No More Jealousy In The Church.

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January 11, 2018

Praise the Lord, I’m good be with you tonight, and I think that we have got a good word from the Lord.

You could go to my Facebook pages, and I’ve got my teaching on there tonight. You can take a look at that and I am pastor Jeff Lane.

This program is live on the air, and you can call in, and will pray for you. In the meantime, i’ll be praying. We can get into the word. Okay? Let me pray that I can tell you.

We thank you for the word you have for us. I pray you could have your way tonight and touch the people, touch their hearts and minds. I pray they could receive the word, and understand it.

I know we perish for lack of understanding. I pray that we could understand. Then we can have the strength to pray.

We need to live and love in the name of the Lord we pray. Last night, I spoke on the topic of about David and King Saul. We can still talk about that. Now turn with me, the first Samuel. Let me go to verse 15. This is not a repeat.

This would be a nether area, that the Lord has told me, you have been in the ministry and you struggle or you’re having a hard time. Maybe you think you’re on the outside looking in– I need something from my throat. This might help you understand what is going on. Maybe you do the work of the Lord, you must be sensitive.

The enemy wants to kill you. He would be like an angel of light, he will use people in the church. You must be so careful to understand what is going on. You are not fighting flesh and blood. First Samuel 15, and verse 20. This is King Saul. He was on a mission by Samuel to destroy the Amalekites. He had been told to destroy everything.

It was all, dedicated to the Lord and Saul does not do it. But Saul is proud of himself, and God gave him the victory. He builds a monument to himself. He begins to worship himself. He thinks that he is special. He worships himself. He builds a monument.

We shall go to verse 20. You have heard some of it. I have not taught what I’m teaching before. He speaks to Samuel, Saul says I obeyed the Lord. I did what God told me to do. Then the soldiers have taken the best, and they wanted to sacrifice it to the Lord. Then the Lord said, he does not want your sacrifices, but he wants your obedience.

Listen to this, for rebellion would be like divination, and arrogance would be like idolatry. Saul was very arrogant, you know, this man should been worshiping the Lord, but he was like the devil merchandising the glory for himself. He became very arrogant. God did the work.

God did the work for this man. I see this happening so much. It bothers me. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, you will not be the King. We have seen this, so stay with me. We have King Saul, and he is in rebellion. Last night we talked about how he had been rejected by the Lord.

He rejected the word of the Lord, and he would not do the word. He did a part of it. God does not need your appeasement, when he calls, you to do something you need to do it to him, and give him the glory. God has set you aside, and don’t think that you are special. Don’t think you are God.

Saul thinks he is God, like he was in control. Look at the next two verses. Then Saul says to Samuel, I have committed sin, and I violated your instructions and I was afraid of the people, I was afraid of the people. Now I want you to forgive me, and come back with me and let’s worship the Lord. Then Samuel says I won’t go back, you have rejected the word of the Lord.

Then Samuel turned to leave, and then Saul caught his robe, and then it was torn. Then Samuel says the kingdom is torn from you today, it shall be given to somebody better than you. For he is not a that he will change his mind, I want you to back up. Saul says I was afraid of the people.

I was more concerned about the people. I was concerned about the soldiers, and what everything they would say was good but God said it was evil. Saul would not listen to God, but he feared man’s opinion. He began to think it was the people that brought him the power. But instead, he should have mastered it, and you know, he should’ve said no, you must do what the Lord says.

This is what God has spoken. But instead he became afraid. He did not want them to think they would be less. He begins to repent a little bit, and he was just worrying about Samuel, because it looks good. He did not want the people to know God had left Saul.

Then Saul says I have committed sin, but on me before the people, and before Israel, let’s go back together and worship God. So Samuel goes back, and they worship the Lord. Then he killed the king like he should have. Saul is not sorry, he is not sorry he disobeyed, but he is sorry he was caught.

He was not sorry at all, but he was concerned about appearances. When he saw himself like he was great, he was impressed with himself. He likes how the people are talking about him. The people brag about him. Now he wants to appease the people. Let me go to the book of Isaiah 1:10. Look at what it says. We shall go to verse 10.

I won’t get through this tonight. It says, listen to the law of the Lord, I cannot help it. Tonight we were eating. It was wonderful. Tonight we sat down to eat. My wife. She stumbles over her words, I do, too. She said it was like Sodom and “Gomorrata,” and you know and we began to laugh so hard. You know, she stumbled over her words, and we began to tease her.

Anyway let me continue. Then through your sacrifices, they do not motivate me says the Lord, I have more than enough offerings. I have no pleasure in these offerings, and when you appear before me, and when you, my courts, don’t bring in your incense, it is detestable to me. I cannot bear your things anymore. I don’t like your festivals and your feasts, and I hate these things.

They are burdensome to me. When you spread out your hands by prayer, I hide my eyes from you, even if you would give me many prayers, I won’t listen. Your hands are full of blood. Make your selves clean, don’t do evil, learn to do right. The full of justice. Help the fatherless, and widows.

Now let’s reason together, even though your sins would be like scarlet, they shall be white like snow, and wool, if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best of the land, but you will be devoured by the sword if you reject me, the Lord has spoken it. What I mean would be this. God says I want your obedience and your love for me. I want you to do my will. I don’t care about your sacrifices. I’m not impressed with these things. I want you to do my will.

Take care of the fatherless and widows, and their needs. Be compassionate, and that impresses God more than anything. God does not want your appearances of sacrifice. So Saul had a problem. He just wanted to make it look like he was the man of God, and he was not a God, okay? Now– let me go to the book of Mark 12. I’m sorry Hebrews 10. Hebrews 10.

Hebrews 10, and we shall go to verse, okay. Where are we? Therefore when Christ came the world, he does not want your sacrifices, but prepare your body, but the Lord is not pleased with these offerings, but God wants you to do his will. God says, I don’t want your sacrifices, but I want you to obey me. Then the Lord says, I want you to do my will.

Now we are made holy by the sacrifices of the Lord Jesus Christ once and for all. I’m reading this. God want you to do his will. We need to do likewise. Paul says I die every day. I die every day. This is what I want. This is what would benefit me, but I turn my back on these things, to do what God wants.

God says when you lose your life you will find it, you will be born again. He does not like your sacrifices, what he wants would be you to do his will, and be obedient. You cannot appease God with your gifts. The true gift would be the one that would give his life to the Lord first. Let me go to the book of Mark 12: 33. I cannot get this all tonight. I will laid the foundation.

Love the Lord with all of your heart in understanding and with all of your strength and love your neighbor as yourself and that would be more important than your sacrifices, you love God with all of your heart, and with all of your understanding, and all your strength, then you love your neighbor.

That is more than the sacrifices. God does not want your sacrifice, he wants you to love him and do his will. You love him with all of your heart and soul and understanding. This is what God wants. This is what God wants. Now hold on a moment. Can we, can we get anything running? Are we having a problem? I’ll keep going until anything begins to work.

They reprogrammed our phone lines, it was an issue we had, and that did not work. All right they say that would be done now. I’m good be stopping in a moment. The Bible says in first Samuel 16, when they arrived Samuel saw the man of God, and God tells Samuel, I will remove Saul, I will send you somebody else.

Then he says now you go get another one, and then he says go get King David, when he was little David. When they arrived, Samuel said this must be the anointed of the Lord, then the Lord said, don’t look at him because he is rejected. The Lord is not looking at the outward appearance, and God is looking on the heart. God is looking for people after his heart.

That would be little King David, Samuel anoints David, for the least, and he cares for the sheep. He anoints him to be the king, and does that mean that he is the king immediately? That was about 20 years later. He became the king of Judah and then Israel and that did not happen instantly.

God might anoint you and use you, but it could be a while before you would go to the place where God want you to go. Now let me go back to Saul, in verse 14. The spirit of the Lord was upon him, but there was an evil spirit that tormented Saul. Then there was an evil spirit that tormented Saul. Then they said we must find someone who complained this music to quiet Saul, and then you will feel better.

So Saul says, find me someone who could play the harp, and bring him to me, then someone says, I have seen David, he can play the harp, and he speaks well, he is a fine looking young man. I want you to see this, David is a boy. He is about 12. They see him as a warrior, someone takes note of him. He can worship and played the harp, he was a musician and also a warrior.

So Saul sends for him. Saul wants you to come up. Saul wanted him to come up. Remember, God looks at the heart. King David defeated Goliath, it was a mighty victory. After this had happened, and look at verse 16, look at verse 55 of chapter 16. Yes. 55.

Saul watched David going out to me the Philistines, and then he told the man of the armies, the commander, his name was Abner, then after says, this is a man but I don’t know him. Then they said find out who he is. When King David came back, and he brought him before Saul, he was still holding the head of Goliath.

Then he said, I am the son of Jesse. Let me tell you I read this. Maybe you’ve gone through a lot, and Saul had not been a threat up to that time, you know, and King David was not a threat to Saul. Saul did not know who he was, he did not know his family. He was so worried about himself. He did not get to know King David, and King David was the one that was playing the harp for him. But he does not know King David.

God can keep you hidden, and God won’t look at the world, and God can take the foolish things and confound the world. God can hide you, so that others don’t know who you are. They do not take note of you. They are so full of their arrogance, they have no clue.

Thank the Lord for that. You can keep a head on your shoulders. Don’t take it personally. God is doing something for you and watching over you. You know God and God knows your heart. We don’t care about the king if he knows you. God knows you. You do his will. God brings promotion. Things change for King David, when he had the victory.

Suddenly he had been exposed, and the devil and Saul knows who he is. Look at the next chapter. Now shall be wrapping it up. I shall be wrapping it up.

Then what Saul says, and wherever Saul sent him to do it, and Saul gave him a high-ranking because David was always successful in his assignments. Saul still wants to please the people. He wants to please the people. Things are going south quickly.

When they came back, after King David had killed the Goliath, and then people came out from around the area, and they were singing and dancing, and with tambourines. As they were dancing, they said Saul has killed thousands but King David killed tens of thousands.

This made King Saul very upset because he was jealous of King David. Then Saul says, he will take the kingdom from me. Then King Saul was jealous of David. Be careful of jealousy. When the Lord begins to use you, and instead of people being happy, that God is bringing you victory, all of a sudden they are jealous of you. The religious leaders, and the one with the position, and they think they are something.

They think they are in a high position, they have the power, they think. They become jealous. They know the anointing is on this man. This person will take my position. Why did they crucified Christ? They were concerned about their cushion jobs. What does Saul do? He tries to control King David. He is trying, he wants to kill him, that he wants to kill him again.

It is not David, it is the spirit of God, on David. Look at this next part. Then there was an evil spirit from the Lord that came over Saul, and then there was a prophecy, and there was a prophecy in the house, and King David was playing the harp, and then Saul through the spear at David, and David was pinned to the wall.

Then Saul said, for his men, over thousand men, he said go kill him. Went Saul saw the success of little David, and how successful he was, he was afraid of him. All of the people loved David.

The point would be this, Saul wanted to kill him. David will hand the Lord, so Saul could not kill him, so that he wanted to control him. Then he wanted to watch him, and he wanted to get them out of Dodge. I do not want the people to see what is happening, because the people know these things. Maybe I have killed the thousand, and King David killed tens of thousands.

But Saul was only concerned about how he had looked. He was very jealous, but my friends, God has told me to share these things, I’m living it. When you get into the ministry and God uses you, don’t be surprised when they want to throw spears that you, will when they want to destroy you. You would think they would be happy that God is using you.

But instead, they are threatened by your anointing. God should get all of the glory. So we praise God when they hurl the spears that you. God will promote you know matter what. God will promote you know matter what. It is not from man. It is from God. God will do this anyway. God, God can do this anyway.

You look at Moses, he was thrown to the desert, and he set the people free.