Pastor Ken Vineyard Pray for the Sick

Listen to “Pray for the Sick.”

February 6, 2018–
Pastor Ken Vineyard Fills in for Jeff Lane

Hello, I’m pastor vineyard, and filling in for Pastor Jeff. This has been about five months ago, when I was here the last time.

So many people were so nervous about the hurricanes that were going to be hitting us in the coast of Florida.

This is an honor to be here tonight. We shall believe God for a great move tonight and we will believe that God will speak to your heart.

The word of God is true, we shall believe tonight and we shall open up in prayer. There are three people that want to pray for as we begin tonight, I want to pray for Lori Bailey my sister in the hospital.

She’s been struggling with her health and I want to pray for Roger, and he is a preacher and we want to pray for Roger and he had been in the hospital for the last month, and another close friend, Mike. He has been struggling.

Let’s begin to ask the Lord to touch these people, and we can get into this tonight, and we can ask God went and father, we would pray for these needs tonight. First of all we would pray for Lori Bailey, she is in the hospital tonight, and without a touch it is hopeless. Without your touch, we would be desperate.

We would pray tonight for a simple touch, just one and if we could push through the crowd, and touch you, we know that everything would be all right and we would pray for virtue and we pray for the healing tonight and only you could bring.

We pray for a miracle in her life. We pray that you could touch her from the head to the feet, touch her in the hospital, where is she is tonight. We pray for Brother Roger.

We would pray for his miracle, and he needs a creative miracle. We would pray, and he has given so much to the gospel. He preaches across the nation, we pray that he would be healed tonight and lift him up, and I pray that he could be a living testimony of your miraculous power.

We pray for Mike, and for his body, please touch his body, from the head to the feet. We would pray tonight, that you can move tonight, and we would pray, that you will have your way in the name of Jesus. Amen and amen.

We would like you to call on our prayer line and the numbers are on your screen. I just want to share a quick word tonight, and we will take our phone calls in a moment.

Let me go to the book of Saint Luke, 9, and this is what the Lord laid upon my heart. Jesus called the 12 disciples together, he gave them the power, and the authority and think about that he gave them the power and the authority over all of the devils, and they could cure every disease.

The Bible says Jesus sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick. Then he says now, take nothing for your journey. Don’t take anything even bread, and don’t take any money, and don’t have any clothing, like coats. He said wherever you go, bite and then depart.

If they did not receive you,/ and when you leave the city, shake the dust off of your feet for a testimony. I want to speak tonight, and we want to talk about exercising power and authority in Christ. So many times and we live beneath the promises of God. The promises of God would be yes and amen. He came in the volume of the book, praise the Lord.

I believe this book could come alive in your heart tonight, and his word is true, hallelujah. As we speak his word, he’s word cannot return to him empty. It would be life, and in the beginning is the word, and it is God and the word was God, Amen? I want you to know tonight and some people they might never receive you. That would be okay, if you will do not receive you.

You know, people reject Jesus all of the time, but when they are rejecting you the Bible says shake it off. Shake it off and do what God wants. That would be a word for someone tonight. God wants you to stop thinking in the natural, and begin to live in the supernatural. Faith should always be in God’s ability and not man.

You know, men can fail, men lie, they cheat. But my God will never fail you, hallelujah. I have got a question for you tonight. Is anything too hard for the Lord? No matter what you’re going through and I’m here tonight to bring hope to you.

That would be found in Christ. His word will speak to you tonight if you can receive the word tonight. We shall pray for the sick tonight.

We shall give hope to the hopeless, and we would bring people to Jesus, and we know Jesus is coming soon. He says when you do not think, he would come back. When we see the signs of the times. Where we are living now, life is winding up. Come on.

I believe, that we are a generation come on, we are a generation that can see the Lord coming back again, and we will see him back in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, praise the Lord, he will come back. Are you ready? I want to make sure you are ready. Jesus gave a promise that he would bring power and authority to us.

How do we do that? How do we exercise that authority? That would be found in his name, amen. I want to shout out to pastor Brian, from the rock church, in Oldsmar. We shall be hooking up with them to work with them evangelistic leak, and were excited about it.