Such Power in the Name of Jesus.

Jesus baptized Holy Ghost
Power In His Name!

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January 6, 2018

>Becky: Hello, welcome to you and me, our prayer meeting.

>>Jeff: I am Pastor Jeff and were looking forward to tonight, and we are surrounded by angels, and I’m stuck in the middle, with an angel, and you cannot beat that, and we thank you for the angels.

We shall get into the word right away, but wanted to let you know, this program is live, and you can call in and of the numbers will be up on your screen.

You can also write to me with an email, I shall pray for you and I pray for everything. You are welcome to do it that way. Let’s get into prayer and get to work and go and preach.

We thank you for this night at your presence and we thank you for all of the good things you have done for us. 

We would pray tonight, that your will would be done and we pray that you would touch the people.

Bring healing into the bodies, and bring in peace to their souls, I pray they would be set free from debts, and please provide for them in every good way. We pray that souls would come into the kingdom tonight, the name of Jesus and that people would be delivered from the spirits that bind them, and lord, we would pray tonight that this weekend, that the churches across our nation, I pray they would be filled with people.

Please anoint the pastors and put a hedge of protection around them and we put the blood of Jesus over them and no harm would come to them. I pray that you would give the pastors the souls. I pray that you to move over the people of the nation to pray for these churches.

Move upon the people to pray for the pastors and lift up their arms in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen. There shall be a new church, coming up and perished, Florida. They shall be together at 6:30 pm on Sunday nights, and pastor Royer, he will be working. Now let me see what we have and I might be wrong. It could be Saturday night and I’m–all right, I’m sorry, that would be tomorrow night, I am wrong.

So, pastor Royer will be meeting and Parish, Florida, if you’re in that area, and you would like a good fire breathing church, you can see pastor Brian, at the YMCA, at 6:30 pm. I love pastor Brian, he is a wonderful friend to me. I appreciate him so much.

As the book of acts 4:36, and I reference to this the other night, maybe you are listening, and you heard me speaking about joseph, and he had been called Barnabas. He was a Levite from Cyprus, they called him Barnabas and that means the sound of encouragement.

The people brought money and they put this at the feet of the apostles. I spoke about Barnabas, and the name means the son of encouragement. He brought Paul into the church after he was converted. Then, and the church put him out, and he was preaching so much, and they put him out, he went to Tarsish, and it was about 17 years from the time that he was saved, and then he came into his fold ministry.

Barnabas remembered Paul and went back and got him, and he put them out into the ministry, and then they traveled all over the world, and the known world at that time, through him, and we have now most of the new testament but this began from the gift.

Because of his giving, the apostles knew him and they trusted him. We are trusting the lord with this, but let me go to chapter 5 and we have been speaking about the name of Jesus and there is power in the name and we speak about the seven sons of skevah and they wanted to invoke the name, and the demons jumped on these people, there were seven demons, and the people ran out of the house naked and bleeding, and the devil tour these people up.

You cannot use the name cavalierly. May be people you know, they will drop names, like they know people, then you find out they don’t really know them, and maybe they were in the same room with them but they really do not know them. I have had that happened, and someone said they really knew someone.

But you know, and that was my friend, and then they found out, they were backpedaling, because they really did not know the person. You know, and the seven sons of skevah, they did not really know Jesus and they did not really know the name so they were defeated.

Then it says, ananias and sapphira sold the property, and then they the money for themselves and they put some of the money at the feet of the apostles, and then peter says, you are lying to the holy ghost, because your keeping back the money, it you know it belongs to you before it was sold, and you could have used the money, and why would you do this?

You are not lying to me but to god. Ananias lied about the price of the property and he said he gave them the money and he wanted to be exalted, and then Barnabas gave, because of his love for the people, ananias was giving because he loved himself and he lied and he had part of the money. All he had to do was say, I will give you this amount.

But you know, I will give you this full amount but that was really a lie and he lied to the lord. When he heard this, he died, and then great fear seized everyone, and then a young man came forward and wrapped up the body and in they buried him.

About three hours later, the wife came in and not knowing, and then they said, is this the price of the land? Then she said, this is the price of the land but then peter says, you are lying to the spirit of the lord. Then she dropped dead and then she was taken out of the door and buried.

Then they found her dead, then they buried her as well because of her husband, and beside him. Then great fear surrounded the church and they were marveling at these events. I know of this happened today, my gosh people would be standing outside, they would say these people are haters but this is something that the lord did. Everything that god does is out of love.

We serve a holy god, this is a part of the church, and we don’t realize that god is really holy. The bible says be holy like I holy and be holy like I am holy. Even when the priest would go into the holy of holies, they would sacrifice for themselves. They could not just go wandering into the presence of the lord.

How much more and when god gives you the name of Jesus to be used, and you could do this, you are the holy of holies, so to speak. Watch what happens as a result of these things and then god turns everything around for the good that love him. All right, and you might think, that did not help anybody anything.

Maybe if we were taking bodies out of the church on the Sunday mornings. Maybe we should. The apostles did many miracles among the people, and all of the believers were together, and then no one dared join them, but they were highly regarded, but there was a fear.

They did not take the name of the lord in vain, and they had a holy reverence for the name of Jesus and they were fearful. I have people, and when they take the name of the lord in vain, and still, when they use that name cavalierly, they will say I am sorry, but don’t tell me, tell god.

Nevertheless, and you know, more people believed in the lord. As a result, they brought the people out into the streets, to put them out on the beds, so that the shadow of peter would fall upon them as he would pass by. Then the people were gathering, and they brought in the sick and those tormented by evil spirits.

Then all of them were healed, all of them were healed. Because of the holiness and the fear of the lord in the church, the name of Jesus was held in such high esteem, it sent a shockwave through the society. As a result, the people had respect for the name and when we hold the name of Jesus in holiness, great things happen.

You cannot use his name, unless you walk in holiness. Let me jump over now to first peter, and I want to go to 1:1. You know i’ve got to really go here and talk quickly. I’m going behind. First peter 1:1, and therefore prepare your minds for action. This is the action for the Christians, and god says, do not be an idle Christian. Have self-control, and put yourself completely on the grace of christ, when he is revealed.

Be as obedient children and do not be conformed to this evil world like you did when you are ignorant but just as he that has called you is holy, so you be holy and everything you do, as it is written, be holy for I am holy. God wants us to be holy. But what is that?

It is not simply being good, it is not simply being good but it is to separate your self from the world and from sin and from the school that would tarnish you or taint you, and to separate yourself to god, okay?

When they went into the holy of holies, and they would wash themselves, and the dirt of the road, it was not necessarily sin, but it could lead to that. I think that you could figure that out but let me go to 2:4, as you come to him, and you are chosen by god, and you are precious to him and you are the living stones, and you are being built into, you are a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood. Offering your sacrifices to god, through christ.

We are all a part of the sanctuary of god, and we are the body of christ. This is the holy place for the lord Jesus, to dwell now let me continue quickly. The bible says, I put a stone in Zion, the precious cornerstone, if you trust him you shall not be put to shame, and this is a precious stone and if they don’t believe, but now he is the cornerstone, and many men are stumbling but he will make them fall.

They stumble and they stumble because they will disobey the message which is why they have been destined to do. But you are the chosen priesthood, you are the people that are chosen by god, a holy nation, you belong to god that you would declare the praises of him who has called you out of the darkness to the light.

You are not a people but now you are a people, you did not have mercy but not you have received mercy. So in christ, and we are made holy, so that we could offer praises to the lord. God does not take every offering and he is not moved by every offering and when you put your offering on the altar, it needs to be holy, and given to him, and you do not need, you take your hands off it.

I see the people in the churches, and that people will begin to put their offerings in a bank. They want to use the money, and they want to tell the pastor how to run the church. God cannot bless that. When something freezes over, and not Florida.

Let me go to Leviticus 1. We shall talk about the priesthood. Like the sons of Aaron, they had strange fire, from the altar, it was unauthorized before the lord and it was contrary to what the lord had said. The fire came out from the lord and consumed them. They died.

Now let me stop right here, there were 2 priest, and they had taken false fire, it was not out of the fire of the lord. They put it into the altar, it represented prayer, and then they were consumed because of the false fire. What about shadrach, meshach and abednego, and when they were thrown in the fire, it was a man-made fire, it could not consume them.

In yet these men were consumed by the fire of god because they were using false fire. Once the difference? Shadrach, meshach and abednego, were holy and they gave it all to god. They burned all of the garbage out of their lives and they would not take food or wine, they would not have anything of the world.

God says these things are holy. They would watch every move that they would make, because they were being watched by the people. They were totally separated to god and everything was burned out of their lives, everything was burned out. But I have got to keep preaching. I must say these things, and then the men said unto Aaron, you and your sons, and then the lord told Aaron, you cannot have any wine or any fermented drink, whenever you go into the tent of meeting, if you do this, you shall die.

This is an everlasting word. [ i’ve lost my place] it is for the generations to come, and you must distinguish between you and you must distinguish between what is holy, and what is unclean. You come and you must teach the people all of the lord to decrease from Moses.

As a priest of god and as a minister, and then they say, it begins with you, and you must distinguish what is good and what is good or evil and then you teach the people what is good. The men began to drink. Then they became very careless.

Maybe you think it is not a sin to drink. Let me say that you are right. Let me say that you are right. What happened when they began to drink? They became dull, and they got into sin. People say I don’t have to drink, I could just go to the bar and just go for the fun of it. But you are going where the angels do not want to go.

You are putting yourself in a situation where you might be tempted, and then you could be enticed, and then you might mess up and fall into sin. All right and one last part of the scriptures. Becky is so patient.

She wants me to hurry up so we can pray. She is trying to be patient. Hebrews 12:25, let me say this, that you do not refuse the one that speaks, for if they did not escape when they refuse the one that warned them on the earth, and we must not turn away from the lord, and he warns us from heaven. Then he has shaken the heavens and the earth, and now he promises again, I will shake not only the heavens and the earth.

This says, and whatever cannot be shaken, will be shaken, and whatever could remain, shall remain after the shaking. He says, whatever is shaking, and god will shake it, and god burns things out of our lives, and he does shake us. You would see how god would treat the Israelites in the desert and when they did not obey they fell. But we should be obedient to god, when we have the grace of the lord Jesus christ.

We have been warned from heaven. Look at this, since we are receiving the kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful and we should worship god reasonably with reverence and with amazement, go back to ananias and sapphira, because our god is a consuming fire.

We serve a holy god. God says that we should be holy. Well people say we cannot be holy, god would not ask you to do something you could not do. He says not be holy like I holy. You can be worthy of that name. Then the fire shall not fall upon you, and then you shall not be shaken, you shall be built upon the rock.

The first church had so many things going for it, the people were baptized with the fire of the holy ghost, and you shall be baptized with the fire of the holy ghost. It is the fire that burns out everything out of your life so that the presence of god could be in your life, and the presence of the lord was with the apostles, and so much so, that when peter would just let shadow fall upon the people they would be healed. They held that name in reference.

God has written your name in the lamb’s book of life so be worthy of the name. People are concerned about their families, and there was a time, you would be concerned about your family name and reputation and you did not fall into drugs or drinking, or homosexuality, or divorce because you did not want to tarnish your name because you wanted to hold up your family name.

You are a part of the family of god, you want to walk in holiness, and you do not want anybody to speak evil against your name, and you do not want people to think you have tarnished that holy name. People might say to me, this breaks my heart, and the church is full of hypocrites. Well yes of course we are we are all hypocrites because we are sinners.

But then there comes a time, we must mature, and we must grow in christ, and we must be obedient to the word and grow up. We must regard that holy name with reverence. Because if we don’t treat him with reverence, the world will not. You might be the only Jesus, the only Jesus that they see.

We need to come back to holiness. We need to have a reverence for the lord. Now I would dare say, if the lord today, and if you did like Ananias and Sappira, and I tell you these things can happen again, but you know, there would be nobody left to carry away the dead. That would be slightly scary.

Now I want you Becky to talk, please expound.

>>- I was thinking about this when you are speaking, at the end, if you’re really do love someone, you do not want to hurt them. You do not want to hurt that name. That is the way that it should be.

>>Jeff: it would be the same thing with the husband and wife, and Becky brings honor to my name. We both try to bring honor to that name of Jesus and for our children, and we expect our children to keep that name in honor, and to honor the family name. Like I was speaking, this affects the family of god, and also even humanity. ——————