We Need to Be the Real Church.

Carrying the Cross
Count the Cost.

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January 2, 2018

Jeff: Hello, I hope you had a good day. Happy New Year! This has been a busy weekend. I hope that you have had a good new year. I need to begin. You know, Dan I have no monitor. Please do something.

I am pastor Jeff Lane, this program is live on the air. You can call for prayer in a moment. We shall be more than happy to pray with you. We shall go to Ezekiel 23. You have heard me preach this before. There were some things over the weekend, that happened, I need to address some things.

We shall talk about that. Let me pray, let’s see where we shall go. Okay, let me pray. We thank you for this day, and I pray your presence would be with us. We give you the praise for what you are about to do. I do pray in the name of Jesus. You would speak to us, change our hearts. Amen. Thank you. Continue reading We Need to Be the Real Church.