We Need to Be the Real Church.

Carrying the Cross
Count the Cost.

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January 2, 2018

Jeff: Hello, I hope you had a good day. Happy New Year! This has been a busy weekend. I hope that you have had a good new year. I need to begin. You know, Dan I have no monitor. Please do something.

I am pastor Jeff Lane, this program is live on the air. You can call for prayer in a moment. We shall be more than happy to pray with you. We shall go to Ezekiel 23. You have heard me preach this before. There were some things over the weekend, that happened, I need to address some things.

We shall talk about that. Let me pray, let’s see where we shall go. Okay, let me pray. We thank you for this day, and I pray your presence would be with us. We give you the praise for what you are about to do. I do pray in the name of Jesus. You would speak to us, change our hearts. Amen. Thank you.

I don’t know what happened. Things went dead. It is hard. We have all of this equipment, if things don’t work, you can become disoriented. I have not been trained for television.

I have shared, all right now this is the desk, this was my training, they told me to look at the camera, and you say hello, and then you pray. That was the total of my training. That was it.

I don’t know what they are saying from the back. Anyway, we shall go to Ezekiel 23, let me go to verse, Lord help me, 23:23. No, 22. 22:23. The Lord of harvest said unto me, there is a land that is being torn up, the pastors are tearing up the people, and their doing violence to my law, and they are profaning my laws. They don’t teach that they are okay. They do not keep the Sabbath.

I shall be hard. I make no apologies. Some things happen recently. It burns me. Personally, I am so tired, of the ministers who preach, they call it the, “gospel.” they tell people they can commit sin, do whatever you want.

There is no right or wrong. There is nothing, they say that everything is fine, live anyway you want, as long as you give me money, everything would be good. Care for me. I shall live really good, and the rest of you, that’s not my problem.

That is the message that is going on across. I will make this clear. I will say this again. I do not get the money, it goes for the program to be on the air. It does not come to me, I am paid a small salary. That’s good. People say I have no faith, just because you have money, that does not mean you are full of faith.

They were people, they were wealthy, it was their undoing. I’m not worried about getting rich, I’m not moved by money. I could live in a cave, as long as I preach, I’m not worried. I’m not worried.

Do be careful who you deal with, and who you listen to. Don’t listen to the people that will tell you what you want to hear. Let me help you. Look at how they live.

Be careful, in who you support, and what you listen to. I am not asking for your money, get that out of your head. It says, they are like wolves, they are killing the people for unjust gain. They are preaching false lies, they say God says it, but he does not say it.

I will say this again. If what someone says, does not line up with the word, and I don’t mean they take a few scriptures, and they are twisting it. I heard someone take a Scripture from Job, and God says, this is not true, and this is being used in the wrong way, like it is true.

The Lord says these people are not speaking the truth. You need to know what the Bible says. If they don’t preach the word, from Genesis to Revelation, don’t listen to it. Run from it. Know the word.

It is the plumb line for your life. If it is not in line with the word you need to turn it off. I backup everything with the word. You never hear me take one Scripture, and use it. If you listen to me, I read a lot of the Bible. You need to understand the chapters of the Bible. You need to know what it says, within the timeframe.

When people, just give one Scripture, I become uneasy. I looked for someone who could stand in the gap for the land, I did not want to destroy it, but I cannot find anyone, so I will bring down my wrath. Declares the Lord. This is also in Jeremiah. This is the timeframe of Jeremiah.

Now let me take one verse, 4:22. My people are foolish, and he is not calling the world foolish, but he says my people are foolish. They do not know me. They are senseless, they have no understanding. They do evil. They don’t know good. God calls this for his children.

We see this in the church, people take the Scriptures and they twist them, so they can justify their lives. You can base this in the word, right or wrong, Satan is a liar, he will destroy you. Whatever you are doing, and whatever is being preached, will this destroy you? Does it bring life? Does it bring life? Someone told me about homosexuality. They wanted to know how I felt about it, right or wrong.

That me say this, homosexuality will kill you, steal from you and destroy you. It is a lie from hell. Just by the nature of the body, how it was created. You should have enough sense to know how the body was created. This brings you life, when a man and a woman come together, they have children, they do the right thing.

But if you miss use the body, and just your common sense says, this will kill you, it will bring you death. We shall come back, to this. I’m not here to offend you, but to wake you up.

Let me go back to chapter 2, I like to read the Bible. The priest don’t say where is the Lord? The Lord says these men do not know me. These people rebel, and they prophesied by false gods. They were worshiping materialism. The Lord says I have charges against you, you and your children. I want you to go see, and see if there is anything like this, and this nation has changed God, for false gods. You are worshiping false idols. Declares the Lord.

You have committed 2 sins, they have forsaken me, I am the living water, they are digging wells that cannot hold water. I remember living on a farm, there were cisterns. I had to clean one and I nearly passed out. But we would have to go and cleanse it. If it was cracked it could not hold water. But when it has living water, and we had springs from my home, not far away. One was out from the Gulf. You could watch the water bubble up into the saltwater.

It would be constant, it was an amazing thing. It would be like a spring, Jesus would be like an artesian well. What God says we have the word, and the word brings life. When you have the word, it brings your life. Listen to me now. I hear churches, I hear people, I listen closely. People talk about their own philosophies, and they have all types of bizarre doctrines.

People complain, about what I preach. But you are not basing these things, on the wisdom of the word but the wisdom of the world. You don’t spend time with the Bible. You don’t read the Bible, and you don’t understand the word, you get an idea, then you try to find something from the Bible to back that up. It is horrifying.

Anybody can do this. If I could pull of Scripture from here or there, I could make it say whatever I wanted to. The Bible says you don’t have pure water, it will not quench your thirst. It says the church will bear 2 olive trees they will have 2 olive trees. It would be like the lampstands, in the holy of holies, it would be the anointing of the Holy Ghost, it is a live oil.

When you have a cistern, you have to fill it, and you would have to get some water, and you would have to fill it up, so you could get some water or take a bath. You had to have a well. When there was a drought that would be a bigger problem.

Do you want to fill a cistern when you could have living water? This would be living water. It is empty philosophy does not take you through the hard times, empty philosophy, does not take you through the hard times. Where are you now? Do you live in the ways of the Lord? Do you have a disease, do you have destruction?

If you have these things, then you need to go back to the cross, and asked the Lord what is happening. Sometimes it is ignorance, and no understanding of the word. That me continue further.

I’m not condemning you, because you go through something. This is not what I am saying. That me go back, and the lions have laid waste to the land, now let me go down to 19. Your wickedness shall punish you, your backsliding would be bitterness. You have forsaken the Lord. You have no respect for me, says the Lord.

We have problems, we have no fear of God, we have no fear of God. When we are concerned about what the world says, and we are speaking the truth, we would be walking and fear, and not the Lord. I have got to continue. That me go to the book of Jude, there is just one chapter, 3.

I wanted to write to you, about the salvation, and i’ve got to write these things to you and you need to contend for the faith, and this has been given to the saints. There are certain men, and they want to come into you, they are godless, and they want you to commit immorality, and they don’t commit to Christ. They had the same problem then. The Nicolaitans, were saying sin did not matter, but when you are where the prostitutes, you are with her. But when you are in the spirit, you are one with God.

You do not want to be with a prostitute, and then be with God. You cannot live in immorality, and you are living in immorality, you disobey the word. You say, I am under the law. But grace is not a license to commit sin. Like you could use the grace of God to walk in immorality? Or homosexuality? The Bible says these people will not inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t jump me. I’m telling you what the Bible says.

The Bible does not say this, just in one place, but in many places. When you walk in blatant sin, the Bible says you will be blinded, you will become spiritually blinded when you walk in sin. I have had friends who have been in homosexuality. They knew where I stood. We would talk about it, some came to the Lord. I was not condemning anybody, I was saying hey, God forgives.

You must see what it is, for what it is. I will tell you something. Some of them have passed away, they have died of AIDS, hepatitis, wasting diseases. Wearing diapers. Oh, yes. They cannot hold their bowels, what the body was created to do, I do not want to be crude.

You know, and these things destroy, and I don’t know what else I can say. Tonight my plea to you would be, for the love of the Lord, and for the love of humanity, come back to God. Turn back to God. Come to God, he will wipe away. He will give you back your life.

But don’t live a life, and don’t try to justify your sins with the word. He says I know you know it, but the Lord wants me to remind you, he destroyed those who did not believe out of Egypt, and the angels abandoned their homes, and now they are in chains in everlasting darkness, to be held back for judgment.

Like Sodom and Gomorrah, they gave themselves up to perversion, and now they are being punished, if you are not under the grace, you are under the law. So you will suffer. Church people become so offended when I talk about these things, it’s not the world. It’s the church. They have swallowed the lie. They will say they were born that way. There is nothing to back it up, there is zero. This is perpetuated, so they could recruit people to join them in their immorality.

These people are polluting their own bodies, and even Michael, when he was fighting the devil over Moses, he did not slander Satan, but he said the Lord rebuke you. What these people do not understand, they are like animals, and they are being destroyed. They have gone in the way of Cain, he left the presence of the Lord.

Like the false gods like Baalim, these men had been purchased, they were destroyed in the rebellion. They rebelled against Moses, but they were a part of the priesthood, God punished them. The earth opened up and swallowed them.

These men have no qualms, and yet they are like clouds without rain, and they have no fruit, they are dead two times, and they are like wandering stars, and the blackness has been reserved for them. Enoch has talked about these men, and God shall judge all of them, and all ungodliness will be convicted by the Lord.

All of these things, what they have spoken against the Lord, these men shall be judged. They follow their own evil desires, they flatter others to their own advantage. If you wonder if someone is a man of the Lord, go to the word.

Do you think I would win friends, and influence my enemies?. No, I do not want to do anything but just reach out to you, you need to wake up. Don’t allow the enemy to destroy you. I cannot even finish. Isaiah 6. Woe unto me, I am ruined, I live among a people that are unclean. Then one of the angels came to me with a fire from the altar, he touched my mouth, and then he says now your guilt has been taken away, then I heard the voice of the Lord saying to me, who will go for me? Then I said, I am here please send me. He says, send me.

Can one man make a difference? Yes if you preach the word. If you have the Holy Ghost and one man can make a difference, it could be for good or for evil. Like the men in the Old Testament, 36 men died because of one bad man, the families had to be destroyed. It was just because of one man, and his sins. It was his sin, it was just one man. Because of one man, it could be a great blessing, like Abraham, he was the father of faith.

You can make the difference. Don’t say you cannot make the difference but you can. What do we preach? Go back now, go to second Chronicles, to verse 13. When I have closed the heavens, there is no rain, the locusts how devour the land, and if my people will pray, and humble themselves, and seek my face, and turn, I will forgive their sins and heal the land.

There was a preacher who said, that we do not have to repent to be saved. I have a big word for that, that would be hogwash. It is hogwash.

You must repent, you must turn from your sins, you must seek the Lord and pray. Then God shall hear from heaven, he will answer your prayers, he will heal the land, he will heal your life. God wants to bring your life, and that more abundantly. The enemy wants to destroy. Is the enemy in your life? Is there destruction? Maybe you need to go back and say Lord, and what is wickedness that should go? How have I missed it?

The apostle Paul says, don’t live for yourself, live for others. That sums it up. Love the Lord with everything, and love your neighbor. It is not living without sin, but it is a life where others come to Christ, we go out and bring others to Christ. One person can make a difference. The Bible says yes, you can make a difference.

If you do not know Jesus as your Savior, if you are living in open rebellion, if you are fooling your self, you want to justify your sins, and the way you live. I am asking you now, please repent, you can say Lord I am sorry, I repent. I turn around. We go back to God. You need to turn around 180°. You say Lord I will make my U-turn. Forgive me. Take away my sins, take away the deceit and the blindness.

Let me live for you. Pray, Lord I’m a sinner, all have fallen short of your glory, I am not the exception to the rule. Please forgive me, cleanse me and wash me in the blood, take away my sin and shame. I don’t love my life, I want to live my life for you. I want to follow you. I want to be your servant. I want to serve your people, I want to have an abundant life. Let me have the peace that passes all understanding. Come into my heart.

From now on, I will serve you, I will follow you, give me the Holy Spirit, baptized me, burn out every wicked way enemy. Let me serve you with all of the heart and soul. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

I hate to bring it up. For those who give. We have some challenges. We have one out of Texas, and also Washington state, thank you. It is much appreciated. Many people complain about the money, and me asking for the finances. I do not care. Those who complain do not give. They complained. They cannot go into the kingdom. I just read that to you.