We Must Be Obedient.

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Be Obedient to the Word.

Listen: “Follow the Lord in Obedience.”

February 10, 2018

>>Hello and welcome to America’s Prayer Meeting and I’m Pastor Becky.

Jeff: I am Pastor Jeff, and I have everything all lit up, and you can see this tonight with my angels.

>>Did you ever think you would do this? But no.

Jeff: We want to thank you pastor Glenn Morris, and they are on Mile Stretch Road, and they gave us the angels. They have New Life Purpose Church.

She has donated her own personal angel.

Jeff: She was the original one that she gave us two of them.

>>She is a sweetheart.

Jeff: We are so happy to be with you tonight on the program that is live, and maybe you know, this program is live and you join us faithfully. We need to say anything else? Let’s get into the word. Continue reading We Must Be Obedient.