Great Power in the Name of Jesus.

Listen to: “Great Power in the Name of Jesus.”

January 5, 2018

>>Jeff: Praise the Lord. I’m glad to be with you tonight. I am pastor Jeff Lane and this program is live on the air. I’m trying not to laugh, I will tell you why in a moment. Let’s go to the Lord in prayer.

Father, we thank you for this night. We pray for you will to be done. You are so great and magnificent, you are more than anything that we could ask or imagine. I pray that you would touch the people tonight and you would do your will in their lives, in the name of Jesus.

Okay, I’m trying not to laugh I’ve got this sweater. My wife purchased this for me. I promised I would never wear this. I’ve worn this just a few times, and I mean, for my entire life.

My wife saw it, she wanted me to put it on. My daughter told me, and my daughter looked at my sweater, and she said, and she said, what are you going to do? Go golfing?

All right I had to take off that sweater, but i’ve got it. There is nothing wrong with golfing. Maybe they should do this on ice, and maybe have a hockey Puck and then I would like it, you know, and well, so.

With this being said, let me get into the spirit. Keep in mind, I was a contractor, for many years and you do not wear sweaters. I want to go to the book of acts 4:13.

We are at verse 13 in and it says and when they saw the courage of Peter and John and they understood that these were ordinary men they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. That would be the emphasis. They had been with Jesus and he was with them.

They were using that name, they were teaching and healing in that name. They were proclaiming the resurrection of the dead in the name of Jesus. People became upset and they did not know what to do. These were ordinary men. We are looking at the power of the name of Jesus. I’m sorry. I’ve got my monitor that I can see my sweater. This is not me.

Verse 14 and since they could see, they could see the man who had been healed, there was nothing they could say, sore they told them to leave. Then they said what shall we do with these men? Everybody knows that these men have done miracles and we cannot deny it. But we have got to stop it, and we must warn these men not to preach in the name of Jesus any longer.

They cannot speak in the name of Jesus. Then they called to them and they said do not teach in the name of Jesus. But Peter and John replied, judge for your selves if we should obey you and not God but we will speak about what we have seen and heard. Then they let them go. They did not know how to punish them, because the people were praising God.

The man that was healed was over 40. I want you to see it, immediately, the enemies, the enemies of the church they understood, something is in this name and there is something about the name. They had a complete aversion to the name and even to this day, and when you talk about that name.

Many hospitals, they can say do whatever but don’t use that name of Jesus. I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding. You might be surprised, I went into a room, and they told me I have to say you cannot pray in the name of Jesus, officially.

They knew good and well that I would, I’ll use that name until they fire me. They said, you are not going to say these things but We will hire you anyway. It is power in the name, and they hired me anyway, Even though I would talk about Jesus.

It is the name and the name above all names, how important is that name? God would use his name, whatever the people might need, and when they needed healing, but the Lord would say, “I am the great I am.” he would say I am whatever you need, he would say I am.

He would be Jehovah God, the provider, or Jehovah God is a healer. They would have the name. This name was the name above every name, for whatever you might need from God, the name of Jesus. It is fulfilled in Christ, and the Sanhedrin, the religious people, the establishment. These are the ones who fight the church.

These are the ones and these are the ones who understood that name. Now let me go over, I want to go down to the Book of Acts 5: 27, and they brought in the apostles and they made them appear for questioning by the high priest. They said, we told you not to teach in that name, but now you are feeling the city with your teachings.

You want to make us guilty of his blood. You know at that time remember they said when Jesus was crucified, they said let his blood be upon us. But then the apostle said, you kill Jesus and you put them on the tree, and God has exalted him as the Savior, that he might bring repentance to Israel.

You are a witness of these things, and We have the Holy Ghost, for those who obey this. They wanted to kill these men, they were furious. Then the men who are the teachers of the law, and then they stood up, and they told these men to be put outside, for a little while. This was like the high priest, who was the Einstein of the Scriptures, he was a teacher of the apostle Paul, before he had his name changed. He was called us Saul, by the name of the Lord we believe, she will be able to walk. Not to speak in the name of Jesus. They said, they were so happy that they could suffer disgrace for that great name of Jesus.

They wanted to be thrilled, to be beaten for the name of Jesus. They would go from house to house they would never stop talking about Jesus being the Christ. One of the best things i’ve ever done was to go door-to-door. I love going door-to-door talking about the good news and you would not believe how happy the people would show up.

Many of us would go into the homes and people would be saved right then and there. When you go with the presence of the Lord, he will open the doors that no one can shut. People will be saved. But I want you to see this name.

Let me jump over now, to first Peter, let me find it and first Peter, I want to go to verse 12. Dear friends, do not be surprised, and the painful trials that you are suffering as though something strange was happening. Someone went through something this week, they were upset. I was thinking and this surprises you?

But the Bible says rejoice because you suffer with Christ and you shall be overjoyed when his glory shall be revealed, and you shall be blessed when you are persecuted because glory is on you. These things happen to you because you got his spirit.

But don’t suffer as a thief or a murderer or as a criminal. People talk about suffering for Jesus. Maybe they are sick. You know, people pick on me. Blah, blah, blah. People are picking on me. You know and we suffer, and we are not nice, and we suffer because we are disappointing to people. But this is not something for Jesus.

Maybe because your bedridden, or you are hurt, that’s not suffering but you are sick and Jesus wants you healed because he paid the price. This comes from the devil, not from God.

The enemy hates you, the enemy hates you and he wants to destroy you. They wanted to kill the apostles because of the name of Jesus but keep in mind for the name of Jesus. However, if you suffer as a Christian don’t be ashamed but praise God that you have the name.

For judgment must begin with the family of God and if it begins with us, and what would be the outcome for those that don’t obey the gospel of God? I might want to stop. Now let me see. Okay. Let me go further.

If the righteous would scarcely be saved, but what shall happen to the sinners and for those who suffer they should commit themselves to the creator and continue to do good, if you walk in Christ, you will suffer for that name. Now let me talk about that name of Jesus. Chapter 19. Chapter 19

we shall go to 13. 19:13. No, I’m in the wrong place. [ pages flipping] let me go to verse 11. God did miracles through Paul so that even the handkerchiefs that were being sent out to the sick they were being healed and the evil spirits relieving them.

Now I got a letter from a nurse, and we gave her 100 prayer cloths, in her ministry. She said so many people being healed, because of the prayer cloths. The anointing is on them. This is where we get the prayer cloth. We give them out. So the Jews, and they want to invoke the name of Jesus over those the demon possessed people. They would say in the name of the Lord Jesus, that is preached by Paul.

But this is not some magic incantation, it does not have any magical powers attached to the name, okay? They were saying things like abracadabra, and they would get spooky-spiritual. They did not know God. The seven sons of skevah were doing this, and one day the evil spirits said we know Paul, we know Jesus, but we do not know you. Then the man that had the evil spirit, and they were overpowered, they had a beating, and they ran out of the house naked and bleeding. When these things happened the people were seized with godly fear, and the name of the Lord Jesus was held in high honor.

They did not use the name of God in vain, they did not do that. When I hear people use the name of the Lord, I cringe. I would be like really? Do you know what you are doing? Many of those who believe openly confess, and listen to what happens, they became obedient. Those who had been sorcerers they brought their things and burned them. When they calculated the cost of everything, it was a few million dollars, in today’s money. The word of the Lord spread.

I want you to understand, they could see that the name was being missed used and it was not an incantation. But what had happened here, God brought honor to his name, Jesus brought honor to his name and look at what happened. Those who had been in the occult, they were appended and they brought in these things and they burned the a cultic things. You see how God works?

If you cannot do things anyway you want, then what do we have to do that we would be worthy to use the name of Jesus? All right let’s go to Romans chapter 8 and I’ll shall wrap it up, in the next 10 minutes. I want to go to verse 10.

If you have Christ you are dead because of the spirit but you have the spirit of righteousness and if Jesus is inside of you, the ones that have been raised by Christ, God shall bring life to your mortal body. Now let me tell you it is through the spirit inside of you. Therefore we have the obligation and it is not to live to our sinful nature, but if you live according to the sinful nature you shall die but if you live by the spirit, you live.

For those who are led by his spirit are the sons of God, and how do we know? We die to the sins of the body, we put it under the blood. We walk in obedience to the word. Someone called me tonight, and they wrote to me. They said they were a drug addict, and they were having a problem giving up the drugs. One person said simply relaxing I will take it all away.

But maybe you should try to quit. Let me ask you. When God told the people to walk through the desert, over the Jordan River, into the promised land. He said go and get into the water. So they put the ark on their shoulders, and when they went into the waters, the water parted.

God did the rest but they had to do a little something. We have to begin. Now let me continue. I did not mean to go down that rabbit trail. If we are led by the spirit we are the sons of God and we don’t have the spirit of slavery to fear, but we have the spirit of being a son, and we cry out Abba, father. We are the children of God.

If we are rejoicing that we are joint heirs, and we are coheirs with Christ, and here it is again, and if we partake of his suffering, we shall share his glory. We have the name of Jesus. We aren’t rejoicing because we are joint heirs. You shall indeed suffer. You shall have suffering.

I was sharing with Jim, he has been a great man, and I hold him in high honor. I said Jim, the persecution is increasing, in the last month. To myself and what has been happening. I was surprised, that these things did not come sooner. But I’m not usually like this. I’m not normally used to being persecuted but I do expect it. I do expect it.

I expect people to attack me. There is an increase in the backroom of people calling in, and they are attacking me and I have no problem with it. I would have a problem without it happening. If the people did not attack me or work against me then there would be a problem.

I’ve got a bizarre email, and the man was talking about science and things. But, but you know if you want to write to me, and try to refute my arguments, and Christianity, and the gospel. You, you know, you need to use proper grammar.

You are under an attack when you love Jesus, they will attack you. I know what you are thinking, oh, sign me up, I want to be persecuted. Now let me ask you, do you want his glory? I’ve just read these things, you will have suffering, if you have his glory they will attack you, even physically. They will, this is the enemies world and they will attack you.

There are people that say that God is in control and he is in control ultimately but now this world belongs to the devil. If you walk in this world, you have a target, there is an entity between you and the world. But God shows his glory through these things. It takes people out of the flames.

They shall lay all of the garbage at your feet and burn it, they will say we will burn this, you have more power than we do. Even the dumbest people can see these things. It is through, it is through suffering, that God shows glory. God has raised the dead in suffering. It is through the suffering of the apostle Paul when he was in prison that God showed his glory and he shook the jail.

It is through suffering, for the name and because you have the name, we call him Abba father, and that means he is our daddy. It would be like Latin for daddy. It simply means our father daddy. Okay? If you wanted to translate the word.

My point would be this. We are his sons and daughters, We have that name. Therefore you have the right, to pray for others and that name God has given you the name Jesus. I have my father’s name. I talked about going to the bank to get a bank loan and they wanted to know who I was.

They wanted to know who my daddy was, and they told me they would give me the loan because they knew my dad. They said they knew I would pay it back. They would not tarnish the family name and I was shocked. You know, when your name has collateral, it would be like good like collateral, like with the bank.

You know you have a good name. When you have the name of Jesus, it is collateral. It is collateral. It would be any of your debts, it would be against your enemies. Oh, people, you need to know you have that name, you have the name. Blessed be the name. Be worthy of that name to walk with him.

Hold that name in honor. Hold up that name in honor. When they see that you walk in that name, my gosh, do you know how much honor that brings to the Lord? I cannot deny the name of Jesus. I will not deny that name of Jesus, that God has given to me.

We praise his name and I hope you are catching it, and I hope it touches you and you understand, and why and why, and how important it is, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.