Fullness of Joy

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There is Joy In His Presence.

Listen to: “in His Presence of Fullness of Joy.”

January 13, 2018

Becky: Hello and welcome to America’s Prayer Meeting, I am Becky.

Jeff: I am pastor Jeff and this is pastor Becky, so you know who she is, this is late and this is hard, she is doing good, and this program is live on the air.

You will be able to call in at the telephone number on your screen, we have a new member of the crew tonight.

We have got some new people, Margaret and Virginia, and now I can say, and we pretty much cover all of the ages from about five, and I won’t tell who all we have.

We have so many, including the man who does our captioning, you know, mentally, I think he’s about five.  🙂   Jim does the Closed Captioning. I’m going to get that for that one. 

Then, and we have had, red and yellow and black and white, we have got Michael, and we don’t know who he is and we take him for what he is. And we do the very best we can and we are a very diverse bunch of people is all that I can say.

We praise God for that come we shall pray, and we shall get into the word. I’m sorry, I have to give something to my wife, it’s my computer. Let’s get into the word, you know, let me tell you what is happening.

Father we thank you for the table you have prepared for us. Glory be to your name. We love to come to your table and eat of the bread, eat of the bread, the real bread, of the body of Jesus. We thank you for the bread tonight. We pray that you would bring nourishment to our bones, and for healing to those around us.

I pray that we could have the real drink, the cup, and the cup of the blood of Christ, that would wash away our sins. And we thank you for this in the name of Jesus, Amen. And I want you to read that.

You will show me the path of life and in your presence is fullness of joy, and that your hand there are pleasures forevermore. That is beautiful, and in the presence of the Lord there is joy, and fullness of joy, and what was the last part?
The pleasures forevermore.

The pleasures forevermore. People, get into his presence, and get into his presence. With that being said, let me go to Genesis 3, 21. You might say I read this before. I have been reading the Bible since I was a young man, and when I read the Bible at first, I was eight and I would read and read and read.

My mother is watching but don’t tell her I would stay up late with a flashlight reading the Bible. I feel the same way today. But you now, I don’t get too much sleep anymore. I do my best.

But anyway, his word is his presence. Let me go to Genesis 3:21, and what I’m getting at, you can read the Bible again and again, it reminds me of the angels of the elders, that would go around the father, they go around and when they go around they worship him.

I would think that would be boring for eternity, but that is what went through my mind. I was not praying but the Lord spoke to me, it’s not boring at all, they see a new part of me and they cannot help but worship me. And that is the way the word is.

You can read a Scripture, it’s like seeing something new every time. And sometimes you see something and you wonder how you missed it, or how did I miss that? There is fullness of joy. There is fullness of joy in his presence and the word is his presence.

I’m having so much preaching. The Lord God made the garments of skin for Adam and his wife and gave them clothing, and then the Lord God said, you are like one of us, and you cannot be allowed to take from the tree of life and eat and live forever.

So the Lord God put them out of the garden, to work the ground. And after he drove the man out of the garden, he put on every side of the garden, the angels with flaming swords flashing back and forth, guarding the way to the tree of life.

So Adam falls, We have the first blood the sacrifice, he sacrifice an animal. He takes the skins, you know, he has to see the animals die, because of their rebellion and sin. Try to imagine it. Maybe you love your pet, maybe, I have a dog I won’t mention. But you love your pets. You have to watch the animal being killed and slaughtered.

You have to use the skin, to cover your sins. Think about that. That must’ve had a big impact on them. And God, to keep them from going back into the garden to eat of the tree, of the tree of life. He had to put the flaming swords at the entrance so they could not get back in.

If they could get back in, sin would live forever, it would never die. Man had to die, to remove the sin at that point. And what a want you to see, even though they had left the garden, they still could have the presence of the Lord. Look at the next verse.

Adam was with his wife and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain, and she said with the help of the Lord I have a man child. Apparently, her first pregnancy did not go very well, and there was great pain, and great labor pains. I’ve had wet my throat, and I don’t think Becky knows about that.

We know, that the Lord is involved what they cannot go back into the garden, God is still there. They walk by faith and trust the Lord. Let’s look at verse 10 of chapter 4. The Lord says, Cain killed Abel, and then the Lord says what have you done? Your brother cries out to me from the ground by his blood, and your brother has had his blood received the blood of your brother. And now you would be like a restless wanderer.

Now you know, Cain is not repented, you know, he is not repentant for what he has done, he is sorry about the consequences, but he is not sorry for what he has done. Like King Saul. And he says I have being punished more than I could bear he is so self-centered. And he says I’m being driven out, I shall be taken from your presence, I shall want to the earth. They will kill me.

Then the Lord says no, if you are killed, they will suffer my wrath seven times over, and then nobody could kill Cain. Cain went out from the presence of the Lord in the land of nod, and then Cain had a wife and they became pregnant, and then there was a city and he named it after his son.

Cain builds a city, he wants to overcome the curse by through man’s efforts, he wants to build a city, through his sins. He wants an easier way to live. And he does what? He begins to build a city. You remember the prophets, when Elijah was taken up? The people did not want to go that far and leave the city.

They did not want to go out into the wilderness. This is why, Wednesday night program, is called beyond the Jordan. You know you have to leave this life behind, you must seek him. But some folks say oh, no. Okay?

Now, let me keep going, so Cain leaves the Lord, and he become self-reliant, he is pushed away from the presence of the Lord by his sins. It was his sins that pushed him away from the Lord.

God did not push him out but that was his choice, but the world says you know, you are so evil, because someone will go to hell. But what it says if you do such and such you have chosen to go to hell. You have left his presence by your own choice, to disobey. That was your choice. If you want his presence, you must do what? Obeyed the word. That would be faith, my friends.

That would be faith, Adam and Eve got to the place, they lost the garden and they had to go back to God and was presence. Cain was arrogant, let me say this, and you might become upset.

What is insurance? It is a main thing. Like in Florida, we had many hurricanes go through, and what you do not know, and all of the man-made insurance could not overcome the disastrous, and the people lost their homes. And the insurance companies cannot begin to rebuild.

Many of those people suffer to this day, that was like 1993 or 92. You cannot rely on the insurance of man, but you can rely on the presence of the Lord. We have become so secular, we don’t run to the Lord or we go to the doctor. We go to the companies or here or there. That’s the first thing we do. But we should run to the Lord.

We should say Lord help me, I need your presence. In the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy. Let me continue, where was I? Look at Exodus 25, and it says put the bread of the presence that shall be before me on the table before me at all times.

There was a table that was in the holy place, it was before the holy of holies, where God was they would put out the bread of the presence, it would represent, it would represent what? It was the word and that was Jesus, and Jesus is the bread of life.

This represents Jesus. You will be with the Lord to have supper with him. And you would have the presence with the Lord. When you have communion we are in his presence, that represents Jesus Christ. With that being said go to chapter 6. If you are a good Jewish person, you would get what Jesus was saying.

This is why the people would be so upset they wanted to kill him, Jesus said I will tell you the truth you do not look for me because you have seen the miracles but because you ate the food, but get the food that will bring you eternal life, and I will give it to you. And the father has placed his seal of approval upon me.

Then they said what shall we do to do what God wants? And people are worried always about works, but it is by grace. That is an insult to God when you want to work your salvation. And Becky tells me to slow down but I don’t know how. Jesus said the work of the Lord is this to believe in the one that he has sent, that is all you do.

They said to him, and what sign will you give to us that we could see and believe it? Our forefathers had the manna, and he gave them bread from heaven to eat. Jesus was healing the sick and raising the dead, and he fed 5000 men, and that was probably about 20,000 people, with a little sack lunch from a boy. Now they want a sign.

You know I have a saying, I have a friend that is a Marine and he says they would say, are you stupid or what? The Marines would say, it would be so obvious and he would say are you stupid? I cannot help you. You know, he had a lot of people upset with him.

Verse 32, all right, Jesus says to them I will tell you the truth, Moses did not bring bread from heaven, but if my father would bring you the true bread, and it is the one that comes down from heaven to bring your life to the world. Then they said from now on we want the bread, then Jesus said I am that bread of life.

He said I am the bread of the presence, I am the bread of the presence, I am God. And then he said I am the great I am. Then they wanted to throw him down over the Cliff. And they were like who do you think you are? And he says if you believe me you will never be hungry or thirsty, but you have seen me, but you do not believe.

All the father gives to me shall come to me, for those who come to me I shall not drive them away. All of those that come to me, shall come to me. The Lord knows who believes, he knows who has faith, and who shall be obedient.

I asked the Lord, and some of the things I must do, he asked me to do some things, and it’s so hard, and the Lord says because you will. God wants those who will obey him and they will do it, no matter what the cost.

Let me continue, for I have come down from heaven not for my will but to do the will of the one that is sent me. Cain wanted to do his will, and the world wants there will. And then Adam and Eve, wanted to do God’s will when they repented. They humble themselves.

This is the will of the one that is sent me, that I shall not lose anyone that he has given to me, I shall raise them up, and my father wants everyone who believes in the son to have eternal life, and you shall be raised up and the last day.

We take the communion of the presence of the Lord and retake it inside of us, so to speak. It represents, his body that was broken to heal me. We take the blood it is a representation of the blood of Christ, the blood sacrifice. Like back in the garden, when the animals were slaughtered for the sake of the people’s sins.

He wanted to make it clear, you know, there’s just one remedy for sin but that is death. And the Bible says, through the blood of Christ we are cleansed.

Jesus says, no one and no one can come to me unless the father calls you, and I shall raise you up. They shall be taught by God and everybody that listens to the father will come to me and you shall be taught of God. No one has seen the father but the one that came from God. If you believe, you will have everlasting life. Your forefathers had the bread of life, the manna, but I am the living bread that is come down from heaven. If anyone will eat of this bread.

He will live forever, this is my flesh, that I shall give for the life of the world. Jesus says I will give my body to you, that you would be saved. I will give you the bread of the presence, in my presence it shall come over you. Then the Jews began to argue, how can this man give us his flesh?

Then Jesus says if you don’t have my flesh and my blood you have no life, if you have my flesh and blood you have eternal life, and you shall be raised up at the last day. I am real food and drink, you will remain in me and then I will be inside of you. Just as the father has sent me.

Now I live because of the father, and the one that feeds upon me shall live because of me, this is the bread from heaven. Your forefathers had the manna and they died but this bread brings your life forever. He was teaching in the synagogue in Capernaum. This is powerful.

He says in the beginning was the word and that was God, and faith comes from the word, you must have the word and eat it, it brings life. It brings fullness of joy and look at Deuteronomy, look at 8. It is another word, that is powerful. Be careful to follow every commandment I give to you today. So that you may live and increase.

You shall take the land that the forefathers were promised. Jesus says if you walk by faith and obey the Lord, you can have the promised land. The Lord your God took you out of the desert for 40 years, and they could have had, and they could have gone in early but they rebelled, and they went back out into the desert for another 38 years for total 40.

He says you had to be humbled, and he gave you the manna, and you and your forefathers did not know, you do not live by bread alone, but by every word out of the mouth of the Lord. In the beginning was the word. He says I humbled you out of the garden, so that you would have to depend upon me. The ground is cursed, but you go back to Christ, you submit to him and you receive the word and you obey it, and then you can have fullness of joy in your life.

It’s pretty simple. You know, your clothing did not wear out, and your feet did not swell up, and in your hearts, and as a will discipline his son, so the Lord your God will discipline you, walk with the Lord, and revere him. For the Lord your God brings you into a good land, it is a land of milk and honey. With pools of water, water flowing in the Valley. You will have barley, and all of oil and honey. It is a land of bread that will not be scarce, and you shellac for nothing.

The rocks will be iron, and you can take copper from the hills. And that was a big blessing back then for many reasons. They would make weaponry from these things, to protect themselves. So God says, as we obey the word, and we walk by faith, he will take you into the fullness of joy.

You will have no lack. You must obey his word, I have said this before, and people become upset when you talk about money but if you can learn to give, and tithe, you know, you will obey God in every other area. You will obey God if you can just give, and God wants your heart.

What I mean? You know, Abel, he wanted the best, he gave the firstfruits. I don’t mean the first 10th, you know, Abel did that and God blessed him. He had a great abundance. Cain became jealous. His blood felt the ground from Abel, and God got him, all right now verse four. Of Matthew.

This is just to show you, that Jesus verifies, and then Jesus says it is written you cannot live by bread alone but every word out of the mouth of God. How important is the word? The word was with God and the word was God in the beginning. Jesus is the world.

The world does not know, faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word, and if you stay and eat the bread. You shall be at his right hand and you shall have the fullness of joy. And you shall Lack for nothing. When you walk in obedience to the word, you will lack for nothing. And the Bible says have the word upon your forehead and the doorpost and your heart. And he says let the word be before you all of the time.

It’s the presence of the Lord. The word is the presence and so is Jesus when you have the presence in your life. Do not miss next Monday night and there’s so much more. Please listen on Monday night. This might blow your mind. Get the presence of God in your life. Stay in the word. You can know the word, have his presence in your life, you shall have fullness of joy.

Do you have any comments? And she does a good job, just looking so pretty. Do you think that Becky should preach some night? You know, look at all of the hands, there are thousands may be Becky should preach one night. There is joy in his presence