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January 30, 2018

>> Jeff: Praises the Lord, I’m glad to be with you tonight. I hope that you had a nice weekend. I trust that you did. I am pastor Jeff Lane; this program is live on the air.

I am so anxious, and I know I should not be anxious but I am to get into the word of God. I have a wonderful word from Matthew 9.

I want to remind you that I’ve got my blog. You can go there. You might say, why are you saying that? I always announce it,  it is because I am teaching in more detail over the next nine days on the subject. You can find that on my blog.

I believe there are some deep things there. If you could begin the teaching, you need to follow me to the end. You must follow me through; I will not get through all of this in the next 30 minutes. We might in the next few days. It is powerful.

If you want to work in the kingdom, this is the message you must have. Let me pray and jump into the word of the Lord. Father we thank you for what we are about to receive and we will sit down at the table you have prepared. I pray that everybody would be able to hear.

They can have nourishment in the spirit. I pray it would nourish their bones. The word goes down into the bones and the marrow. I pray that you would have your way, and bring peace to this place, and your people. Amen.

Okay Matthew 9 and we shall begin with verse 35. Jesus went through the towns and teaching and preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease, healing every disease. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion upon them because they were helpless like sheep without a shepherd and he told the disciples, the harvest is great but the workers are few.

Pray that they would be more workers out in the field. If you want to work for the Lord, you know this would be a message that you must listen and you cannot just here a part of it. Let me go back to the word compassion. You know, it was not simply a feeling with Jesus but this was an action, okay? He was compassionate and compelled to do something about the need.

People say they would be compassion but they do nothing and true compassion, it does something. You do something, okay? Even if you can be there or hold a hand, true compassion, you are moved to make a difference. Jesus had compassion upon the people because they were like sheep without a shepherd.

They were sick and they were being healed, and he began to raise the dead and giving family members back to other family members. If you’ll remember, and you know, he had compassion upon the people and he says, they are helpless and lost. Put that on the shelf and remember that and i’ll be coming back to that. He talks about the workers, they would not few and there are not enough workers for the harvest.

Someone told me right now, for the people living now, there are more people alive today, and more people are alive today then throughout all of history combined. Jesus says this about them. Let me go over now, I want to read out of the King James Version and I love the way that it says it. I love it. I want to go to the King James, John 4; 33.

Therefore the disciples, they said, the disciples said one to another, do we have anything to eat? Then Jesus said to them, my meat is to do the will of the Lord that is sent me. He had a greater desire to do the work of the Lord than to eat.

We need to have that great desire, to do God’s will and to please him, and to be in his presence, more than food. He should be our bread and drink. Do not say, we have four more months on so the harvest but behold I will tell you, look now and see the fields because they are ready for the harvest.

So the fields, they would ready for the harvest. Maybe you’ve not had, you’ve maybe never heard me say this. I would harvest the wheat. You know, you would see the golden waves of grain, and if you do not harvest it at the proper time, it would be white, it stops being golden but it becomes white. Then it simply falls to the ground, you can lose the harvest.

God says, the fields are ready for the harvest, and it’s falling off in your hands. We live in a time now that is unprecedented; we can bring more people to Christ than ever before but why? Let me continue reading. Verse 36. He that will work will have his wages for eternal life. That both you and those that plant, and those that reap, will rejoice together.

Here in would be the same truth, one will plan and another will receive the harvest. I have sent you out, and you would take other men’s labor, and you have entered into their labor. In other words, they have done the hard work, but you will receive the harvest. The people before us have done the hard work.

The ground has already been set up and the seed is ready, and now we can harvest the fields. I was working with a new chaplain. People want to be saved, people want to be right with God. I don’t even get to talk to them. The fields are ready for the harvest.

People say that we can’t get people in our church. I have not seen a barn yet that would fill itself. If you sit beside the silo, you won’t get anything, you must go out into the fields. Television is a great tool, but we have got to work with the local church. Let me give you a interesting statistic.

Most people that are saved would be saved because somebody talk with them one-on-one, 90% of the people that are saved, were saved because someone spoke to them and mentor them, and they stay saved for the same reason. They say that about three people out of 1 million people would be saved on TV.

There are so many millions of people that we see, but on the other hand, think about this, 90 people out of 100 would be saved if they could get into church. But they must get into a church. Somebody must take them to church. Somebody has to bring them in.

That is not to say that some could bring in more or less, but as a general rule, this is what it is, as a general rule. The people that are saved, it is normally by somebody else speaking to them. TV is magnificent.

We can plant. We can nurture. You can reap, but the local church must be intact and we have got to work with the local church and we should work together. We must get the word out locally and get it out.

I went to Bob D’Andrea recently, and I say, we need to have a local church station, we need to help the local churches and bring people in. This needs to be something where we could reach everybody. We need to work with the local church. Praise God, I think they might do that. I’m ahead of myself on that would go to chapter 10 and verse one.

I will not be able to finish this in the next 20 minutes. The disciples drove out the evil spirits, and they healed every disease and sickness. These are the names of the apostles. There was Simon Peter, and Andrew, and then James and brother John, Philip and Bartholomew, Matthew and James, Thaddeus, Simon and Judas Iscariot, that betrayed Jesus. These 12 and Jesus told them, don’t go out to the Gentiles, and don’t go to Samaria. But go to the lost sheep.

Go to the lost sheep. Put that on the shelf and when you preach this message the kingdom of heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead and cleanse the lepers, and freely you have received so freely give. Don’t take anything you have, and don’t take a bag with you, and take nothing with you, you are worthy of your keep. Put that on the shelf. We will remember that until the end.

You are worthy of your hire. Now let me backup if you could be so patient with me. He sends them out to heal. Then he says not go to the lost sheep, don’t go to the half Jews in Samaria, but you go to the people, you go to my church, they are lost and helpless and sick and full of disease, you go and you straighten them out first. You go to them first. I have chosen Israel to take the gospel to the world.

Get them on fire and then go to the highways. Pastors, go to your church first. Help with the people in your church first. Remember what it says, if the miracles that have been done in Sodom and Gomorrah they would not have been destroyed, they would have repented. You need to be prayed up; you need to get into his presence for your people.

Don’t just be a hireling, you know, if that’s you, get out. If you have a pastor that is a hireling, that would be a problem, and whenever something comes up to attack you. They will run away.

They will run away, they will leave you. I had my family member, and people would come around Tennessee to see her, she could pray and they would be healed. She had family members and she would run into a burning house, and she got the children of a burning house. Then the house burned down. She was holding the children as the house was burning.

I want you listen to me. That would be a commitment. She was committed, she was not just hired, and she went to save lives that were her family. We should be willing to lay down our lives for our own, and lay your life down. How do you do that? You pray through until they are saved and healed and full of the Holy Ghost. You get them on fire, and then you disciple them, you send them out.

The people will bring more people into your church. If you will take care of your flock, they will care for you. Let me keep going. I did not mean to go there. You would go to your church first, care for the flock first. One pastor said, son, if you would be a good Shepherd, small like the sheep, walk with them and talk with him and know what makes them tick. Work with them.

I never had a problem being with the sheep. I would work alongside of the people and spend time with them that way. You need to do that. That won’t hurt you to get a little bit of dirt on your fingernails. You need to love your people. Maybe you’re just so busy, you say. Let me go astray for a moment. Let me tell you what happened for this weekend.

Me and Becky, were going down the interstate, and there was a car it turned 360° out in front of me, and there was a car sideways, she was hurt, there were more cars coming out her. I got my car around her. We were calling 911. I was trying to get to the hospital and I was in a rush. I was trying to get to work.

It was pouring down rain. I said are you okay? I said you need to turn off your car. I had to say that two times, I said you need to turn it off, your car is smoking, and get out of it. I said get out of the way. Stay by the curb and get back. I was able to move her car, so that other cars would not hit her or be in danger.

I did all of this, I stood with her in the rain. I’m not bragging about myself this is not about me, don’t miss my point. Get it out of your head that this would be about me. What I mean, when you are a Shepherd, this is what you do. I stay with her for 30 minutes in the pouring down rain.

Sometimes you just have to have the compassion, and sometimes you cannot do anything but you could stand in the rain was someone. You need to stand in the rain, drop everything and care for the people.

Jesus would drop everything, and whatever he would be doing, the woman came to him, and there was a young man that was sick, Jesus went to her son, and prayed for him and raised him up immediately. If you are too busy, then you would be too busy.

If you are too busy for your neighbors, and maybe you see they are out in the middle-of-the-road, and in the highway, and someone is gonna hit them, and maybe a family member, and someone has passed away, and all you do, you just go right by. Where is your Christianity and that? We need workers with compassion. If all you could do is stand in the rain, by golly, stand in the rain.

They are alone and they need you. But do what you must do. I got in my car and then I drove away. The lady did not know me. I did not tell her who I was. It kept going through my mind, nobody would stop. What is the matter? Are we that busy? That we could not stop for this poor person who needs some help. Would somebody stop for me?

Is this the type of society we are now? We won’t drop everything to help anybody, even a complete stranger? We need more workers. We need more workers that have compassion, to do the right thing to matter what they might get out of it. No matter how busy they would be. No matter what is going on, we need to stop and stand in the rain with them, until the rain passes.

Let me finish it up. It says don’t take any gold or silver, and don’t take anything, and you are going to go to your own. I want to read this last part of the Scripture, and we can finish it up tomorrow night.

Wherever you might go into a village, search for someone, and stay at their house until you leave. When you go into the home, given a greeting, and let your peace be with it, if not let that return to you. If they don’t welcome you, shake the dust off of your feet, when you leave that home, and the town.

It would be better for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment for that town. I send you out like the sheep among wolves.

Be like a shrewd snake and then harmless as a dove. He says go to the people of Israel, go to them, and by the way, you are like sheep among wolves. I have been in many churches, I have pastored many churches. Sometimes the Lord would tell me to shake the dust off of my feet, because they don’t receive me. Sometimes your own can be like wolves.

I have been in churches where they wanted to devour me, they wanted to eat me alive. The Lord says hey, if they don’t receive the Lord, if they do not receive the word, they are rejecting God and not you.

Stephen understood, they were not trying to kill him, they wanted to kill God. They wanted to kill the word. They wanted to stop the word from going out. You will go through things, you must be like a shrewd snake. You must keep your heart might. Keep things in order. Okay.

Keep it in order. Oh, Jesus. I pray they could understand, it is so easy to be bitter. It is so easy you know, to think about you are being treated, and how you have been done wrong and you don’t want to go back to church anymore.

People say they won’t go back to church anymore. Did they whip you? Did they take the flesh off of your back? Did they beat you with their fist? Did they give you a crown of thorns? Did they put nails in your hands? Did they hang you on the cross? Did they Expose you to the world? Naked.

I don’t think so. Would you be totally innocent? Probably not. My friends, we need more workers, there is a price you must pay, and you must pay a price for ministry. If you follow me to the end, do not miss any of my messages. I will show you something.

I hope this could move you. We would go to the fields. In Illinois, as I was a kid, it could be over 100° in the fields in the summer. We had to have a lot of water. You must stay in the spirit and keep yourself hydrated, and the matter how hard you try, sometimes we would pass out. We would have to rush people inside.

They cannot bear the heat of the day, it was just too much. Those things happen. Mark deserted Paul, Barnabas, the son of encouragement, he got and argument with him, there was Luke, and then later on when Paul could see that Mark was committed, and Paul and Mark they were reunited. Barnabas he was willing to bring him back into the kingdom, and he picked him up and he dusted them off and he used him. Let me stop right here.

I hate to stop. You need to eat that a little while. Let me pray and get into the word. I would pray a simple prayer request, bring out more workers. Even those that would be praying and I would pray that you could bring them in, and I pray they could realize they could work in the fields, too, there are so many people that are out there, and we must pray for them and we have got to see them come into the kingdom.

Okay. I must see this. We have a challenge from the book of Galatians. It would be from Galatians chapter 6. I want to remind you, I don’t know if you have the flu tonight, if you want to call, I shall be happy to pray with you. God has no favorites.

God healed a lady 100% from the flu. This challenge. It is lovely. WOW. It is Galatians 6:9. They are giving $6.09. Many of you need to help me. Do not be weary in doing good, for at the proper time we shall have the harvest if we don’t give up. I had a pastor, and we went somewhere together, I was praying with him that night that God would bring somebody to him. To encourage him.

I knew if I said something, it had to come from somebody else. A complete stranger said, he gave him this verse, and God told me to tell you not to give up. You should go forward. You should not give up. The pastors, you have worked so hard, you have worked so hard to fill the church. God is speaking to me. You have given everything. You don’t have the harvest.

God says do not be weary because it is coming. I know what it is like. I have had the storefronts and we might have just a few people, and maybe get up to 10 or 15. Some of those churches were never any big size.

My grandfather went to a town to get a convert, but that man brought thousands of people to the Lord. It’s not the quantity but the quality. It is just one thing it would be your obedience. You must obey him. You will see the harvest. We have another challenge of $70. We have these challenges. The Bible says do not be weary. You need to meet this challenge for you, do it for you tonight. —————-