In the Name of the Lord.

Listen to “In the Name of the Lord.”

January 4, 2018

Jeff: Praise the Lord, I’m glad to be with you tonight. I’m going to go to the Book of Acts tonight, and I’ll pick up, this is going to be our rabbit trail. We are talking about the power of the name of Jesus in the first church. Don’t let this bother you.

Sometimes we need to do these things, we need to go to the Old Testament and get a picture. I am pastor Jeff Lane, this program is live on the air. We will have the numbers up on the screen. You can allow God to touch you.

Let’s pray together. We thank you for another night. I would pray in the name of Jesus, that you will touch, touch, the church and your body and your people.

Wake us up. Let us know what you have done for us, let us know what we have to do because the time is short to reach the lost. Let us reach out to the lost because your favor is upon your church.

That me go now, back to chapter 4, of the Book of Acts. When they saw the courage of Peter and John, against the Sanhedrin, when they were on trial. They knew that they were unschooled and ordinary men. They were astonished at them, and they realize these men had been with Jesus.

They told them not to preach about Jesus. We shall go to that later. I want to go to first Corinthians 1, verse 18. I will go very quickly. The message of the cross is foolishness to those that are perishing, but to us it is his power. I shall destroy the wisdom of the wise, I will frustrate them. Where are the wise or the scholars? Since the wisdom of God the world, I’m sorry, through the wisdom of the world, they do not know Jesus.

God is pleased to save those who believe through preaching. Faith comes from the word, people. The Jews want to sign of the Greeks want wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified. It is foolishness to the world, but to those that God has called, Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God.

The foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the strength of men is not as great as God’s strength. God has chosen the foolishness of the world to shame the wise. He has chosen those things that are despised to nullify everything that is, that no one would boast before him.

You are in Christ, and now he has become God’s wisdom, it is our wisdom, and redemption, and righteousness. If we boast, we shall boast in the Lord. God confounds the wise. For those who are so wise. But God upsets those people, who are strong, who think they are strong, he will take the weak to confound them That are wise.

For those who will say there is no way that God could do that, through that person. Let me tell you, since I have been here at CTN, this program has really taken off. The finances are coming in. Things are expanding. I heard this many times, people say, I don’t understand, he does not know anything about television. He knows nothing, but look at what God is doing.

The program is going so well. I was the foolish thing of the world, I was the unwise thing. I was nothing in the eyes of the world to confound those who think they know. It just brings glory to God. I wonder if people really understand. You are nobody. Where did you come from? How could this be? It comes back to one thing.

It comes back to knowing the Lord, have you been in his presence? Do people understand that you are in the presence of Jesus? I hope so. Look at Romans 12:3. But by the grace given to me I will say to you do not think of yourselves more highly, but be sober, according to the measure of faith God has given to you. I have faith in God.

What is funny to me, I do, I see myself in a sober way. People call, and they want me to pray, and they think I can do something. Well, I cannot but God can. I am not so high and mighty, I’m not special. I take God at his word, he demonstrates his power. I listened to the foolishness of the preaching of Christ. I do believe.

Therefore no I am saved, I am saved from whatever I might need to be saved from. I take the word I believe. You don’t have to have a PhD, for the Lord to use you. For the love of Pete, Peter was a fisherman. They were not scholars of the day, they were fishermen.

God used the shepherds, or the farmers. He nullified the great things, and for those that had the education, and they were big in the eyes of the world, he would take them back and humble them before he could use them.

God does not look at the things like men do. Some of you think, God cannot use me. You are amazed, that you see someone on TV. You do not understand, these are ordinary people. I’m talking about the one that God uses. Let me go to second Corinthians 12:8. I love the apostle Paul.

He says Lord, take this thing away from me, and he said this three times, but he said unto me my power is perfect in weakness, and I will glory in this weakness, that the power of Christ would rest upon me. For when I am weak then I am strong. I tell you, God has always shown his greatness in my life, listen to me, God has showed his greatness through my weakness, not through my strength. One why mean?

Like when my body was hurt and I was very weak, God touched me, he showed his grace. May be I would be down and out, it was the end, or maybe I was going to lose everything, God intervened, God can take the things that are weak, and he can confound the wise. How big is the mess that you face?

When things are bad, that’s life. Things happen and that is life. When life is unreasonable, God wants to do something great. He can take you to a place, to humble you. He took Elijah down to a weak place. Now God told him, go back and turn the world upside down, and he did. But God humbled him first.

You take, shadrach, meshach and abednego, they had lost everything, parents and positioning, and they lost masculinity and the name. They lost everything. God took these men, he turned the world upside down.

God can take the things that are foolish and weak, because he will not share his glory, be humble before him. He shall lift you up. I have to keep racing along.

Second Corinthians 13:4, he was crucified, but he lives by the power of God but we are weak, but by his power, we serve you. Jesus in his weakness, Jesus was raised from the dead, the father raised him from the dead, to show his glory. When Jesus was down. I’ve got to keep racing along. First Samuel.

Let me go to first Samuel 16: 1. Look at what it says. Then the Lord says, how long shall you cry for Saul? He is not the king, go and fill your horn, go away, I shall send you to Jesse, one of his sons shall be the king. Samuel saw the tall young man, and then the Lord said, don’t look at his appearance, he is rejected. I don’t look like men look at it, men look on the outward part, but God looks at your heart.

Then there were more sons that came before Samuel, and none of them had been chosen, and then Samuel said, do you have any more? Then Jesse had the son out in the desert tending the sheep. Jesse said, there is one outside looking at the sheep. We cannot sit down until he gets here.

So King David came in, and he was very ruddy and very handsome. He was a cute little guy. Then the Lord said this is the king, so anoint him. He was anointed and the presence of the brothers, and then the presence of the Lord was upon King David, and then they went to Rhema.

The spirit of the Lord came over David from that time forward. He was the youngest one watching the sheep. The other ones were so important, but King David was out in the field to protect the sheep. Whoever the youngest one was, that was his job. He was probably 12, we don’t know really but he’s about 12. He’s watching the sheep.

Then Samuel says this kid is the one, God says this is the one who has the hard for me. Look at verse 17. I’m jumping around. Goliath is yelling at the Israelites, and you know that he says, if you can kill me I will surrender, and me and my people shall surrender. King David said why did you put up with this? I had a friend say the same thing to me about my foot, and my gout. One word and it was gone.

King David said to Saul, don’t let anybody lose heart because of Goliath. Then King Saul said you cannot fight him, you are just a boy. Then that would be like God to take this little boy to kill the seasoned giant. Then David was keeping the sheep, and he said when I saw the Bears, I would kill the Bears, and I will rescue the sheep from the Bears. I would kill them and kill them again because they would try to kill the sheep. So now this Philistine shall be like one of the Bears, he has defied the armies of the living God.

The Lord God that is delivered me from the Bears, shall deliver me from this giant. King Saul, he said, goo, go, because God is with you.

If that had been now they would send in, some government agency to stop him. Then Saul gave him his armor, and he could not walk around in it, and then he said I cannot walk in this, I’m not used to this armor. He took it all off.

Then he took five smooth stones from the stream. Go in the power of the Holy Ghost. I have seen men of God, they get into a denomination, and they don’t go with what God has given to them. They wind up putting on all of the armor that they should not wear, and then they can’t do anything anymore. There is no power in them. Verse 45.

David said, you fight against me with your javelin. The Lord said, don’t trust in chariots or horses, but trust in the Lord. He told them don’t take the chariots or the horses, but you trust God. David says to Goliath, you think you are so tough, but he says I will fight against you in the name of the Lord God Almighty. You have defied God.

God shall give you to me, I will cut off your head. I will give your carcass to the birds, and the world shall know that there is a God in Israel, and everybody will know that it is not by the sword or the spear that the Lord saves. The battle belongs to the Lord, he shall give you into our hands.

King David begins to run to Goliath, but Goliath is very insulted because of the little boy. You know the story. David kills Goliath, and then he cuts off his head. Just like Peter and John, they did not have any gold, they did not have the wisdom of the world, but then they went in the power of the Lord, in the name of Jesus get up and be healed.

They had the name, Goliath had to be killed in the name of the Lord, King David said I have that name of the Lord. Now we can go into battle. We don’t have to carry a sword, we don’t have to have the wisdom of the world, we just need the presence of the Lord. With him, comes his presence. That’s all you need. The other night I began to fall before the Lord.

The Lord was praying through me, it was such an earnest prayer for the church to wake up. Don’t take the world. Don’t take the music and don’t paint your churches with the colors of the barrooms, or to have strobe lights, you know you’re going to miss it. You are trying to take on the things of this world, and not God’s presence.

If you can lift up Jesus, they shall come to you and show up. People want what is real. They are tired of the glitz and glamour, of all of the garbage. They are tired of entertainment, and your entertainment does not set them free. They are not being healed.

It does not do anything to break the chains and to deliver them from the alcohol or the drugs, or the sex. Your entertainment and what you do, they already have it, they can go to the bar and get that. Then they can have a drink and forget their problems. Don’t wear to the things of this world. The enemy is not afraid of you. You shall be run over like a lot more over grass.

Get into the presence of God. Trust in the word of the Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ. Go against the enemy, in the name of the Lord God Almighty. The demons shall tremble before you. What happens? The enemy ran away, they did not run from the armies of Israel. They ran from the little boy who had been with the Lord, he had been with the Lord in the fields. He was worshiping the Lord Jesus.

They ran from the boy, but because the boy had been in the presence of God Almighty. The enemy shall run away from you, if you do that. Get into his presence, pastor. Get into his presence, it shall go with you. Don’t look on the magazines and don’t get your sermons from there, you know, and the latest trends cannot said anybody free.

It has never killed a giant, I don’t care what you might have, it’s not the word of God. Okay. I’m got more to say, but not now.