Take the Name of Jesus.

Listen to: “Take the Name of Jesus.”

January 3, 2017

Praise the Lord, I’m so glad God is doing great things tonight. I pray you are excited. Let’s pray together and this program is live on the air. I am pastor Jeff Lane.

All of a sudden I’m coughing. We shall get into prayer. We shall get into the word. There is so much on my mind. I am overwhelmed. We just take everything to you, I pray you would heal the church and touch the church, love your bride tonight.

Show her that you are coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle. Wash us in the word and prepare us, and give us a heart of compassion and grace.

Let us love one another, not because of what we will receive, but because we want to be like you. We know that in you we have our being.

Please help us. We lift up your name hi tonight. I pray for your grace to be here. We know you love your people so much in the name of Jesus, we pray. I must read this. I don’t like to talk about money, but this is nice.

We have a $1000 challenge from Alice and she has been healed of shingles and depression. I praise God what God has done for Alice. We have a $1000 donation. She is very faithful and thank you so much.

I want to go to second Thessalonians and may be read the Bible and you don’t catch it, and then you do. This jumps out at me today. This would be 3:6-7th. In the name of Christ we command you my brothers to stay away from everyone who is idle, who will not receive the teachings. For you know how you should follow our example, we have not been idle when we were with you.

I never caught that before. You know that’s pretty scary, it talks about so much of the church, they are not people of action, they are idle. So many people work in love and you don’t see it. I’m not talking about those that walk in love. They have become idle, they won’t even show up for church.

Let’s go to the Book of Acts 3. This is on my heart and I have studied a lot about the church and the body of Christ. How we were in the beginning and how we should be. The more I study, I find a lot of prayer going through me for the body of christ.

Tonight I received so many emails. The people are hurting. I’m grateful that you come to me. On the other hand, I would be like WOW, where is your pastor, or the man of God in your life? Where is the relationship? Do you have a Shepherd? That disturbs me. Something else, I don’t feel like the church is healing the brokenhearted.

I shared this last night, you get to the point you are afraid to go to church, they will stomp on us. I want to teach more about the way the church should be. This hits me hard. We had a recording I did not know anything about it.

There was a recording that said I could call people back, and people were calling and becoming angry, I could not call people back. I cannot call everybody back. I’m just one person I could barely keep up. I am doing all that I can to pray, and to be there for you. Please be patient.

I made sure that was taken off. It was an honest mistake. I had nothing to do with it. That people have apologized, it was a mistake. It had to do with other recordings. We are doing all that we can. Don’t become angry. I cannot call everybody back. We are reaching out to 65 million homes. Just do the mathematics.

I don’t have that many hours, I wish I could talk to everybody. My wife says that I would, oh, yes I would. I love the people. Yes, I do. Please don’t grow upset with me.

The Book of Acts 3. Peter and John were going up to the temple when they were praying at 3 PM, a man was crippled who was at the gate beautiful, he would beg for money, for those going into the temple. When he saw Peter and John he wanted money, Peter looked at him, and he wanted some money. The man was hoping to receive an offering.

Peter said I don’t have silver or gold but what I have, I will give this to you, so get up and walk. Get up and walk. He helped him up. Then the man became strong instantly. He began to walk. He went with them into the temple, walking and leaping and praising God.

When the people saw this, they saw him as the beggar, and they were just amazed at what had happened. I spoke about this recently. Jesus had been passed this man many times. Jesus passed by this man many times. God’s timing is everything.

I want you to see the man is begging, he is asking Peter and John, forgive me, Peter and John. He wants money. The man says I don’t have any money, but I can help you be healed. I have the name of Jesus I can use that name, so get up and walk. This is the church. The most important thing we have is the name of Jesus.

There were some meetings of different religions around the world. It was like an ecumenical thing, and that people said stop using the name of Jesus, and, and do not say there is no other name. We cannot negotiate that point, not in the church. We have the name of Christ.

It is the name above every name whereby we are saved. We knew to lift up that name higher than ever before. I teach a lot on the Holy Ghost, but without that name we don’t have any good. We must have the name of Jesus and we must use it. We are adopted into the family of Christ. We are God’s sons and daughters.

When you are adopted, you will receive the name of the one that is adopting you. I have a cousin who adopted the children, and they got his name. We will receive the name of Jesus. These ones are seen in the same light as anybody else in the family. You cannot say— these are the ones that are adopted but they are family members like everybody else. They have the same rights, we don’t even think about it.

When someone is adopted, they have the name, we have received the name of God, Jesus. Okay? By that name we have authority. That is, that is the key, that is the cornerstone upon which we build. It is the stone that the builders rejected, but that is now the cornerstone, but the cornerstone is the first on where you would lay the building upon.

I have been a builder for many years. I built a three-story house by myself. It was 3100 feet. I built the house myself with my own hands. Literally. I know something about building. They would laid the cornerstone, it would go into the corner, the house would be built around that one stone.

It was the cornerstone. Everything was measured from that point. You have to be true to the cornerstone. Without that, the house would be of no value. You could not build without the cornerstone. Jesus is the cornerstone. So anyway let me move on. We are still in chapter 3 and verse 11.

While the beggar held on, they were in the place of the colonnades, and then Peter said why are you people surprised? Why are you surprised, like we did this like we have made this man walk? It is the God of Abraham, he has glorified his servant Jesus, you killed him, you have disowned him before Pontius Pilate, you have this, you have disowned Jesus, you wanted a murderer, you killed the author of life.

But God raised him from the dead, by faith in the name of Jesus, this man that you see, he is made strong, in the name of Jesus, you have seen this man completely healed like you can see. We are saved by that name, it is by the name we are healed. It is the name of Jesus. You need to wear that name, hold onto it.

You take it because he chooses you, okay? Just like chooses someone, God chooses you, God adopts you, God gives you his name. This is the foundation of the church. We need to know the value that is in this name. I see the church today, I am astonished, we don’t use the name of Jesus. People might say Christ, or the son of God. But we need to say the name, “Jesus.”

it is Jesus. I love the song there is no other name but the name of Jesus. Look at chapter 4. Many people were upset. The priest said, the temple guard, and the people came to Peter, and then they were greatly upset, because they were teaching the people in the name of Jesus about the resurrection of the dead.

They were seized, they were put in jail, and many that had heard the message and they believed. Then the number grew to 5000. When you lift up the name of Jesus you will see people saved. The next day the elders and the rulers, they were in Jerusalem, one of the high priest was there, and so was Caiaphas, and the high priest family. They began to question Peter and John.

They were saying, and by what name did you do this? They said it was being done by a name. They wanted the point, Peter was filled with the Holy Ghost he said now rulers and the elders, and if we are being called for this act of kindness, and asked how this man is healed, you need to know it is by that name of Jesus of Nazareth, you have crucified him. God raised him from the dead. This man is now healed.

Jesus is the stone the builders rejected. There is no salvation in any other name, there is no other name by which we must be saved. Okay, here it is, fasten your seatbelt. I want everyone who is saved right now, everyone who is saved grab a hold of it. This would be verse 13.

When they saw Peter and John, they knew these men were ordinary men they were astonished, and then they realized these men had been with Jesus. Have you been with Jesus? If you have been with Jesus it won’t matter, I don’t care if you have a PhD, or a Masters of Divinity degree on the wall but would matter is all that you have in your heart. When you have Jesus, it does not matter if you are ordinary.

You can be the biggest nothing, but when you have that name of Jesus, people take note. When you have that name of Jesus they will know it. Like Moses, listen to me, Moses, he went to the Mount Sinai. He saw where God passed by, he saw the residue of God’s glory on him, after God had passed by Moses. He saw his backside, it literally means, he saw God’s residue. Then he went down the mountain, he covered himself with a veil. Then that glory faded.

If he had the glory of the law that would bring death would be so great, and we have a greater glory that comes from the word of Jesus Christ, the name that is above every name. He can take ordinary people, and do mighty things through them. He takes the fishermen.

Have you ever been around fishermen? I mean real fishermen? I don’t mean people, the people that you know, they go fishing on Saturday afternoon. We had fishermen come to our church and I really loved him, I wish I knew what happened him but he was a real fishermen. They don’t smell so good.

No offense. They smell like fish. When was the last time you smelled like a fish? Did you really become a fisher of men? God has called these ordinary men, the man like Peter, he gave him the Holy Ghost. He gave him his name.

He began to heal the crippled and the glory was so great, and when his shadow would hit people they would be healed. The glory of God was upon him so great, it and that thousands of names to the roles of the Lord Jesus Christ. 5000 at one time. So many times we want an education. You would think that we would learn. Satan wants to deceive you.

There is nothing wrong with knowing the Bible, but when, and when you put your confidence in your education, and not in the presence of Jesus, you will accomplish very little. There was a man that had a PhD, and they had bestowed a doctorate on a man that had done so much. He had a great work. The man was complaining about it.

He said he had his doctorate. I was thinking, and what is better what you really do, or maybe just you learn about others that do things. I don’t care what you know. This man had been with Jesus so he did things. That is what the church is all about. We need to be in the presence of the Lord. Moses said if you won’t go with me with your presence, I cannot go. I won’t go unless you go with me.

Your name must go with me. I have just scratched the surface. I have so much more. We will stop here. Let me ask you, have you been with Jesus? Have you been with him? If you have you won’t be idol. You will get out and do something. Let me show you, before the week is out. I want to show you about the church.

This is shaking me to the core. I’m praying that we could have the heart of love and compassion, and not worry about monuments, Or the great names. I pray we would not look at the great names. We don’t need to say oh, look at my followers. There are many people that are going in the wrong direction. This is not about you but about Jesus. We lift up Jesus.

We lift up his name. We walk as he walked. Let’s do what he did, let’s not be idol. Let’s not be selfish. Let’s walk in God’s grace. Let’s do acts of grace. Let’s pray. We thank you for the word. Wake up the church, in the name of Jesus. Oh, Jesus. Wake us up. The time is short.

This is not the time to be idle. There is only one name and that is yours, is the name of Jesus. Amen. Okay.