Don’t Touch the Anointed of the Lord.

Listen to: “Don’t Touch the Anointed of the Lord.”

January 10, 2017

Praise the Lord, I’m glad be with you tonight, and I pray that you are glad to be here, and I am pastor Jeff Lane, and you will be able to call in.

We will have the telephone number up on the screen, and then we can pray and get into the word of the Lord.┬áSometimes I don’t understand why the Lord tells me, and then I go, that’s why at this would be one of those times and let’s pray together.

We thank you for the word and we trust you Lord, because you give me the word, and sometimes I don’t get it, and tonight, we shall preach what you have spoken, I pray this would go forth and do what you would like to accomplish.

I pray that you would bring the church together in the name of the Lord Jesus I pray, and I thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus, Amen. Okay, let me take a little shift, never gonna be going in a direction, and I know that God wants to do some things, and always God wins. God wins tonight and if you could go to first Chronicles chapter 16.

Verse 11 and then the says, do not touch my anointed and do my people no harm, and when he speaks about the anointed ones, this would be his children, it would be the whole of those that are chosen by God. Then he specifically mentions the prophets.

Then he says, do not touch my anointed, and when we know that when Jesus was anointed, and he went to do signs and wonders and when you have the anointing, people might work against you, you think, but it is actually the spirit of the Lord inside of you they are fighting. That would be dangerous. It would be very dangerous.

God does not pull back is calling from us, even though we might mess up, let me go to first Chronicles, I’m sorry, first Samuel 10 and I’m going to be going very quickly and I don’t know that we could get through this but I’m gonna go fast, and this would be very important. I want you to see this first Samuel 10:1.

Then Samuel poured it over the head of Saul and he said, with a kiss, the Lord has anointed you over his inheritance. He takes a flask of oil, and he pours it over Saul, and he has anointed the king and God has chosen Saul and he had been a man that looks so much like what the world might choose for a leader. He was a large man, and a tall man.

He was chosen to lead Israel and sometimes they lead, under the anointing, but they can punish. They can punish a nation. Keep that in mind but regardless, he was anointed. Now let me go to 15, first Samuel, and I’m going fast. Then later on, in Saul’s life, and Samuel gave him an order.

Then he says now you go and attack the Amalekites and destroyed them, and do not spare them and put to death all of the men and women and the children and every animal. God told Samuel, you will destroy these worldly people, I do not want anything they must do with you.

When you are saved, God wants to destroy the world inside of you, to totally destroy it. Up until that time, the Amalekites were troubling Israel, and God says, I shall wipe these people out. Now let me continue and chapter 7. Saul attacked the Amalekites, from the east of Egypt, and then he took the king alive,

and then he took all of the people he totally destroyed them with a sword. Then Saul spared the best of the animals, and everything that was good. They did not destroy these things completely, but everything that was despised, they destroyed. So here Saul does something that is wicked, as we come to the Lord we want to keep what the world has given to us. We want to trust the world. We want to keep the best, of our lives and bring it into a new life and everything God can use it for God says no, I want you to destroy it.

I would be doing a new thing, and we shall take out the old, and you will take it to the grave, you shall come out brand-new. Release the past and that would become a snare for you as it did for Saul. Then the word of the Lord came understandable, I am sad that I made him the king because he is turned away from me, and he won’t do my instructions.

Then Samuel cried out, and then he went to meet Saul, but they had found out that Saul had set up a monument in his own honor. I have spoken about this before, and so Saul bills a monument to himself. When Samuel got there, and then Saul says, I have done everything that the Lord has want me to do.

Then Samuel said, and why do I hear the animals? I’m listening to the cattle. Then Saul says, and the soldiers, and he’s passing the buck, and they have taken the best to sacrifice to the Lord but reach, but We have totally destroy everything else.

Then you know, Samuel says, let me tell you what the Lord says, even though you were small, do not become proud, because you are the king, and you have been put on a mission, and you will destroy the wicked people, and you shall wipe them out but you have not obeyed the Lord. Now you have done evil. Then Samuel says I did obey the Lord and I did what the Lord told me to do when I killed all of the Amalekites. Then the soldiers took the best, and they wanted to sacrifice it to the Lord.

Then Samuel says, does the Lord want your sacrifice or does he want your obedience? It is better to obey, than to give the fat of rams, your arrogance would be like idolatry. Because you have not done the word of the Lord and the Lord has rejected you from being the king.

My friends, and these people have rejected the word of the Lord, and they rejected the word of the Lord, and that is Jesus, the word. He has rejected Christ. He did not do what God had told him to do and as a result, and God would take away his spirit from King Saul. He has rejected.

Now listen the reply, and then Saul says to Samuel, I have committed sin, and I did not do what you said and I gave into the people and please forgive me and come back to me that I would worship the Lord now. Now let me say this. Then he says I was afraid of the people.

I was more concerned about the people. Now pastors listen to me and when you have more concerned about the people and you want destroy the sins of the camp, and you want destroy the worldly. You want the world inside of your church and to turn your people, but God will hold you responsible, because you have been anointed by him.

He will look upon you and he will take away his spirit, and he will take away his spirit. He might have anointed you to preach but you would be left behind, you will no longer have the anointing. You are rejecting the word of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Look at what it says.

Then Samuel says, I cannot go back with you because you have rejected the Lord and now you are not king, and then Samuel began to leave, and then Saul took his robe and then he tore it, and then Samuel says, your kingdom will be given to your neighbor, and the Lord will not change his mind for he cannot tell a lie, or change his mind.

Let me jump over to verse 16, and forgive me I’m in the wrong place. It would be 16:13. He goes, to David, and David is anointed as the next king, and then he says he takes the horn of oil and he anoints him in the presence of the brothers, and in the power of the Lord came over the man of God, and the spirit departed from Saul, it departed, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him. He did have the spirit, he was anointed for the position, but the Lord left, and now he had an evil spirit.

People say you know, the man started out so good, he would preach the gospel, and all of a sudden, he turned. There is a man, Jones, and he began a town like Jonestown, and you know, and he was preaching at first, with the spirit but somewhere along the way he began to listen to the people, he was caught up in the world.

He cared more about money and land that women and then he lost his way. He took his followers with him, he took them to what? To destruction, there was an evil spirit that took the place of the Lord.

With that being said, and I could go somewhere with this and let me keep racing along, and let me go to chapter 24. Then King David was stricken, and he was anointed be the next king, and the most important sign when you see the spirit leaving, they become jealous of others, laid begin to demean others and attack others, and they bring the people of God together, but then they don’t do that but they attack others.

Then Saul is jealous of King David, and he knows that the spirit of the Lord is over him and favors him, and the spirit of the Lord has departed, and he wants to now kill David. David is in the cave, and he can kill Saul.

Then David was to the heart because he cut his robe and then he said I shall not hurt this man, the anointed of the Lord. For he is anointed. With these words, King David’s said, do not attack Saul.

So you see King David, you know, and he cuts off the garment of King Saul. You know, and when you have a long robe, you would be the top dog, and he was saying you know, this belongs to me. Then King David realized, God can do this when he is ready. He basically apologizes, and then he says to Saul I could kill you but I won’t touch you.

Even though Saul wants to kill David, Saul has done wrong, and he is committed sin, but he is still God’s anointed. King David says, is not my place to touch you. I cannot touch Saul. You must be very careful. I don’t care how far someone falls. Do not touch them.

The Lord says, you have seen that the Lord has delivered you into my hands, and I could’ve killed you what I have spirit you. I will not lift my hand against you because you are the anointed and Saul, could’ve been killed, and King David passed this test. King David did not get a big head.

Let’s go to the next verse and when they arrived, all right and I’m sorry. 26:9, and then David says, do not hurt King Saul, and you would be not guiltless, and when you touch the man of God, you are not guiltless, and King David says, don’t touch this man. Now let me continue and go to verse 12. So David took the spear, and he took the water from the king Saul. No one knew about these things and they did not wake up.

They were sleeping and they fell into a deep sleep, and then David crossed over, and David steals his things, because he sneaks up, and then King David went to the top of the high Hill, and then there was a wide space between Saul, and King David. Then they said who are you King David? King David says, you should’ve guarded the king, and someone could have killed the king, and what you have done is not good.

As God lives, you and your men shall die because you did not guard your men, and you shall die. King David says, and God has made you to guard these men, and you are not guarding these men. If you are working with someone, you better hush your mouth and protect them and even by not protecting them, God shall hold you guilty, because you did not speak up on their behalf. But you might say, Saul did not do right, he was still anointed. God put them in the anointed office. Don’t touch God’s anointed.

Don’t go there. God will not hold you guiltless, you will pay. I don’t say you’ll go to hell but you will pay. I become nervous when I hear, and I will hear these people that are anointed, they call out, and they curse other men that are anointed. Even if they have fallen, that’s not your place. God is the judge. You will not be held guiltless.

You would be guilty. You will pay the price. Like I say when you hear people doing this, what you see is a man were the anointing is living and the man is not jealous, and he can see the other man has an anointing, and people follow the anointing. People become upset, they don’t want that.

We shall be jumping, and this will give you chills. I’ll try to wrap it up. Ezekiel. Look at 28 and verse 14. I always have many studies going on at the same time. You are and anointed angel, and you have been in the mountain of God, and you had been blameless in your ways and then wickedness was found inside of you.

This is talking about the devil, he was an anointed angel he committed sin and he began to merchandise God’s glory, he wanted the glory. So here is the anointed of God, Satan, put that on the shelf, that we jump over, to the book of Jude. 1. We shall look at verse nine. This would be interesting. Even Michael, the angel, when he fought the devil, he did not slander the devil over the body of Moses, but he said the Lord rebuke you. These men speak in abuse with things they do not understand.

They are like animals. So here the angel of God, and Michael, the angel, would not attack Satan. He said, I won’t fall into this, God will judge your this is not my place. This would be the Archangel Michael. That me go now to another chapter.

Then he showed me Joshua the high priest before the Lord, and the enemy, standing at the right side to accuse him. Joshua was guilty but he was being accused, he was guilty. But the Lord told Satan, I believe this would be Jesus, this would be Jesus, he is called the angel of the Lord.

Then he says the Lord rebuke you. Jesus does not judge, but listen, he says, the father rebuke you. The Lord has chosen Jerusalem, and now you shall be rebuke.

This man is a burning stake, and We have this angel speaking, and they say, the Lord shall judge you, and you shall be put in your place. I am not telling you that we don’t kick out the devil, we can, but I want you to see even the angels would not touch anyone or anything that would be of the Lord.

They would not touch it, and they knew they would not be held guiltless. If that does not give you chills, and I hear the people of God, and I hear the anointed of the Lord, and they attack other people of God.

We are not called to accuse one another, that is what the devil does, it is not your place to judge, God shall judge. I try to be careful. I tell people, don’t do this, not on my program, I won’t be a part of it. I shall be held accountable. I do not want to touch God’s anointed. There is one penalty and that would be death.

Chapter 3, now Joshua was dressed in filthy garments, and he stood before the angel, and then the angel said take off those filthy clothes. Then the Lord says I will take away your sins and give you a rich garment. Then give him a clean turban. Give him good clothing at the angels stood by. Then they said to Joshua, God says, here it comes.

If you walk in my ways and keep my requirements, and then you shall govern my house, and my courts, and I shall give you a place among these here. If you do what I say you will standby the Lord God, you will stand in his presence. Gabriel stands in the presence of the Lord.

It is an honor to stand with the Lord, you must do what you are told. Listen to me, Joshua, you are a high priest. These things are symbolic of what shall come. I shall bring my servant, and I will put you in front of Joshua.

These are the seven eyes of the one stone, and the Lord says, I shall take your sins away in one day. That is powerful, and God says to Joshua, I will bring forth the Christ through you, and I will take away your sins and one day.

That it talks about a stone with seven eyes and that is the church. This is from the book of Revelation. That is this man was obedient, God says I will do these things. Through this one man, and God wants us to stand in the gap.

What does he ask of us? We must be obedient. Don’t give in, and don’t do what people want, and don’t do this because you think you will be losing your pitiful little job. But you do the right thing, and God shall bless you. You shall stand before me in eternity. That is powerful. God is looking for someone to stand in the gap.

You must do what God wants you to do, don’t take it lightly when you are called the Lord. God says I can be a fortress around you and protect you. You shall be held accountable, if you do not listen. You shall be held accountable.

I love this verse, and then in that day and you shall invite your neighbors, and you shall have the victory. This means that God will bring you into such, it shall be such prosperity, you will have health, and wealth, whatever you need. You will have contentment. This is what this means. We can have this. If we are obedient. You need to do what God wants you to do, pastor.

Speak the truth, and don’t take the best of the world, you are setting a trap for your self if you do. You listen to what God says, and don’t reject the word of the Lord. Don’t attack your fellow pastors, don’t attack the evangelist, or those that would be anointed of God. Withdraw your hand, you do what God wants you to do. It’s not your place to judge others, I take care of you.

I hope this did you some good tonight. You need to watch out for the jealous spirits.