, and we would be seeing this later but he put his son on the altar believing God could raise him from the dead. Abraham believed God could raise the dead, and we know you did raised Jesus from the dead. We are all believers.

That’s the seed of promise. Abraham’s, his faith brought life. But the Jews, they said they were the offspring of Abraham but he said I don’t think so. Abraham held to the teachings and he acted upon it and that brought life. Jesus told the Pharisees you want to kill me so you want to kill me and bring death.

People do not want to put a spear through their sins, but they want to pierce the word of the Lord or the preacher, or anybody that would speak against their sins. They do not want to face their own sins. Oh, yes, you’ve heard me.

You know what I mean. You have made every excuse in the book to walk in your sins, and you are wanting to listen to these things that tickle your ears and the Bible says it’s time to put an end to it. I’ve got to keep preaching. I have to preach.

I want you to be set free. I want you to walk in the grace of Christ, and come into the fullness of the riches of all that God wants you to have, it is yours from Abraham. If you want this, and what does God say? God says I shall be your shield. We are the coheirs of Christ but to what? We are heirs of the father, he is our great reward as we walk by faith.

Let me go to the book of James 2:20, all right? For the foolish man, and do you want the understanding, but faith without works is dead. Abraham was called righteous because, he offered his son on the altar my what he did, and then the Bible says Abraham believed God and he was credited, as righteous and he was called the friend of God.

I do not want to be the enemy of God. That would not be good. We could talk about that tomorrow night will let me go back to Hebrews 11 and I want you to grab something here and I hope that you would get excited and if you do not, I cannot help you, 11:17 and look at what it says, 11:17 and Abraham, was tested, he offered his son.

He that had the promise was about to sacrifice his only son and God says your offspring would be blessed. God, and God would raise Isaac back from the dead according to Abraham but in the thicket, there was a ram that God had brought. God brought a sacrifice and put that on the altar.

We have a sacrifice and that is Christ. Jesus Christ came to forgive you and cleanse you, people, however, he want you to walk by faith and believe God and act upon these things and hold the teachings. Then the truth would set you free.

But if you think will set you free because you simply know something, the teachers of the law knew the law, and they wanted to kill Jesus but why? Because they did not know who he was. They could not see him. I just want to give you a little taste because i’ve got to keep preaching. Let me give you a little taste of tomorrow night.

Without holiness we cannot see the Lord and why couldn’t they see the Lord Jesus for who he was? I wonder. Well, let me stop. I’m just getting warmed up. I hated to have to stop, and I cannot keep preaching. I been going for 30 minutes but I want to keep going.

Let me pray and we thank you for the work tonight, and I pray that we could be zealous for you and be excited, that we would be excited about putting it into sin. We are not under the law, but Lord, but we shall be dead to this world. We praise God; we are set free from death and the grave.

So that we could come into the full obedience and we are no longer slaves to sin, but we are the sons of the Lord God that we might obey you. We will do it out of love and reverence and honor for your holy name.

Give your church a newfound zeal. Bringing honor to your name, and let us put to death our sins. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

We praise the Lord. I keep coming back to this one thing. That people that talk about the law, they are the biggest hypocrites in the world. This is why. If this is true but why would you get married? Why would you bother?

It makes no sense. The women and you are listening to let me ask you, the men, too, and maybe your spouse commits adultery and breaks the marriage Promise, do I need to say anymore? And if you don’t get it, and maybe you don’t know why meeting tonight. Maybe you would be just too far gone as a reprobate. You have got to get the sin out.

Jesus has forgiven you, yes, but we should not be slaves to sin that we would overcome and commit sin no longer. I’m not done preaching. ————-