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Do Not Doubt God.

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February 2, 2018

>Jeff: Praise the Lord, I’m glad to be with you tonight.  This program is live on the air. There is a telephone number on the screen.  You can call in for prayer.

I would like to say it again, this is a live program, and you shall be on the TV when you call. If you do not want to talk about it on the TV, send me an email. You can go to my email address, and send me a message.

I shall pray for you. When you call, you shall be on the TV. Some people did not know, they did not want to be on the TV and we have an alternative. You can only email me, otherwise.

You can turn in your Bible to the book of Job, and this would be something that would be near and dear to my heart, it would be the integrity of God. It disturbs me when people question God’s integrity. I do not like for people to question me, no one does, but the enemy, Satan, and from day one, this is what he does. He attack sure integrity.

God always has his integrity, no matter what and let me pray. We thank you for the word and I would pray tonight that you would touch the hearts of the people and touch their hearts and quicken them,

I pray that you would reveal even this night, reveal your Majesty and your glory. Lord, and we love you, and we thank you that we could cry out, father. We want to lean upon you, like John, John could not move because of your greatness.

The people must grow. They must grow up and walk with you. They must know you. In the name of Jesus, Amen. You know, this is something that is always blown my mind, it would be–that John, and the first picture we see of John, when he is young, he is young, and leaning he is leaning on the breast of Jesus. He is a young man, as a teenager.

He would be at the Last Supper, like a child, with a father. Then, at the end of his life, he would be on the island of Patmos, then you see him, and he sees Jesus he sees him in his glory and Majesty. He falls down before him that he is speechless, he is buried in the ground with his face down.

That would be the maturing of his relationship with the Lord God, and realizing who his, and can I say, who his daddy is? Sometimes kids grow up and they don’t know their own father. Then one day it hits them, and my father is someone of standing.

Now let me go to the book of Job and 1 and we will go to one, and there was a man named Job, he was blameless and he was upright and he feared God, and he had seven sons and three daughters and he owned 7000 sheep, and 3000 camels thousands of oxen and 500 donkeys, and many servants he was the greatest man among all of the people of the East.

Job was very wealthy, along with the fact, he had maintained his integrity and he had his integrity and he was the man of God, of high standing. Not many people could ever have that type of integrity. You know, most people have not that type of standing with God. Not many people.

I would dare say, and most people, but by the grace of God, and we could never really achieve anything, and you know, without the Lord and his grace we cannot know his presence, and grace. Let me continue. We shall go to verse six and he says, one day the angel came to present themselves before God and the enemy came with them, Satan, the Lord said unto Satan, where have you been?

Satan said I have been in the earth and roaming around, and then the Lord says, have you considered Job? There is nobody like him and he is blameless and he shuns evil. This is the word of the Lord, and does he. God for nothing? Satan says, you have put a hedge around him and everything that he has, you have blessed his hands so that his flocks they are spreading out in the land.

Would put your hand against him and he will certainly curse you to your face. The Lord says very well, everything he has is in your hands but don’t put your hands on him, then Satan went out from the presence of the Lord. Then when they were feasting and drinking at the house of the son, the messenger said, the animals were working in the field, and they have been attacked and they have all been killed. The servants have been killed, I am the only one that is alive to tell you about it.

When he was still speaking and then the messenger said, now the sheep are killed and I’m the only one that has escaped to tell you and then he was speaking another one said, there were rating parties, that have killed all of your camels and then they killed the servants and I am the only one left.

While he was speaking there was another one that said, your sons and your daughters were feasting and drinking at the house of one of the brothers and then the wind swooped in and they were all killed, and they are dead and I am the only one that can tell you about it.

Then Job shaved his head and he worshiped the Lord. He said I came out of my mother naked and I shall return thither. The Lord gives and he is taken away, let him be praised. Job did not commit sin in all of this.

Did you catch it? In all of this, Job was not charged with any wrongdoing, he was not charging God with what had happened, God did not do this but the devil did but you say God allowed, but God took his hand away and he took away the hedge. He did not do it. He withdrew the hedge. No matter how off-base we are, we’ve all committed sin and we have fallen short of God’s glory.

We need the grace of God to cover our sins. We do not deserve anything that we have, I said we don’t deserve anything that we have from God. So Job loses everything in one day, and he loses it all, but he maintains his integrity. Last night I made the statement, I said God was lonely, so he created man. The angels have no choice, they must serve God. But God wanted someone to love him for who he was, no matter what.

Sometimes we see marriages, last night it broke my heart people were calling in and the spouses had left when they were sick. They had been left. That would be the opposite of the love of God. That is selfish. They say wait a minute now the price is too high.

Job love God no matter what happened and that his faith and you cannot separate faith and love and he was obedient to God even though he lost everything he maintained his integrity so let me continue. Then the angels came to present themselves before the Lord in the enemy was there, too, and the Lord said to Satan and where have you been? Then Satan said I was roaming around the earth. Then the Lord said, I have considered my servant Job and there is no one like him, he is blameless, and he fears God and he shuns evil. He maintains his integrity. You want to ruin him with no reasoning.

Without any reasoning, there was no reasoning, he had done nothing wrong. Keep that in mind begin going, and then the devil said skin for skin, but stretch out your hand, and you will touch this man and then he will curse you to your face. Then the Lord said, he will be in your hands but you cannot kill him.

So Satan went up from the presence of the Lord, and he began to strike Job with the boils and then Job began to scrape himself with pottery, and then his wife said, will you hold onto your integrity? Curse God and die. Then he said don’t be foolish and we shall not take the good and not have any trouble? Job did not commit sin.

So his wife comes in, and we talk about the angel of light. Sometimes, the angels of light would be like a relative. This woman says hey, release your integrity, forget God and get over it and you can die. WOW.

Then his friends come to him, and they tell him he has done something wrong. But God says it’s not because of that and he had said these things even before hand but God did it and it happened.

Stay with me no let me go to the book of Job, at the end. I’m reading this because something that happened, that went through me. I hear it on the air from time to time. Then the Lord answered Job out of the storm, and who is this that darkens my counsel and there is no knowledge, be like a man and I shall question you and you will answer me.

Where were you when I made the foundation of the earth? Certainly you know the dimensions of the world. Who has stretched out the world. What have been the footings of the world? Who has laid the cornerstone by the morning stars? All of the angels are shouting for joy.

The water burst forth to the oceans and I made the clouds to wrap the world in darkness. I made no limit and then I put this on its place and then I said you will go this far but no further. Do you not know where the dawn is and do you know where it is? Can you shake the wicked?

You stand out like a garment, have you gone to the Straits of the oceans? Do you know the recesses of the depths? Do you know the shadow of the deep? Do you know the expense of the earth? Tell me when you know it. What is the way of life? Where is darkness? Can you take them to these places?

Do you know the dwelling places of these things? I’m sure you know because you been alive for so many years. It sounds like a parent speaking to a child, like you know so much now let me put you in your place. It reminds me, one of my children. She was 16.

She was arguing with me about something. She was wearing me out and I said you can go, and then she looked at me and then she said, but why? I said well go ahead. She says but what? I said honey, I said I am older than you by 20 years, I have raised three other children. I was on the fourth one at that time.

I been married for 20 years. I said you know, when I was your age, I knew everything. I knew that I knew, I was so smart. Now that I have been alive, and I have had my children, I get some stupid.

I know that I am really stupid now, and I said now you go and you do whatever you want and when you are done tell me how it works out. Then she says, all right it’s okay I won’t do it. When I read this, this is what I think about. This is how God gets a hold of Job. Do not question God.

Let me continue and look at chapter 40 and verse one. Shall you correct the Almighty? If you accuse God, answer me, and then Job says, I am not worthy, I put my hand over my mouth. That would be good. Listen to this. I have spoken once, but I have no answer at two times, but I can say no more.

Then the Lord spoke to Job like out of the storm, you shall answer me. Shall you discredit my just as? Will you condemn me so you could be justified? Are you like God? Can you Thunder like me? Then cover yourself with glory and Majesty, and release your wrath and bring everybody low. Humble every man. Crush the wicked.

Bury them in the dust, put them into the grave. Then I shall admit that your own right hand can save you. Can you imagine God himself saying this to you? He says okay if you are so smart, and you know everything, and you think you can tell me how to do it, and how to do it and when to do it, and he says before you tell me what to do, let me see you do these things.

Look at the creation and look at it, it’s like a clock. Look at what I have done, and then question me. What can you do? How can you darken my door and question my ways?

Let me move on. Chapter 42, I’m not reading everything but I’m hitting the highlights. Then Job said unto the Lord, I know that you can do everything, no plan could be stopped of yours. You cannot be obscured. I have spoken of things I have not understood, and this was too wonderful for me. You said you would question me.

You told me to answer you, I have heard about you but now I see you, and I despise myself and I will repent in dust and ashes. When the Lord spoke to Job, and he told his comforters, I am angry with these men. You have not said what is right.

So now take these bowls and rams, and go sacrifice your offerings for yourselves. Job will pray for you, and I shall receive the prayer, and I shall not deal with you according to your folly. You have not said what is right.

Now let me say I have heard people, even on the air, they would say parts of Job. God says it is not right and be careful what you say from this book. The false comforters, they did what the Lord told to them, and in their prayers were received in Job prayed for them. The Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before, and all of his brothers and sisters, they all came in were with him in his house, and they comforted him, over all of this trouble that the Lord had brought upon him.

They all gave him silver and gold, the Lord blessed Job more than the first part of his life. He had 14,000 sheep, 1000 oxen and more donkeys, and seven sons and daughters. He had many sons and daughters, and nowhere was there anybody is beautiful as these daughters. After this, Job lived for 140 years.

He saw his children and their children into the fourth-generation. He was old and full of years. I do not know about you, but when I read this, I become so moved to tears. When I hear people question God, and his integrity, when I hear it I become angry. Okay.

Maybe we are all guilty. But when I see these things, and I think that after these men had said what they had said and it was not true, God says I shall forgive you. I will bless you again.

Job had twice as much as he had in the beginning beyond measure. It was beyond measure. He gave him a new hedge around him, he was in peace for the rest of his life. Do be careful when you approach God be careful what you say. When you question God’s integrity and his ways.

Let me read this. Go to Isaiah 55:8. Seek the Lord while he may be found in call upon him while he is near forsake your evil ways and turn to the Lord and God shall have mercy upon you, and God will pardon you. My ways are not your ways says the Lord.

The heavens are higher than the earth and my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts in my rain does not return to the heavens without bringing seed for the sower and bread for that year and listen closely, and my word would be out of my mouth like this and it shall not return to me empty but it shall do what I wanted to do.

You shall go out with joy and led forth with peace in the mountains showed break into song in the fields of the trees will clap their hands. I want to say, this is our inheritance, as Christians. God says as the rain comes down, but it does not go back empty-handed. It is his grace. We have showers a blessing. We had a hard rain over the weekend, and everything was so nice. We got some frost once in a while. I was just looking, it brought life back.

Then you think, the word of the Lord comes from heaven, and when you have Jesus, in its inside of you, and he says my word will do whatever I desire. I want to bless you and cleanse you and take away your sins and I want you to go out with joy and be peaceful. How can you question me?

How can you question God Almighty? People? When you read the book and you understand that man is exceedingly wicked, but God loves us so much that he gave his only son that if you would believe in him you would not perish but have everlasting life.

If you could know what everlasting life was, I don’t mean eternity, people will live in hell for eternity. That would be a part of it. But what God talks about life it’s a blessing beyond measure. It would be beyond whatever you could imagine or even think.

That would be God’s will for you, Jesus does not condemn the world but through him, he is the word and he is God, and he came down, to bring your life and that were abundantly. It’s not to condemn you.

God could have done that a long time ago. He could’ve done these things many years ago but instead, he brought his son that we might have life. We don’t go to the mountains or the oceans to find him.

He says my word is in your mouth, you simply humble yourself, you look for me and you seek my face, you pray, you turn from your wicked ways. Then I shall heal your land. I will bring an abundance and prosperity in your life. It won’t be your prosperity, but it shall be God’s prosperity. It is beyond measure.

You can only believe in you must trust. Do not question God. The enemy wants to kill you and destroy you. Let’s pray now. If you would like to have Christ as your Savior.

Humble yourself before him. Imagine like John, on Patmos, and he falls before the Lord he is at the Last Supper with Jesus and then this hits him, and he says God, this is God Almighty. I’m speechless.

Let’s pray. Father God we pray that you would forgive us of our sins, and we’ve all committed sin. We don’t have the audacity to say I would be good, and I would deserve, I don’t deserve anything. I’m not good. Everybody is evil. Only evil is in their mouth, they just care for themselves.

Taken away, and wash me in the blood of the lamb and make me well and whole. Be the Lord of my life and being in my heart and my life. I humble myself before you. I dare not question you. I pray you would forgive me and cleanse me. Give me your word. I pray I could walk before you, and with you. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen. Do not doubt God