God Is the Source. Part One.

God is The Source

Listen to: “God Is the Source.” Part One.

February 7, 2018

>>Jeff: Praise the Lord, I’m glad to be back here tonight. I had one night off, and I heard we had some issues, and there was no sound or picture but I don’t know what happened. I pray we will not see that tonight.

Let’s get into the word, Genesis 26, and if you want to turn there, that would be great but let’s pray first, and you know I will tell you so many times I have a, “powerful” message.

But let’s just say, that would be all of the above tonight and we thank you for the word that we are about to receive and let your glory fall in this place. We would take a hold of the promises and all that you provide for us. 

Oh, Lord Jesus, oh, Lord Jesus, and I would pray in your precious name, that you would open up the hearts and the minds of the people tonight and make them realize and let them see, let them see what would be theirs and what you provided for them and what you have promised, if they would simply walk with you in obedience to you. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Okay, let me go to Genesis chapter 26. Oh, honey, and I could go on this for one week and you’ll be getting the condensed version, but I’ll do my very best. There was a famine in the land, for the times of Abraham, and Isaac went to Amalek, and he went to the king of the Philistines.

then the Lord appeared unto Isaac and he said don’t go to Isaac but you need to stay where I tell you to be and I will be with you and bless you for to you and your children I will give you the land and I will confirm the oath that i’ve given to your father Abraham, and this would be important, and you would be like the stars of the sky, and you shall have the land.

It shall be through your children and your offspring, it should be the seed. It should be singular. All of the nations by you shall be blessed because Abraham has obeyed me and kept my commandments, and my degrees, and my laws, so Isaac stayed where he had been. Maybe you wonder why Isaac is going into the Philistines. There was a family, and there is a reason for the famine and that would be a drought and so they had a drought going on.

They had the drought and the famine and whenever they would be a drought and what happens? Different people begin to war against one another and Isaac is going up to Amalek, and that would be very, and he wanted to make it, he wanted to have his protection. Different groups would join together to help one another.

He went to this King because his father had done this, and they were on reasonably friendly terms and then there was a famine going on and then there was a drought going on, these people were coming together and then God speaks and he says now listen, Isaac, my son, you must stay here and don’t go down to Egypt. Don’t go back into Egypt.

His father did these things, but he said now you do not do it and you stay where you are. He had a reason. I don’t know about you, honey, but when there is a famine, and maybe a drought and people began to fight one another, and what do people do when they get hungry? They go to war against one another. They try to steal food and survive.

That is how it works. Maybe he says, and we should go down to breadbasket of the world, Egypt, and I should go to Egypt. The Lord says you need to stay where you are, and because in this situation I can bless you. You might be like me, and you don’t really understand what it means, like stay here? But God says no, I want you to do something.

He talks about his father’s oath, and then he says the promise I gave to your father, I will give this to you and I will make it with you, and you could pass it on to your children, your seed. The word seed seems to be strange. God had made a promise to Abraham and now he does it with Isaac. In this promise God says because Abraham has obeyed me, this is why I have done these things for your father and you must obey me, too. Then he says now you obey me.

I have to say it again and again this is so powerful, and you must obey me and I want you to stay where you are in the famine. You would be like what you talking about? Seriously? All right. Go to Romans eight and don’t lose your place and we shall go to the book of Romans 8. I’m sorry, it is funny how God works sometimes. We think that we have a handle on God but we do not.

Verse 26 of chapter 8. In the same way to the spirit helps us and we do not know how we should pray but the spirit makes intercession for us with groans that we cannot utter and the one that searches our hearts, and he searches the deep things of the Lord through the will of God and we know that all things work together for those who love him for the good.

Now let me say, and I brought this in, you need to be prayed up. If you want things to turn around, and you need to pray and then you must love him but what does the Bible say again and again? Go to first John and read all of first John, over and over it says if you love him, you obey him.

he could say it would work together for the good of those who would obey him and called according to his purpose and keep in mind, this was for the church, and not to the heathens about the church and the Christians. We are called according to his purpose.

God has predestinated us to be like his son, it is his son okay. The son is the seed, and he talks to Abraham like to the seed. Keep that in mind that he would be the firstborn among many brethren, and he has called and justified and glorified.

So let me make it this way, the firstborn, he was called and predestined to conform to the likeness of the father, if you would walk in obedience to the father, and he could empty himself out, and he would be the poorest of the poor, and there was no place for Jesus to lay his head.

I have a little cartoon, I crack up laughing when I see it. Mary and Joseph are standing outside of the cave, and he says you know, it is so crowded God himself could not get in here. That was true. Through the circumstances of his life, Jesus came to his glory.

Sometimes we go through the circumstances to see his glory. Notice everything would be in the past tense and God sees it and is it is done. What shall we say if God would be for us who could be against us? All right and who could hurt you? What God is for you, and he did not spare his own son, and you need to get it and we get tired how people say that witchcraft is against you.

But you know if you are walking with the Lord, tell the demons to leave your house, witchcraft cannot work against you and if you obey his word and if you love him, then you need to learn if God is for you, no devil could hurt you.

You need to get that in your spirit, you have the greater one inside of you. He did not spare his own son, but along with him, he will give us all things that we have his son, for God so loved the world, he gave his son that whoever would believe in him would have everlasting life it was the only son he had and that was the seed, and the seed had to die before it produced the fruit.

how can you charge God’s elect? can you condemn us? Christ has died, but he was raised to life, we can, we don’t walk in condemnation. If you are not under grace you would be under the law and the curse, and under what? You would be under the curse of your sins.

You are still under the law and your sins out of the curse. You must come out under grace and when you come under grace, you are not condemned because Jesus is righteous, you are vindicated and justified by Jesus. Jesus Christ died for us and he is at the right hand of the father and interceding for us.

It does not say he will but it does say that he does, he continues to pray for us. He prays for you. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall danger, family, nakedness or sword, but we are like the sheep for the slaughter, and as the world thinks about it, they say we are but God says no we are more than conquerors, and be overcome through him that loves us. I am convinced there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God, there could be nothing no height and no depth that could separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

I don’t care what you go through, there is nothing that can separate you from God and God will use your circumstances, to help you see his glory. Let me go further. I must keep moving. Let me go to book of Romans. This is what is happened to Abraham, and they wanted to know about Abraham’s wife and he said this is my sister but he did not want to say this was my wife and he was thinking he would be killed.

Rebecca was beautiful. Then the king of the Philistines saw Isaac with Rebecca, and he said now this is your wife, and why do you say she is your sister? then he said they thought, and then Amalek says, and what have you done? maybe somebody would’ve slept with your life. He has remembered what happened to him and when the Philistines, and when he took Abraham’s wife. Abraham had said the same story.

He did not sleep with her because God stopped him. But in doing this, people, he brought a curse upon his home, and he did not have any children for some time. Then he was blessed by Abraham. God opened up their wombs again. Then the King Amalek said, don’t touch these people or you will be put to death.

Isaac was protected and he was watched over. He was under the protection of the King and the famine, he was protected and don’t forget about that but I’m telling you, there is something great coming. Look at this at verse 12. This would be phenomenal what I want to read to you.

Isaac planted crops in the land, and he received a 100 for return because he was blessed. There was a famine in the land that have been going on for a long time. Okay? The king has given the orders, to the people and do not touch Isaac and his family.

Do not molest them in any way. There was a drought going on, and I don’t know if you have been around a drought, and the water simply blows away. There was a drought going on for a long time. God speaks to them oh, my gosh. I get so excited, I can hardly stand it.

Listen, Isaac, I’m telling you, all right, I have listened, and the Lord told Isaac to stay and he listened. They wanted to take Isaac’s wife, and he had been under the protection of the King. He did not totally trust him. Now he was worried about people attacking him, and he had camels and donkeys, and sheep and Rams. They are hungry.

There is a drought going on and you’ve told me to stay here and I’m doing good defeat anybody that I have, and now you tell me to take my seed and throw this in the dust. The Philistines are laughing. They say that man is planting and who would plant in a drought?

Is he stupid or what? He is throwing away to the seed, he has lost his mind. Abraham was crazy but this man is even worse. He is planting in the dust. I’m sure they were laughing at him. That same year he had a one hundredfold harvest, because God blessed him. The man became rich, and then he became extremely wealthy.

He had so many animals and servants, he was envied by the Philistines, all of the wealth that his father had, an hear this man, he is extremely rich. They want to stop him. They stop up his wells.

I don’t know if you could get the picture, but in that timeframe, you had to have water, you could live maybe four days without water. The king won’t let us touch him but we will touch the source and they did not get it, God is the source. God was the source.

God was blessing him, they were angry because he was planting in the dust and even receiving a harvest. Now he is even growing richer. He is an alien in the land, this is their land. Then Amalek said unto Isaac, get away because you are too powerful.

This nation, they are envious of Isaac, and they say get out of here you are too much for us. They were afraid of Isaac. That would be an astounding thing, people. That maybe you don’t hear me. That would be astounding.

So Isaac moved away and then he went into the Valley, and then he reopened his wells in the time of Abraham. The Philistines had stopped those wells up but he opened them up again. Isaac was out in the Valley, and he had many new wells. That people began to argue with Isaac, and they said the water belongs to us.

so he begins to dig new wells. They keep pushing him away, and then they keep saying okay, that what belongs to us, too. But what does Isaac do?

I will move down the line, and he goes down the line, now watch what happens and watch what happens. Then he dug another well and then they wanted to fight him over that, and he, so he names it, the place of opposition. They keep taking his wells. He keeps moving down the line.

what is happening, now they are being blessed by him because God says he would bless the nations through Isaac, now they’ve got water. God began to bless them because of the protection of Amalek. I know they sent him away, but he did not have any problems with his wife and family and he had been protected by Amalek.

he moved on from there and then he dug another well. Then he says, now we have our own water and we shall flourish and from there he went up to Beer Sheba. Now let me see where we are. Then he digs another well. There is room at the table of God for every body. The Gentile or the Jew, there is room.

There is room if you would like to come in. God gave him room so he could flourish but I want you to see what he does. From there he went up to Beer Sheba, and that not God appeared unto him that he said I am the God of Abraham and do not be afraid because I am with you and I shall bless you and I will increase your descendents, because of Abraham.

I want to read this again and this would be so important, and this would be chapter 15, and God speaks to Abraham. We all need to remember this, put this on your mirror. The word of the Lord came to Abraham and he said do not be afraid because I shall be your, reward and I would be your shield and protect you. I shall be your reward and your inheritance.

Too many people think, they have a lot of things, and God says leave these things and move away, and you think that would be your source but the well is not your source and there is better water down the road. There is a better water well down the road. Let me go back to this beginning.

Get the mind of Christ and you do this through prayer, you get the mind of the Lord through prayer, so you know what to do.

God tells him to stay in the land, and now he says, go down the line, and he moves, you have to know when to move. You have got to know when to hold ’em and when to fold them or when to run. He goes down the line. He says I am with you, and I will do this for you because of Abraham and look at what Isaac done, and he’s never done this before. He has never done this before like his father. He built an altar.

He called upon the name of the Lord; I will finish it, but let me tell you, for the first time he finally builds an altar. It is a place to sacrifice and pray and worship, he builds and alternatives would be the first time he does it.

His father would do it again and again but he builds an altar but look at what else he does, and there he placed his tent, and they dug a well. We shall talk about this tomorrow night. Do not miss it.

I want you to see many things here, and I want you to understand, he had got to a place where he made an altar. Some of you need to make an altar and you’ve never made one before. You need to stay put, stay where God keeps you and God can help you to flourish, and you need to know, and you need to know where to put your tent.

You need to be were God wants you but how do you do that? You build an altar and God will show you through prayer, at the altar. Okay? Oh, Jesus. There was something else I have to tell you. He dug the well. He dug the well. When you dig a well, you would not leave it.

His source was the Lord. This is the most important water well he’s ever dug. We all need something like this. You need to put down your steaks and build an altar and do not move, be in God’s will. Okay. If you did not get anything out of this tonight, you’ll be getting a lot more, but do get this. I have said it before, you cannot borrow your way out of debt but you could give your way out. There was a famine in the land.

This was not any famine but this was a long drought. What did God say to Isaac? I want you to plant, I want you to plant. I said this to some people the last few days. The rich to the opposite of the poor. The rich do the opposite of what the poor people do.

When there is a famine, the poor people back off, when the stock market would be high, when things are high they purchase, and they get richer, and not many people get that rich. When there is a famine, the average person says don’t plant because there is a famine but the rich one says we will do even more, we will plant and do more.

The rich see the opportunity, however the poor, my friends, they see this as the end of the world. When you have a famine in your life, and you have a famine in your life, it is time to plant.

Maybe there is nothing but dust, you have to plant, you can grow in the dust and God can bring the rain. God says, his word shall not return to him empty. Like the clouds bring rain, and they don’t bounce back up God says he will rain on you and won’t return empty. He will bring you showers of blessing. He can give you a great return.

Oh, Jesus, oh, please open up the eyes of the people. I know only a very few get it. I know the broad road leads to destruction, narrow is the road that brings life. I pray they can find the narrow road. We pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.