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January 31, 2018

Praise the Lord, I am glad to be with you tonight, I’m feeling great. I feel like $1 million since last night. The Lord touched me. I was in bad shape last night.

For those of you that do not know me, this program is live on the air and we shall have a number on the screen and you’ll be able to call in. Remember, it is live.

People, if you do not want to be on the TV, so this would not be the right place for you. You will have a number to call on the screen, but we have prayer off of the TV. They write things down and they hand it to me later, if you would like.

We shall go to Matthew chapter 10 and I was here last night, we began the study and I want to finish it tonight, but if you missed last night, you could go to my blog, the entire thing is there. Everything.

You can find it there if you would like to. You can go to my website. I’ll be having about nine sections on this series. Father we thank you for your word and we would pray tonight that your word would be broadcast and you would give me your presence, and it would come out to the people.

I give myself to you, have your way. I pray that you would send your word by the Holy Spirit under the anointing to the people to set them free. In the name of Jesus, Amen. I could not feel any better. I even worked out today.

I have not done that in a while, and the Lord touched me so I made sure I would care for my body. We shall go to Matthew chapter 10:21. Now let me begin. Brothers and shall betray brothers, this would be about workers out in the field. Brothers and shall betray brothers, and the children shall rebel against the parents.

They shall have them put to death and everybody will hate you because of me but he that stands firm shall be saved and when you would be persecuted in one place go to the other. You shall not finish going into the cities before I return. You are not above the teacher.

You shall be like me, and you shall be like the master. If the head of the house would be called Beelzebub, and so much more they shall call you the same. There is nothing that would not be hidden that would be made known. Make it all know what has been whispered. Proclaim it from the rooftops.

do not be afraid of those who would try to kill you, but God could put you also into hell. The Bible says a sparrow cannot fall to the ground but by the will of God. Even the hairs of your head would be numbered.

Do not be afraid, you are worth more than many sparrows. Let me go back to the beginning and I want to say this, brother shall betray brother, and family shall betray family. During World War II, Hitler use the young people and they began to turn in their parents to the state.

That is scary, not too many years ago and my daughter was upset, and she told me, the teachers gave us an assignment, and do we have any guns in the house? I said that is not their business. I said what did you do? she did not say anything and then I said good for you.

This is not the business of the state, but what happens in my home, whether I want a God or I do not want a gun or whatever I want, that would be my private business and not the business of the government.

If you would go back to the second amendment, about guns. The reason we have the right to bear arms is to protect your self from the government, and not to go hunting. But that’s not the reason, we have that right to protect ourselves from the government, when the government is out of control.

I love the government, I love our country. I don’t like everything that goes on, and I’m not so proud, but I was proud of the president when he said tonight. The people that would go to jail, we need to train them and give them a second chance.

I thought finally somebody would making some sense. When you pay your time from a crime, you should be exonerated, you should be able to go back to work, that should not be held against you. Now, they are criminals for life.

Let me get back to this. The government okay, and family shall betray one another. This began in World War II during the days of Hitler. People will betray one another, the Christians will be betrayed. They did this in the Roman Empire when they were thrown to the lions. You can expect it. God says it will happen. You can expect it.

then he says, the student is not above the teacher but I should say this, now hear me out. If Jesus went through these things, how much more should we expect to go through these things? We shall be persecuted, just like Jesus.

If you don’t undergo persecution I would be concerned about you. I might say, are you worth your salt? Are you doing anything for Jesus? I have been threatened, someone is trying to kill me. This goes all the way back in my high school years.

People would threatened me for simply sharing the word of the Lord in the high school. Yes, you heard me right. My daughter was persecuted in high school because of her stand, because of her stand in middle school, she was a believer. When these things happen, they will happen to us because it happened to Jesus.

They called Jesus Beelzebub, they shall do this to you, too. Let me go to Matthew 12. I just want to read a few verses. We shall go to verse 25. This is the religious group. These are the leaders. Jesus cast out a demon. They called Jesus the Prince of demons.

Jesus knew their thoughts and then he said if a kingdom is divided against itself it shall be ruined. It could not stand. If Satan is driving out himself, he could not stand. If I drive out demons by Beelzebub, how you do it? They shall be your judge.

If I do this by the spirit of the Lord than the spirit of the Lord has come to you. You cannot carry away a strong man’s possessions, until you tie him up. If you are not with me you are against me. You are scattering.

There are those that claim to be workers, and there are those that would be— they won’t go out into the field, but there is a price to be a worker. There is a price to be paid because we shall be hated, they shall hate us for preaching, and casting out demons.

They will say that we are the Prince of demons. Jesus says okay, if I do it by the devil than how do I do it? If I’m healing people, if I heal people by the power of the devil, and how do you do anything? That is what he says. But he says if it is the spirit of God, you better wake up.

That would be powerful. I want you to understand, as a worker, there shall be certain things you will go through, okay? Let me continue. Do not be afraid, everything that shall be concealed shall be made known. Do not worry about someone that would be killed in the flesh. Don’t worry about someone that could kill your flesh.

A sparrow cannot fall to the ground without the will of the Lord. But what is he saying? It’s like Stephen. God allowed Stephen to be killed, he died for the faith. He was healing people at preaching the gospel. But because of Stephen, the church was persecuted and then scattered. Then God commanded them to go into the world and so they did.

Stephen pay the high price. But when he was dying, he saw Jesus, he saw Jesus at the right hand of the father. He said he saw Jesus standing. Everywhere else it talks about Jesus is seated. Imagine Jesus would stand up for you when you arrived to heaven. He was so proud of him.

I don’t know if you watched the president, they said there was a record number of standing ovations. I thought that was interesting. They were standing up for what he was saying. They were paying homage. Jesus stands up for Stephen. WOW. All I can say is WOW.

That would be glorious, if you looked up doing God’s work, and Jesus was standing for you. He gets up off of the throne, he is so moved, he wants to bring honor what you do. Honey, being a worker is not easy.

I wish I could say it is easy but it is not. I’ve never found it to be that way. It is a real struggle. But it is worth it. People say if your struggling you don’t walk by faith. Honey, say that to the apostle Paul, or the apostles, or those that are beheaded, or boiled in oil. Say that to them.

Quite frankly, you do not know what you are saying. Verse 32. Whoever acknowledge me before men I shall acknowledge him before the father and if you disowned me, I shall disown you before my father in heaven. This is powerful. Jesus says, if you disowned me, I shall disown you. I won’t tell you that you would not get a second chance, you know Peter, was reinstated.

God shall forgive. God is so understanding. I want you to understand, people, sometimes, I’m telling you, it takes a lot of guts and strength to stand up.

Look at people in other countries and they lose their lives for Christ. They lose their lives. We shall see the same thing in America, the day shall come and that is not far away. The Lord told me it is closer than we believe. Verse 34.

do not think that I bring peace, I don’t bring peace but I bring the sword. I will turn the family members against one another, and your enemy shall be your own household. Whoo. If you love your father or mother more than me would not be worthy of me, if you love your family more than me, you are not worthy of me.

You must take up your cross and follow me and if you lose your life you shall find it. This is in credible, he speaks in hyperbole. He says your love should be so great, that everything else would be like you would be hatred. Okay? we should love our family and members of the family. But he says, this would be the way they speak in the east. He overemphasizes it.

Your love of God should be over the top. Nothing should compared to your love of God. I will start a war, they shall hate you without a cause. They won’t even know why they hate you but they will hate you, they will want to kill you. Then when they kill you they think that would be doing God a favor.

how do we know those who do the work of the Lord? God says he would confirm his word with signs following. Without the anointing there are no signs and wonders. There is always evidence. Wherever the presence of the Lord is, there is his anointing, and evidence of his presence.

When we have been in his presence we will have evidence. Like Moses was shining. The anointing was oozing out of him and they had to cover him, there was evidence of the presence of the Lord in his life. There shall be evidence, as you turn to him.

Look at Luke 14:25. Large crowds were traveling with Jesus and then he says if you come to me and you don’t hate your family members more than, and even your own life, you cannot be my disciple. If you do not carry your cross, you cannot be my disciple. You must count the cost, to see if you have the money to finish the tower. If everybody sees you can’t finish the tower, they shall ridicule you.

They will say you are not able to finish. I want you to understand, there is a high cost for following Jesus Christ. Listen, let me tell it. It is everything. It is all, if you want to do God’s work, you give him everything. You will give him everything, it is all second to Jesus. You give everything to him. You follow him.

You seek him. Even if it cost you your life, you do whatever you have to do. All right you would be like Stephen, and so God preaches through you, but the world award would be you would be a martyr. I know what people say, okay sign me up. That sounds like a great deal.

I can be hung the cross, okay, yes that’s the price. It is the persecution that is on real. It’s not the world over the years that is hurt me as being a Christian, it’s not the world. It is the church. Is the church organizations. It is the religious people, those are the ones that are ready to kill you. They want to kill you and bring you down, at any cost.

I have expected from the world, but the enemy is like an angel of light. You better be walking a straight line with God, oh, honey, the enemy comes in such a way. He looks like God, he preaches like God, he speaks in tongues, and he even dances.

people look like they’re being healed. But I will tell you how he does it, Satan comes, and there is a dead giveaway. Between the devil and the man of God there is a dead giveaway. The man of God comes with humility, always with humility but the enemy boasts about everything. Okay?

The man of God, he is humble. Paul says look have done everything, and he always says, but that does not matter, but he would always come to the people in humility. . The enemy always comes with pomp and circumstance. He looks like he shining. He looks so wonderful. I get nervous, when I see people arriving with pomp and circumstance.

When people arrive with pomp and circumstance, I’m concerned. That would be a dead giveaway. But when you walk with the Lord. You need to know Jesus so well, and spend time with him. Listen, you need to know him so well, you know that something is not right. Whatever is happening, and that’s not right. You understand in the one you believe. He is your friend, he would be your everything.

You know him so well, you don’t know why but you just know it’s not right. You run away from it. You know the Master’s voice. You must be so close, in these into times, and you know if someone is of God. People come to me so many times, and something would go through me, and I think this is not the Master’s voice. I do not want to be around them.

It makes no difference, maybe you understand what they are doing but you must listen to the master. Sometimes there is a fine line you must know what is right and wrong. The enemy can be that good, he can be like an angel of light.

when he was in heaven, he had his lovely robe and all of his jewels, and he looked like a disco ball. This is how he likes to arrive. You know the Bible says Satan was beautiful, he was a beautiful creature. But how did Jesus arrive? Out of a stable.

he came to the woman at the well, he came to the down and out. The enemy wants to for the big people, he wants the big people. They always brag. Let me say, I think we all know what those stories are, and what they would be worth. I did not mean to spend so much time.

Let me go to verse 40. If they receive you, they receive me, and then they will receive the one that has received me. When you receive the prophets honor, you shall receive the prophets reward. If anyone would give a cup of cold water to one of the little ones, because he would be my disciple I tell you that you will not lose your reward. First off, how do you know? If you are a child of God, if you have someone who would be too busy for you all of the time.

maybe they won’t take time for the little ones, so to speak, that is not God. Maybe they are so important, and they cannot be with you are help you because of their, “position.” I would run from that person. Okay?

if they would do things for God in private, and they would do it even publicly at any other time, that is the one you should watch and stay around. Let me continue. Look at the cup of cold water. I said to the Lord, I did not really like the answer.

some people go through so much, and others do not. Some people must lay down their lives, and they go through so much in the ministry, and some don’t go through a lot. He says I have made some, and my father would use a test, I have anointed them for that purpose. Some all I want, it is all that they can do and for some, just to give some water takes a lot of faith.

I do not know about you, there is a part of me that says that would be a pretty good deal, I can just give some cold water, and then I would get the same reward as the ones that would be shot at on the front lines. The family is attacking them. I have to stop and think about that. I try to understand.

The other night, I felt like we had been under a very great attack, that’s the downtime again. It was Friday night. It was like the enemy was bringing havoc, and when you are on the TV you don’t know what is happening, it was like the enemy was trying to destroy everything.

So much was going on. I was like Lord, you know, I could really use some cold water right now. I need some encouragement. That night 20 people gave, the giving was down. We had 18 people last night give.

It was one of our lowest nights. It was a very bad season here. I was thinking, is that the number of people that would really not want to help us? are there so few people that would help us? I had not seen numbers like that in a long time.

But I do need to know, the money is coming in. I’m glad the people are mailing in the offerings. People are not sending a lot of money but we do need it. I need to know you are with me. When you have 100 people call, that is encouraging.

But is that all out of the millions of homes where we go? some nights we have just a few people give out of millions of homes? I’m thinking all we needed some cold water, maybe just write a small check. They would have the same reward as those that would go through the heat of the day.

you get the same reward as those on the front lines. You know, the enemy was attacking me yesterday, I tell you. I was thinking dear God help me to go through the next hour. I said be prepared, I don’t know if I can stay on the air. I’m giving it everything.

I was like Scotty on Star Trek, I was giving my all and I was doing my best. I needed God’s touch. I stood out in the rain, there was a poor lady who was out in the rain, and I was with her in the pouring rain.

I am disturbed that so few people will not do anything. So many people just won’t do anything, but the Bible says we are all on the same team, and if you’re not with me, you are against me and you are scattering.

I don’t know what time it is, it has been about 30 minutes, I have no clue. The man that would bring out the water, he was just as important as everybody else. If we could not have any water people would drop like flies.

I don’t know where I am. Jesus, this would be from the book of John, I will read it. I will read a small portion of it. My food says Jesus would be to the will of the one that sent me and to finish his work, do not say there are four more months and then the harvest, open up your eyes, and look at the feels they are ready for the harvest.

Right now we will give you your wages, and the harvest is here. This is not what I wanted to read. This would be good. Let me wrap it up. Luke 22. I’ve lost my book of Luke. It’s fallen out of the Bible.

Luke 22, and verse 34, I think I would be in the right place. I’m not. 35, then Jesus said when I send you out without a purse, did you lack anything? they did not like anything. But now if you have something take it, and why am I reading it? They went to the lost sheep of Israel.

Then they had to go to the world, and then he says take something with you. I speak to the younger people, they have visions of grandeur. But if you really do the hard work, you better expect you shall be attacked. I can see pastors who are working, and they go through the grind. They have the power. They’re willing to pay the price.

They’re willing to pay the price I’ll stop after 30 minutes here.