Plant in the Famine. Isaac. Part Two

Listen to: “Plant in the Famine. Isaac. Part Two.

February 8, 2018

Jeff: Praise the Lord, I’m glad to be with you tonight. We will get straight into the word of God.

Maybe you missed my ministry tonight, on Facebook. I had my teaching tonight at 8 PM.

You can go to my website, and my Facebook pages, and you can see my teaching, it was at 8 PM. Maybe you’re going through a storm, I would recommend that you would look that up. You need to.

I have been going through a storm this week, it seems to be gone most of it, and the other parts, would be outside my family, that would be my extended family, but that would affect me greatly. Pray for my family.

Please lift them up in prayer. We need to move of God, now, oh, and by the way, I am here and I am pastor Jeff Lane and we are live on the air. We shall have our prayer and then we shall get into the word of the Lord, I am sorry.

I am just an everyday guy; I would not be your typical host. I just try to be me. You’ll have to put up with me tonight. Father we thank you, and I would thank you, that this would be more of you tonight, and I pray that it would be you that would minister to the people. I pray you could change their lives.

I pray that you would bring the Holy Ghost tonight and show up and that the word of the Lord would go forth tonight. I pray you could bring hope. They have got a future, and you are also in our present. You are walking with us. You will take us through.

We pray in the name of Jesus, Amen. Last night, we got into the prophet of God Isaac. Things did not begin so good for him but he was out in the Promised Land.

There was a famine in the land and a drought, he wanted to be like his father to go down into Egypt, and the Lord said don’t go to each of would go to the king of Amalek, and go to the Philistines. They made a treaty, and they might do those things during a famine. They would join forces.

Because they would be attacked, and people would want to take the food. He planted in the dust and God gave him a very big return, on what he had planted. So, he became so wealthy and so powerful, Amalek says, you should move away and there is not enough room for you here.

The Philistines began to steal his property and his wells. Then the Lord kept taking them down the line, and he dug 4 wells, and that would be life for them, that would be life for them, and with that being said, now let me go to Genesis 26.

We can go now, and we could go and I want to read verse 25. Isaac has built an altar and this is his first one, and he dug a well and he pitched a tent and this is where he puts down his roots, and he has his stakes in the ground and building an altar and he had not done this before, and he stays put. He has built an altar.

Then there is this King Amalek, and he came to him and he had an advisor, and then Isaac says, why are you coming to me? Why are you hostile to me? But why? Send me away? Isaac is simply saying the truth and he has been pushed away. Listen to this reply and this includes politics.

I know that we could be fed up with the politics, and you would think that after our election, it would be over but it gets worse. He says, and we know that God is with you. We have made an agreement, and we shall make a treaty, and do us no harm, and we shall not molest you. Now you shall be blessed by the Lord.

Let me stop right here, and you talk about politics but look at this and look at what had taken place here. Isaac is just one man, one man, okay? But God says, I would be your great reward, his inheritance, his inheritance by faith was not the land, it was on the one hand, but God says I shall be your reward and your shield.

Isaac went to the king for protection, and now everything is on the other foot and the king goes back to Isaac, and he is afraid of Isaac. He says now, wait a minute and we need to make a treaty with him, and we want Isaac on our side, if we are under an attack.

This is how powerful he is, this is how powerful Isaac became. There were many kingdoms, and Isaac overtook four other kingdoms. These men were very powerful. This man had great strength.

Then there is this heathen, Amalek, he is a heathen, but he knows, the real God is with him. He has the power and he is prospering and we should not mess with him but when God is with you, and when you get to the place that you feel like God is with you, your enemies will be afraid of you.

They will say God is with him so don’t mess with him. Remember the seven sons of skevah, they cast out the demons, but they could not do it and the demons attack them. They said we know Peter and Jesus but who are you? You will know when God is with you, and your enemies will know that God is with you.

Let me continue. So here he is, he is made a treaty, and then Isaac makes a meal for them and then they made an oath to one another and then they went out on their way and they left in peace. Then the servants came in, they told about the wells they had been digging, they found water. He call that the well of Sheba.

Now they call the town beer Sheba. This is important, it is called the land of the oath. It would be like a special place. They dig a well. He calls this Sheba, and he bases it upon the oath of Abraham, and to your servants and your seed I will give this to you. I have the NIV Bible.

It is translated the wrong, I don’t like this at all. If you would go to the King James it’s better. Go to 24:7. But in verse, seven, it says the God of the heavens that has brought me out of this would be Abraham, and God told me on an oath saying, I shall bless your offspring and to your seed, it is singular. He says, you can have a wife for my son.

He sends out a servant to get a wife for Isaac. The angel says that shall work out. God will do these things, and God says, it is for the seed, you can be prosperous, your son will be blessed, God says I will do this for him.

Now go back to Genesis 3. To the seed of the woman, it will be the Messiah. We are speaking about that same seed. Now we have Isaac. The torch has been passed to Isaac, and God has made an oath, to Abraham, that he would bring forth the seed.

Let me look at this and this would be so important and we want to go to verse 12 and we shall go now, and he says not leave your country and your people and your father and go to the land that I shall show you, I would make you a great nation to bless you, and you shall be great, I will bless those who bless you I will curse those who curse you, everybody shall be blessed by you. Abraham left. Then lot went with him.

He was 75 years old when he went to the land, he took his wife Sara, and then he took his nephew– Lot. They had all of these possessions and they went out to the land of Canaan. Abram went through the land and he went out to the great trees, and at that time, the Canaanites were in the land. The Lord says, it would be your seed, it would be your seed, I will give you the land. Build an altar here. Build your altar to the Lord.

I want you to catch it come everywhere Abraham goes he builds altars, and he makes promises. He knows that he shall be blessed. He shall be a blessing to the world. Go to chapter 15 and let me look at 14-18, but what does it say? But I will punish the nations, now wait a minute. This is not what I want. 14. Help me, Lord. — — All right, I cannot tell you. Oh, 14, I’m sorry 15:1, the word of the Lord, all right I’m sorry that’s wrong. I apologize I cannot find it. But he says, it would be for his seed, and it would be for the oath that God made to him. He says all of these blessings will be yours. Abraham was wealthy beyond words.

He was extremely powerful beyond words. He was extremely wealthy and powerful. So he makes promises. People say one of the blessings of Abraham, would not be ours, but really? You can say that if you want. Let me go to the book of Galatians. Look at the New Testament.

God says I will be your shield, and your great reward, don’t forget that. I would be your great reward. Don’t forget this and I want to get over here. I’m trying.

Let me go to verse six of chapter 3. This would be powerful, people. Abraham believed God and that was his righteousness. Understand that those who would believe would be the children of Abraham.

The Bible says, Abraham is the father of faith. The Bible sees that God was justified, we are justified by faith, and this was the faith of Abraham. Everybody shall be blessed through you. We are blessed with Abraham, the man of faith.

Anybody that would walk by faith would be blessed like Abraham. Let me continue. All who would rely upon the flesh would be under a curse, and cursed would be those that don’t do those things in the law. Nobody would be justified by the law, we must live by faith.

The law is not based upon the faith, and we live by what we believe. Before I go to the next verse, now let me show you and help you get it. The Israelites are in the land.

They make a statement, we are many but we cannot possess the land, Abraham was one man but he did get the land. They were upset and they did not know why it was, they were living under the law, they did not obey the law. Abraham obeyed God by love. I’m telling you. That will take care of everything else.

True love, he loves God and obeyed God, and he would walk by faith. He possessed the land. He had whatever he needed. They could not attack him. However, he was before the law. He was before the law. But everywhere he would go he would build an altar. He would give his very best to the Lord.

I say this because I want to read the next Bible verse. Christ, has redeemed us from the curse of the law, he became a curse for us. The Bible says cursed is everyone that would be hung upon a tree. Jesus, Jesus became a curse, and he became the law for us. He became our sins.

He became the curse, and then that died upon the cross. We take it by faith go to the next verse. He has redeemed us, in order that the blessings of Abraham would come upon the Gentiles through Christ.

It could not be any better than that. The blessings of Abraham would be hours, and we can receive the promise of the spirit. Let me continue. Wait, there is more. Here it comes. Take an example from everyday life, and nobody could add to a covenant that has been established, so it is here.

The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed, singular. The Bible does not say it is plural, I’m reading this, and it does not say plural but not many, but to your seed meaning one, and that would be Christ. All of the promises would be fulfilled in Christ. It keeps saying seed, seed, seed.

It talks about the seed in the book of Genesis, that would be Christ. But God crushed him, and he suffered so that he would have his offspring. We are his offspring. We have become his offspring by faith, and all of the blessings of Abraham would be hours. With that being said now let me ask you, and how blessed was Abraham? How blessed was Isaac? It was an oath. You know, he made well, and he called that Sheba. This was the oath of Abraham. It was not with Abimelech, but he made an altar, he would not be moved.

He was planted in Christ. They could not make him move, and now they say, let’s make a treaty. Now the tables have turned. God has given you the authority and he has given you the blessings of Christ, it is fulfilled in Christ for you. So without authority the enemy should come to you and say hey let me make a treaty with you, and don’t like me away.

I can see, that the Lord is with you. My people perish for lack of knowledge, it is a lack of understanding. Hosea 4:6. People perish because they don’t know who they are in Christ, and they don’t know their inheritance. The enemy robs them, they are– they are worried about a voodoo, but they need to be in Christ.

They need to make a well, and that is Jesus, dig a well, on the solid rock, and then your enemies must come to you. In other words, if you would go over, and bear with me, now let me do this. I want you to humor me and let me keep preaching. Go to the book of Romans. Chapter 8. Verse 31. What shall we say in response to this? If God would be for us, who could be against us? Genesis says he is our shield, Jesus says, Jesus says, I want to read something else. You have got to get it and one more Bible verse. Let me go to the book of Luke 4.

4, chapter 4. You have got to get it and I must preach it. Beginning with verse 4:18, he takes the scroll, and he said the spirit of the Lord would be upon me because he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor, and I give you freedom, and I have recovery of the sight to the blind and I proclaim the year of the favor of the Lord. Then he took the scroll, he gave it back to the attendant. Everybody was watching him.

Then he says now today this Scripture would be fulfilled in your hearing. He says, I am the great I am, I am the seed, I am the seed, and through me you shall have the blessings of God and you can overcome because if you could understand what he was saying, this Scripture would be the fulfillment of everything that would be from God to us and this was done in Christ.

Jesus was raised to new life and we are doing it, by faith. We do these things by faith. We walk by faith. It’s no better than that, honey. I don’t know what else to say. Maybe this is too deep and you cannot get it. But I would encourage you to take the Scriptures. You need to dig can read, and see what God does for you.

Ignorance of the word of the Lord destroys you and you cannot overcome, and you’re being pushed around by every wind of doctrine, everything goes on and you need to know the word inside and out, so that the enemy cannot come to your life and push you around. Enough is enough.

I am sick and tired of it seeing you pushed around. It is so hard on me. Tonight as I was preaching. The spirit of the Lord over shouted me. I could feel your pain. I could not help it. I began to cry, I could feel your pain.

Oh, my friend. It is time to overcome in Christ. If God would be for you, think about that, and even the enemy, who could be against you? Nothing in heaven or the earth could separate you from the love of God in Christ. ————-