Walk with the Lord Daily.

Walk with the Lord.

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January 27, 2018

Becky: God bless you. Thank you for joining us for the prayer meeting, I am Pastor Becky.

Jeff: This is great to have Becky back with us.  I appreciated Brandon last week, but he’s not as pretty as Becky, no offense. Tonight we’re looking forward to having a great time. Let’s pray.

Father we thank you, we always praise you and we thank,  we give you the glory. We thank you Lord, for the lives of the people that you are touching.

We would pray that tonight, you will anoint us and let us encourage the people.  I pray that we could provide correction.

I pray that they could get on the pathway of life that you have ordained for us.  I pray that they could enjoy the richness and the fullness, and all of the blessings that you have laid out before us, in the name of Jesus.

When you like to give some testimonies? I have mentioned them this week. We have had some awesome testimonies. There was a couple, and they were trying to be pregnant for five years, and they prayed with Jeff.

All of the people, and now she is five weeks pregnant. That is wonderful news. We have Caroll, and she was healed of the flu. I know that would be going around right now.

We have been praying, she had infection in her lungs and we prayed for her, and we prayed for somebody else had something similar. When I was praying for these others, they could feel the power of God hitting them.

she woke up totally healed. She was totally healed. There was a man that was losing his business, and everything else. We all pray together and one month later everything is back to normal. Another lady had some tumors, and they fell off of her body after prayer.

What can you say? God is good. I do not know what to say and we praise the Lord. We want to go to Psalms 119:105. It says, and Becky has inspired my sermon tonight, God used her to bring this out, I feel like and Psalm 119, I want to read a little bit and this would be such goodness.

The word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path. Many people, they will say this Scripture but they do not know what this means. This specific, this is a lamp, it was a small clay lamp with oil and the wick. The light would be so small, if you would walk at night, you could maybe take one step. You would not go very far.

That is the way that it is with the word of the Lord, and you would be able to see to take the next step, and you’ll be able to walk by faith and you cannot always see the future mobile happen out there.

I hear many people making plans, I chuckle. I know God can give you your hearts desires, and he could make you prosper. But I think you are reading it wrong. It means, that God will give you his desires in your heart, they will work inside of you.

Read all of it. Let me just go a little bit further before I continue. We will see what God is doing. As we talk about faith, it is one day at a time. You remember that. You will get it as we go.

I have confirmed, that I shall follow, I’m reading the rest of it, 106, I will follow your laws, and I have preserved my life, according to your word. Take my praise, and teach me your laws. I constantly take my life; I will not forget your laws. The wicked set a snare for me, but I’m not leaving your precepts.

Your precepts are mighty, they are my joy. My heart is keeping your commandments they are my joy. I want you understand, what this means, you must have the word inside of you. When you walk into the holy place, with a lamp, and when you had oil in it. Let me go to the book of Zachariah, this would be talking about the palm trees, like also the oil out of the palm trees. That oil, the Holy Ghost is illuminating you.

He likes the word; he makes your path light. You must have it in, to get it out. Without the oil, you have no light. You must have the fuel. You must have the word and the spirit inside of you, so you can have the lamp. A beautiful Scripture, you should read the entire chapter.

You must have the word. Now let me jump over to Genesis 11. I want to read something. Maybe you think this would be peculiar. This would be 11 and 3. Let’s make bricks, and they and they will bake it. They said we shall build a city with a tower that would reach to the heavens, that we will make a name for ourselves. We shall not be scattered.

Here are the people who would come together, and this is after Noah. They had their plans. They wanted to make a name for themselves. Many people want a name for themselves. They want to have a name among the people. They want people to know them. They want to be famous.

They make plans, God confuses the plans. This is not about your plans, but it is about God’s plans. People say you need to have a vision, however there is a problem, when this is what you want. It will take you down the wrong road. God has a plan for you.

You could go to Psalms 139:16. Maybe it would be 16, and it says, God has ordained and predecided, and he has invested in the plans that he has for you, but you have to submit. You must submit to the word and obey the word. God’s plans would be greater.

They would be more than you could possibly imagine. If I could say this many years ago me and Becky laid out plans. We decided we would do something. I decided I would finish Bible College, blah, blah, blah, and we did it all. When we did, and be careful what you want, you might get it.

we found ourselves in a place where we did not want to be. We understood we were outside of his will. We changed our minds and we said wait a minute, we better listen to the Lord. Right? the Lord has blessed us. God has guided us since then.

Let me go to the book of James and show you something, Lord, help me, James 4, verse 13. I’m dwelling on the negative but we will find the positive. If you will say that we should go to this or that city and we will carry on business and make money, but you don’t know what will happen, your life is only a vapor, it appears and then it is gone.

you should say if it is God’s will we shall do this or that. You are boasting, but this is all evil. If you know what you should do, if you don’t do it, your committing sin. You remember when I was in chapter 11. I don’t know if I had read it all. Go back to 11 of Genesis, they laid the plans, and then they wanted to do it, if they would work together. The Lord said that they could do it.

It’s not that you cannot do it, but the problem would be that God is not in it, if it’s not God’s plan, let me say that. Then you are wasting your life, it is nothing worthwhile. I have seen many famous people.

My gosh, they have these plans and they do it. Then they found themselves empty. The plans of the world are not fulfilling. You must be in God’s plan. What is that plan for your life? That would be a good question. It is so great that I’m ready, you are so smart.


I know I’m nuts. All right now Exodus, all right, let me find it, 16:13. Then the quail cover the camp and then there was a layer around the camp, and it was the morning dew, and when they saw these things, they said what is this, and they did not know what it was, it was the bread they would eat.

This is what the Lord says, take what you need, and I want you to take, as much as you need, take it into your tent. That people gathered some or even little. But when they measured, and the ones that had too much, did not have too much or too little, and they all had what they needed.

Let me say that God shall provide what is needed. God says go get your bread, I will give you your daily bread and go get your daily bread and you will have enough for the day. You shall be sustained. Don’t get too much, and don’t get too little.

Who was the bread of life? That would be Jesus. People say what you know, this came from some bugs, well, if that is true, it stopped, after this timeframe. I can prove that a moment. Let me continue.

That Moses says, there is no one to keep, there is no one who can keep it until morning, but they did not listen to Moses, and then they kept it until the morning, then it was full of maggots, and began to smell.

I work in a hospital and we use maggots, and we put the maggots into people’s wounds, and they won’t eat that which would be dead, and they don’t eat the life tissue, they eat the tissue that decays. But the bread becomes dead, it is of no value to them.

Every morning everybody would gather what they needed, and when the sunlight grew hot, it would melt away, and then they would gather what they needed, and the people told this to Moses. Then he says the Lord says, tomorrow is a day of rest, it is a holy Sabbath to the Lord. So you will eat what you want.

Do what you want, and keep it until the morning. This is how they were to do it. It was how they would deal with the bread. Then they did what Moses said, and it did not begin to stink. Then he said, have what you want, but don’t find it on the ground today, but today we shall rest, this is the seventh day.

I want to say a few things about this. God gave them specific orders about the daily bread. They were being trained. I don’t know about you, but this would increase my faith if I would go get my bread, and I would keep it, and then you know, if it became a sour, you know, I’m disobeying so God makes it sour.

But then he says okay, on the sixth day it will be okay that when you get some extra bread, to carry you through the seventh day, the Sabbath. But any other time it would die. But on the seventh day it did not rot. Don’t you think that would build up your faith? how goes God do it? He does what he wants.

God wants you to go and get your daily bread from him. It is a daily word, it will sustain you for the day, it is from him. The Lord says don’t get too much, and those who would be greedy, and they wanted for themselves, that shall rot.

what you would be doing, you are not trusting in God every day. You need to trust the Lord every day for the bread, what you would get for that day. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Be concerned about the Lord every day. Think about that. I’m going to be reading a Scripture that would be so powerful. When I read it, I get so excited.

All right let me finish, nevertheless that people went out on the seventh day but they would not find any. Then on the seventh day it was not to be found. Then the Lord spoke to Moses, and said these people not keep my commandments. You have the Sabbath, and you have the bread for 2 days. Everybody should stay where they are on the Sabbath day, nobody should go out.

So the people would rest. If you would, now jump over, go to the book of Joshua 5. God says, this is how you live, and you trust me every day, for the bread. I will give you double on the sixth day, so you will take you into the seventh day. You need to understand when you walk by faith, and you trust God, you shall have enough. You will not have too little or not too much. You will be able to overcome. That is powerful.

Too many people want to hoard, they are greedy, there God is money. They trust in money, but God says I don’t care how old you are, lean to me and acknowledge me okay? Are you getting it? Let me go to the book of Joshua.

on the evening of the 14th day of the month, out in the plains of Jericho, the Israelites celebrated the Passover. What is that? It would be when they would be taken out of Egypt and they would be saved from slavery. Then he took them to the desert. The Passover represents Jesus.

He says this is my body, it’s the bread. The cup would be my blood. This is the representation of Jesus for us. Let’s see the next verse. The day after the Passover, they ate the produce of the land, and they had the grain, and the manna. Then it stopped. Then there was no more manna, but then they ate of the produce of Canaan.

Why is that significant? It is the thing, they got out of the wilderness, they went to the promised land. They did not have to do what? They did not gather the manna, and God took them to the promised land and the devil, you shall go into the promised land, but you must go through the wilderness every day, and walk with him.

then God says you must go up. I won’t nurse you anymore, I will take you to a deeper walk. You won’t have the quail or the bread every day but now you shall have a banquet. You are walking by faith. You are walking by faith, day after day, so now you can have a banquet.

Let me go to Matthew six, verse 24. No one can serve two masters, he will hate one and love the other, but he cannot serve two masters. Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where rust destroys, and it would be stolen. But keep treasure in heaven, and where it cannot be stolen. Where your treasure is that is where your heart be. If your eyes would be good, your body would be full of light, if you are full of dark, then your body would be full of darkness.

The darkness would be so great. You cannot serve two Masters, you cannot serve God and money, you will love the one or hate the other. Do not worry about your life and what you will eat or drink or about your body, what you shall wear, life is more than the food. The body would be more than clothing.

God is calling you to live life in abundance. You don’t spend your life worrying about life, and what you might do, this or that, here or there. You are called to live life abundantly. He says you become so wrapped up, and you are so worried, you don’t enjoy the day.

But when you enjoy the Lord every day, and you spend time with him, and you stay in the word, Jesus is the word. When you have him, it says life is so much more than what you can eat. Jesus said this, when he fed the 5000. He says you do not want a miracle’s, he says you just want to see the bread, you just want to the be able to eat. You do not want the spiritual, you just want to fill your belly.

He hit the nail on the head. Then he says the birds, do not store in Barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them. You are so much better than they are, and you cannot and one hour to your life. I don’t know about you, have you ever seen worrying accomplish anything? many things are evil, and you know these things can destroy your life. Worry my friend, and the fear of the future, can rob you of the present. You don’t even know if you have a future.

So when you would worry about tomorrow, it steals the present. Why do you worry about your clothing, look at the lilies of the field, I will tell you that Solomon was not dressed like one of these. If this is how God treats the grass of the field that goes into the fire, he will do so much more to take care of you, oh, you of little faith.

don’t say what shall we eat or drink, or what shall we wear? do not run after the things of the world but seek first his kingdom, and you will have his kingdom, and don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow shall worry about itself. There is enough trouble for every day. He says every day have your time with the Lord. Have your manna, have the meat. Trust the Lord for your daily bread. God shall take care of you. Learn from the Israelites. He was training them to walk by faith. You know you don’t know if you have tomorrow.

My father was 53, he was offered an early retirement. He turned it down. I began to speak to him. He did not take it. I wanted to know why. He said he could get more money, and I said how much do you need? He had everything he wanted, he had great income.

He did not enjoy the job anymore, he was tired. You know, people retire, and then you’re gone. You need to retire. You don’t know, you don’t know if you can enjoy what you have. You may enjoy life. He said you know what? You are right. He retired. I’m glad he did.

He lived 19 more years. He did not live to be very old. He did enjoy life. He was able to do some things. Don’t worry about tomorrow. You don’t know if you have it. So many times I will sit with the mother, or a wife, I say the spouses gone. You have so many great plans would now you just ever regret.

You could never enjoy the time now, they could never enjoy the now. It was always about making a name, and doing this or that. They did not enjoy anything, did they dear? Life is more than the food you eat. Trust the Lord. Don’t lean on your own understanding.

I will stop here. I praise God for his word. I want to look up a Scripture.

Would you like to read this?

We have a challenge from California, thank you Sharon. We have another challenge, it is from someone in Ohio. 102.20. They want to do this and honor of Psalm 102:20. Then we have another challenge, it is $86 from Thelma from Tennessee. Thank you.

It says, do not hide your face from me when I would be in distress, turned to me when I call, answer me quickly. I feel very strongly we need to pray for these people and they are not giving a name.

I pray for the person that gave this offering of 102.20. I pray for this. I pray, I pray that you could give them a very quick blessing. I pray the stress would go away and I pray their enemies could be a footstool, whatever it might be.

Please meet the need. I pray the Holy Ghost could be with them tonight. Please bring peace, and I pray they can know how to take the next step with your lamp.

They might not know what will happen a few months from now, but they can know they’re taking the right step, the next one. In Jesus name we pray. I want to remind you, I pray for someone last night they had the flu. They wrote to me and they said they were healed. They were healed. We praise God for that. Just take it to the Lord. ————-