Don’t Have a Form of Godliness.

Be Faithful.

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January 9, 2017

Praise the Lord, I’m glad to be with you tonight. People, I cannot tell you, and God has been all over me today. I will have a word from the Lord in a moment, and my computer has gone kaput. We shall get into the word and pray for people. Let me pray together with you.

Lord Jesus, you have prepared a table, I pray that we could all eat the delicious food, and I pray that you could nourish our spirits, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. Amen. Excuse me, I have got to fix my computer.

I think that’s working now. They are staring at me in the window. We shall go to the book of Proverbs 15:29, I have people many times, they will say that my prayers are not being answered. People want me to pray for things, and then you figure out, things are a mess.

Look at Proverbs 15:29, and the Lord is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayers of the righteous. That is not man-made righteousness that is from God. It is not our standard. That was the problem of Adam and Eve eating of the tree. When they understood good and evil, they knew by our standard, that would be okay and we can do this with our standard.

But God says no, this is not your standard, your standard would be like filthy rags, you cannot compare to what I would call righteous. So Jesus comes, he sheds his blood to make us righteous and we should live by faith but Abraham, he was the father of faith, and the Bible says of James, he was righteous for what he did when he put Isaac on the altar.

Many people don’t get prayers answered, they will not walk by faith. You need to give God the 10th, and you give God the 10th, and not what is left over. You know, it is trusting God with the firstfruits. God says I know if I have the first portion, I have your heart.

Then I can multiply this, and I can make it more than the 90%. I can bring you increase, I shall provide for you. People don’t believe. People don’t have the faith to give, there is no action in accordance with your faith.

There is no righteousness in your life. You truly do not believe. If you love him, you would obey him and let me move on. That me go to the book of Mark 11:12. When they were leaving Bethany, this is between the triumphant entry and Jesus goes into Jerusalem, and then they want to kill him that week later.

Never forget it, and when people say that your so great, and next weekend, they might put you on a cross. When they were leaving Bethany Jesus was hungry, then he saw a fig tree, and he wanted to see if there was any fruit. Then he found nothing, it was not of the season for the fix.

Then he said, nobody shall eat from you again. The disciples heard it. Then the figtree died, after Jesus cursed it. They said this was not of season. But when fig trees, had leaves they would normally have us– they would normally have fruit, it would be like a fig tree, and it would produce but this one had no fruit.

So the Lord cursed it because there was no fruit. It was like a form. We will keep this in mind but keep this in mind, okay? He cursed and because it did not bear any fruit. With that being said, do not forget, Jesus says what? The tree will be cut down that does not bear fruit.

God wants you to bear fruit, and don’t just be pretty. I have got a lovely tree, and it is a Peach tree and it has been there for many years, there is no fruit. It is very pretty. I have pruned it, but it will not produce fruit. I don’t have the space for anything that will produce fruit. I had a tangerine tree, and it grew beyond its years.

I wanted to try the Peach tree. There is no fruit. I have waited long enough. The tree will come down. Let me go to second Timothy 3. Now, listen, and mark down, there shall be terrible times in the last days people shall love money and they shall be boastful and proud and disobedient, and unforgiving and with no love and no self-control and brutal, and they shall be treacherous and conceited, they shall love pleasure and not God.

I’m not talking about Washington DC, this is everybody. Even the people in the church. They have a form of godliness, the Bible says they have a form but they have no power. How do they have no power? Well the Lord says we are a people prayer but they won’t pray.

God would listen to our prayers, the Bible says the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avail much. God does not care how much you pray, but there is no effect without any righteousness. You have to walk in his righteousness. That have a form of godliness but they have no power. They’d never produce any fruit.

They are just concerned about how they look. Maybe you see like a lovely tree that is leafy but it never gives any fruit. These are the kind, they will go into homes and gain control of women that are loaded down with sins, and their full of evil desires, they always learn but they can never acquire the knowledge of the truth.

Like the men who opposed Moses, they shall be rejected. But they shall not get very far. The Bible talks about Janece and Jambrees, and these men were sorcerers, in the days of Moses, and then they threw down the rod that became a snake. It became a snake. Then they wanted to imitate the Lord, and they had a form of godliness, but they were not really good but they were actually evil false prophets.

They threw down their sticks and then they became snakes. Then Moses to accomplish snake and the snake that Moses had swallowed the one of the false prophets. Then, and you know, then you know, and Moses put the snake on the pole, and if they would look at the snake they would be healed.

That was like Christ, he was lifted up on a tree, and he died for us. Then he has come back to life. Keep that in mind. Put that in your mind. Even though these false men, they had a form of godliness, and then Moses does some more miracles, and then they wanted to copy Moses, but they were cursed. They wound up with the boils, they could no longer do their magic work.

There was no real power they just had a form of the power. But Moses took them out of Egypt. The false prophets, they wound up dying. Now stay with me and be patient back to the book of Mark. Verse 13 out of the book of Mark, when they went into Jerusalem, Jesus went into the temple and began to drive out those who are purchasing and selling. He overthrew the tables of the money changers.

He would not allow anybody to merchandise in the temple. This was the third time he did this and this was right before the crucifixion. Then he said, my house shall be a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of thieves. When they heard this, they wanted to kill him, they were afraid of him and then the entire crowd was amazed.

Jesus says, I’m gonna cleanse this temple, and God will hear the prayers of the righteous and I will cleanse this temple and I will make this a house of prayer. It was not the physical building, it was not the physical temple that he was concerned with it was our temple of the body. Within a few days, he would be placed upon the cross.

He went into the temple, he drove them out. He died upon the cross he became a curse for us. So that we could have the righteousness of God in Christ. We would have the power. Our prayers would have power. If you go back to the Old Testament. When you see these men, and they took the false fire and they were false prophets.

They put that up on the altar with the incense, and they thought they were good enough. But let me tell you, you know, the incense was like the prayers of the saints. Then they were consumed by fire. Get this sin out. Shadrach, meshach and abednego, and when they went into the fire they were not burned.

When you have God’s fire, you cannot be burned. But you will be consumed if you are not walking the righteousness. You cannot stand before the Lord, and your prayers shall not avail, you won’t see the fourth man in the fire. You must have power, don’t just look pretty. Maybe something that could have some fruit, but you would have the power to make a difference.

I wish I could keep going, and you would have the power to bring in the lost, you would have the power to raise the dead and heal the sick, and you would have the righteousness of God in your heart, it is Christ.

He burns the sin out of your life, you walk in righteousness to his word. God hears the prayers of the man of faith. But faith is not simply believing for a Mercedes. Faith my friends, is taking the Lord at his word. You know if you give, he will bless you.

You will do what God says, because if you walk in obedience to your marriage vows, then God will bless your marriage. People were saying, what does it mean to be faithful? But the one who is faithful, would obey the covenant of the marriage. Jesus has done away with the old covenant, there was a form of godliness. There was not the power to bring deliverance.

It showed us that we are sinners. But in the new covenant, through the blood, we have a marriage with the Lord, we receive him, as we are obedient, and we are faithful, that God hears our prayers. He answers our prayers.

These things are one in the same. Obedience and answers to prayer. Let me continue reading, we shall finish it. In the morning they saw the fig tree withered, and then the disciples said it was dead. From the roots up. Jesus wants to take the root of evil and curse it. So it died from the roots up.

Then he said have faith in God, I will tell you, if you tell the mountains to move and you don’t doubt but you believe that what you say will happen that will be done. It is by what you say. You will have the fruit. Abraham was righteous because he walked by faith but he offered Isaac on the altar, and he knew if he would put them on the altar, God would raise him from the dead, if need be.

But people could not get cut 10% and then trust him that he could bring it from the dead and produce fruit. Isaac became the father of many nations, think about that, my friends. Millions and millions. God told Isaac, and Abraham, put the boy on the altar. I lost my place.

Okay. Verse 24. Therefore I will tell you whatever you ask in prayer believe that you receive it and it shall be yours, and when you pray, and if you have anything against anybody forgive them and then you shall be forgiven. If you want forgiveness, you must be like Jesus and forgive.

You don’t just stop sinning, but you forgive people that of hurt you, you forgive those who commit sin against you. If you want answers to prayer walk in righteousness like Jesus. Jesus went to the cross, to forgive you. Will you go to the cross to forgive?

Will you go to Christ, and forgive and will you forgive the neighbors and your enemies? Jesus was willing to forgive and he did. God blessed him. Abraham did not see all of his children, he had no children, but God raised him from the dead, and then God multiplied him.

I have to stop here. I hope this is a blessing. Don’t have a form of godliness, but we need a real power. God is not impressed with your regulations.

God looks for the faithful who would be obedient to him. Why do I bring up tithing? It would be such a basic part of Christianity and if you don’t have the faith to tithe, I would say don’t even bother. You do not walk by faith. You do not walk in obedience.