Follow the Lord Not Man

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Trust Him.

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February 1, 2018

Jeff: I was watching the opening, the introduction, before hand, and they need more pictures of Becky and not me, and we do not want to scare people away.

By the way, this program is live on the air.  I am Jeff Lane. You will be able to call in on the telephone numbers. This program is live on the air.

You shall be on the TV when you call in. So, I just want to make that clear, people call in, and they say they do not want to be on the TV, well, maybe you should not call.

If you want to call in,  you can record your message and then they could write that out and give that to me. But do not call unless you want to be on the television.

I love you. Let me pray and let’s get into the word and I want to tell you, but never mind and we thank you for the word that we are about to receive and have your way, and I just love these people, and you know that and we love them. We are just the people.

I would pray tonight, that we could be one as a big family. I pray that we could be one as a big family, as you and the father; the son and the Holy Ghost are one. Amen. I will tell you, we need more unity in the nation. I want to do my best and I know you might think I after we had our thing, on Facebook, I had an accident.

I hate to tell you, one of the wires went into my eye socket, it was hurting me but it’s so much better now it when it’s my eye socket. I get over one thing, and then something else comes along in the enemy is attacking me and pray for my eye socket, and I want to get through this and this would be uncomfortable.

You remember that Samuel is head of Israel for 20 years that people were not responding like they should to his ministry. Then the Philistines come down and we were speaking on this tonight, and you know, and when the enemy fights, the people become religious, the people began to humble themselves. They began to repent and God cleansed the temples and then low and behold, God came to the rescue.

Maybe for about 20-40 years, if I could put it this way, under the teachings under the prophet Samuel they did not go to war anymore. They did not go to war and they took back so much ground that was interesting because there was peace in the land of than they did something really stupid, okay? It was stupid. They decided that they did not want the prophet of God.

You know the prophet of God proclaims the word of the Lord, and they did not want that anymore. This is when the trouble begins. With that being said, instead of starting here, but let me go to chapter 8:1 of first Samuel, when Samuel was old, and he appointed his sons to be the judges.

Samuel had his sons, and they served, and then the sons did not walk in the ways of the Lord, and they took bribes, and they perverted justice. So these young men, the sons of Samuel they had fallen out of grace.

They thought they could make a living, and they did not do the word of the Lord, they took advantage of the Lord and they used their offices for gain. The Israelites became sick of it you can raise your kids, the right way, and you can raise them in church, to preach at them, and I’m not saying they might not be saved, but they might be saved for many years. The kids today, they have their own minds and they make their own decisions, and sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. You can pray.

But just because they are saved, and that does not mean they shall live for the Lord. It is a battle. They have a mind of their own so they must be responsible. Let me jump down now, to verse 4, so all of the elders of Israel, they gathered together and then they came to Samuel and they said, you are old, and your sons do not walk in your ways and we want a king like all of the other nations.

So here they want a king, this was a huge mistake, I can improve this, they wanted to be like everybody else. Maybe you would be in a church and your church wants to be like everybody else, you know, you want to be like every other church. You want to do what everybody else does. But don’t do what everybody else does. You do not need a king. You need a prophet.

You don’t need a king but you need a prophet with a position, and when we have a position We have pride. That could be bad, it makes you fall. But when you have the prophet of God, and when you have the Lord you have humility, that brings prayer, and repentance. Pride, it pops us up and brings destruction.

That goes before the fall. They wanted to be like all of the other nations, they wanted to have themselves a king, and they wanted to be like everybody else. Let me continue. I would like to read this. This reminds me, when I did the study. Now let me go over, let me go over to the book of Exodus 21:18. 21:18. Here is.

That’s not right. Exodus what? Where did I get that? It is 20:18, I made a mistake and I’m a human and when the people saw the thunder and lightning, and when Moses had the 10 Commandments, and when they saw the thunder and the lighting, and they saw the mountain smoking and they began to tremble. They stayed away.

They said, if you speak we shall listen but don’t let the Lord speaker we shall die. Moses said do not be afraid God is testing you so that you will fear, so that the fear of God would keep you from your sins. Moses went into the darkness where God was. The people did not want to be responsible for their actions.

Then they said now you go talk to God, but we are afraid of God and we do not want to go near him. When I read this, this Scripture comes to me, this is what people want. They do not want to be responsible and they want a government to care for their problems. In our nation, the government, the government has become like God, like our God, so to speak.

Every time there is a disaster, or something goes wrong people scream about the government. The government must fix this. But it is not the fault of the government. The government cannot fix everything. They are not God. The people have this attitude. Put that on the shelf and go to Hebrews 12.

Let me see what it says. Hebrews 12:18. It says. Oh, Jesus, help us. 12:14. Live in peace with all men and be holy, because without holiness you cannot see the Lord. The people did not want to walk in holiness; they wanted Moses to be the man, but not them. Don’t be bitter because these things defile you.

Do not be immoral, like Esau, because he sold his inheritance for single meal and when he wanted the blessing, he was rejected and he could not bring about a change, even though he wanted to change things with tears. You know, Esau sells his birthright to be the head of the home, to receive the blessing.

He sold it to his brother, he despised his birthright. It is sad. He did not realize the value of what it was until he was older. Let me continue, verse 18. You have, you have not come to the mountain that would be burning with fire, and you have a trumpet blast, and you have come to the trumpet blast. You have come to the voice, and for those who heard his voice would back it would not be again.

You could not hear the commandment, and if an animal would touch this mountain it would be killed. It was so terrible, Moses was trembling. The mountain was shaking, and rumbling because of the presence of Almighty God.

This is God who created everything. He created billions of planets. There are more planets in the universe than there would be sand on all the seashores. The planets are still being born. When God speaks he just sees things get bigger.

But you have come to Mount Zion to the heavenly Jerusalem and the city of the living God, you have come to the angels, and to the church of the firstborn, you have come to God and he is the spirit of all men, and he is the spirit of Christ, he is the mediator of the new covenant.

It is a better word than the blood of Abel. Don’t refuse the one who speaks. Don’t forget that. Yet they did not escape, and how much more, I’m sorry, we cannot escape. If we are turning away, and his voice shook the earth,

and now he is promising once more I will shake not only the earth but the heavens, and the word would be shaking whatever can be shaken, so whatever could not be shaken will remain. Therefore since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, we should worship God with reverence and fear. Our God is a consuming fire.

This would be peculiar to me, and without holiness you cannot see the Lord. They could not touch the mountain in the Old Testament, they were so afraid of God. They trembled with fear. They would say now Moses you go to God. But not Jesus is our friend.

I had a strange vision, I was talking with the Lord, like I was talking to you, but the Lord was speaking with me. It was very important. It was so comfortable. I was just having a conversation with the Lord, it was an amazing thing. We can go to Jesus and that way. Don’t refuse him, but it also says, and now that God has worn you from the throne room, he comes to us and be careful how you live.

God is a consuming fire. He will shake you. People say that we are not under the law and we can do whatever we want, we can murder and sleep with prostitutes and be saved. That’s just crazy, you try. Our God is a consuming fire, and our God is a consuming fire to separate us. We should be holy.

God is not is in the mountain, but he reigns in our temple. This is the temple of the living God. If you don’t believe me, let me give you the Scripture. We shall go to this. People are stubborn. They don’t get it. Let me go to first Corinthians. I want to see if I can find it. My eye is bothering me.

I’m having a problem. Let me look at verse 16, 6:19. You know, your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, and that is inside of you, and you have received from God, and you are not your own and you are bought with a price, honor God with your body.

This is the temple now. If God is inside of the temple, keep it clean. Because if God can cleanse this temple with a whip, and he can clean you. Okay? Just saying. Let me backup. We must walk in holiness.

First Samuel 8:6, and when they said give us a king to lead us they disobeyed Samuel, they displease the Lord. The Lord says listen, all that the people say is not you but they are rejecting me as the king. As they have done I have brought them out of Egypt, they have forsaken me, they serve other gods.

Now what they do, they do this to you. Warned them and let them know what the king will do to them. Then he says, they are not rejecting you but they are rejecting me, and my ways. I have given them peace and prosperity.

Now they are turning their backs on me, because they want to be like other people, basically they want to serve the king. Then they can do what they want. Most people want a God that they can invent, and they do not want to have our God dictate what is righteousness.

You could go back to the garden of Eden. Samuel told all of the words of the Lord to the people, and then he goes through everything, and all of the taxes. Everything would be taken, and the king will do this, and with the day arrives, you will want to be relieved but you will not have an answer.

But the people would not listen to Samuel. They said we want a King, and then we shall be like all of the other nations, and they will fight our battles. If you will remember, what Moses said to the Lord, and how could that be a distinction, and how could we know, you must go with us.

If you won’t go with us, God, we will not go out of your presence. The distinction is your presence and now they say we do not want your presence but we want a king and we do not want your word and we do not want the prophet of God.

In the church, we do not want the man of God, we do not want someone that would speak the word of the Lord but we want a King, we want a hireling, who will say what we need to hear. We want to control him. We do not want to be put in order by the word of the Lord.

That I say that? I just did. With that being said, you need to do the mathematics. It’s this way. The taxes, rather than the tithe. The tide would be freely given out of your love for God. When you show your love to God. God says, my friends, the government will demand the taxes from you. The taxes would be demanded, and you don’t have to pay the tithes, you know it says that God want to receive the tithe from anybody.

God sees you and if you are not right, and you are not giving God your best cheerfully, he does not receive it and bless you. Go to chapter 4 of the book of Genesis, look how Cain gives. Then look at Abel. You know, taxes would be a requirement by the would like that are not. If you don’t do it, they will just take it.

Go and do a study on this, would go see what the government takes from you. God says I shall bring peace into the land, I will subdue your enemies, if you shall pay the tithe. But the king you know, he will simply take it from you.

It’s like the devil. Go to numbers 11, verse 16. The Lord says to Moses, bring me the elders that would be the officials of the people, and have them come to the tent, and they must be with you and then I shall come down and I will speak with them. I will put this spirit upon them.

They will help you to carry the burden of the people, so that you shall not carry it all alone. Let me go to verse 24. I cannot read it all. Moses told the people what God said, and then he told the elders, they all stood before the tent. The Lord spoke to them all.

Then he put his spirit upon the 70 elders, and when the spirit was upon them they began to prophesy. They began to preach. They did not do so again. Then the two young men of Samuel had remained in the camp, and they did not go into the tent, but the spirit of the Lord was upon them. A young man told Moses there was a prophecy in the, Joshua, and there was a young man that was a helper to Joshua, and they wanted to stop these people From speaking.

Then the Lord said I wish everybody would speak, and they would all prophesy. I wish they would all begin to prophesy. I wish that they would go hear the word, so they could speak the word. You must go into his presence. It must be upon you.

So instead of them trembling with fear, and the people wanted to hear these things for themselves. Let me go to the Book of Acts 2. My gosh, the time is flying, when I find preaching.

On the day of Pentecost they were in the place of the rushing wind that filled the house. They saw the tongues of fire, and they all rest upon the people and they were filled with the Holy Ghost and they began to do what?

They began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit enabled them. They were prophesying. How do I know? These were the God-fearing Jews, and everybody heard them speaking in their own languages, they were amazed.

Then they said these are the Galileans. But we can hear them speaking in our native languages. All of the different languages of the area, and even Egypt, and parts of Libya, and Rome, all of the Jews, and the converts, the Cretans, and they were declaring the word of the Lord.

Then they said, and what does this mean? Then they said, these people are drinking too much. I have met many drunks. I have never heard anyone of them speaking in tongues. Okay? I’m still waiting for that.

It has not happened. Then Peter stood up with the 11 and he spoke and he spoke to the crowd, fellow Jews, and he spoke with the crowd, and everybody here, let me tell you what this is. These men would not be drunk like you would suppose and it is 9 AM, but this is what was spoken by Joel, God it says I will pour out of my spirit upon your sons and your daughters.

You shall prophesy, the young men will see visions, and the old man will dream dreams. I will pour out of my spirit, and they shall prophesy, and I shall show wonders in the heavens above both blood and fire. The moon will be turned to blood before the day of the Lord.

Everybody who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. The Lord says I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh like it was with Moses, so it showed be with you. It’s not just Moses, but God will do it for everybody, everybody the calls upon the Lord.

I don’t have the time. Let me keep going. Verse 36. That Israel be assured, God has made the Jesus that you crucified he is now the Savior and the Lord. Then they were cut to the heart. Then they said what shall we do?

Peter said repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For all that the Lord our God shall call.

Then he warned them, and he said save yourselves, and those that heard the message were baptized, then 3000 people were saved that day. It is anybody that will call upon the Lord. It is for anybody that will call upon the Lord.

God will give you his spirit. Remember what I told you, way back and when I began about 30 minutes ago, don’t refuse the one who speaks. Don’t refuse the one that speaks. The Holy Ghost is speaking to you right now. I need this. I need the spirit of God in my life. I need the spirit of God in my life.

When Jesus is your King, when Jesus is your Lord, your enemy shall be the footstool for your feet. You shall overcome. You shall be saved. The power of God shall rest upon you. You will have nothing to fear because God is a consuming fire.

It shall burn all of these things out of your life. The blood of Jesus will cleanse you. It is given for the forgiveness of your sins by the Holy Ghost, so that you will commit sin anymore. Oh, that would be good stuff. Praise God.

Sit down and count the cost. Sit down and count the cost. You know, if you have the fire you will be burned, when you have the Holy Ghost, I’m telling you, he will burn it all out of your life. I’m telling you. Amen. Thank you Jesus.