Don’t Covet A Position

Listen to: “Don’t Covet a Position.”

January 12, 2018

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, give the Lord all of the glory.  I am so happy to be here. This is You and Me, this program is live on the air, and we can pray for you live on the air.

I have so many prayer warriors and they love to pray, we pray together and we will see results. Sometimes the results are immediate, and sometimes it is slow, but we get it, Jesus loves you. No other way to say it.

Let’s pray, let me see what God is going to be doing tonight. Father we thank you, we thank you for the word and it is your word that brings  everything into being.

You have suffered and you died and Jesus rose from the dead to set us free. The word comes to us now.

It brings understanding, it will increase our faith, that we would be saved, I pray that the word from your mouth would touch us, and into our ears and hearts. I pray that we would receive and understand. We would do it, Amen.

Okay, we shall go to Matthew, I don’t know, but we shall be there at Matthew 12: 28. I am sorry. I get tickled. It’s silly. Last night a lady called in about her Robert Junior, and then I wanted to know what the father’s name was and it was Robert Senior. When I thought about it, I would chuckle. I was such a genius.

God can take these things to confound the wise, and he has chosen me. Let me move along. Let me make a statement, the anointing, the anointing, it puts you in a position, but the position does not give you the anointing.

So many people think if they could just do this or that, if they could maybe get in position, and they could get into a position, they would be able to break forth. The anointing will bring you into a position, but the position more give you the anointing.

May be these things make you feel good, or you are special, but they don’t give you the anointing. It is so simple. Be careful of the positions you want, you might not want something that would be God. Let me go to Matthew 12:22.

We see David and Saul, we see that David was anointed, and God put him in- in a position. He put him in a position to make him ready, to be the next King. The anointing can position you. Let me begin with verse 22.

Then they brought Jesus a demon possessed man, Jesus healed the man, so he could talk and see. That people were astonished. When the Pharisees heard of these things, they said it is how he does this, it’s by Beelzebub.

Jesus knew their thoughts, every kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Will not stand. If Satan drives out Satan, he would be divided against himself.

If I drive out demons by Beelzebub, how do you do it? If I am doing it by the spirit, then the spirit has come to you. They are questioning Jesus, and his power and authority. They wanted to know how he was doing what he did.

They were a part of the religious establishment. They could not blow their nose, if the anointing was dynamite. They depended upon knowledge. They brought others low, and they did not know what they were doing. Maybe they did. Regardless. They use their position to make themselves puffed up.

They could not drive out the demons, they had no authority. They had man-made authority. They look like they were something they were not, and they could not and would not, they could not drive these things out, but Jesus had no position. He had no papers to say he was from a denomination.

They did what? We spoke about it last night. They became jealous. They became jealous. Look at the next verse. Again how can anyone, and this is interesting, how could you go into a strong man’s house, but you must first bind the man, and then rob him.

What are we talking about? This could go many ways. Who wants to destroy you? Who wants to Rob you? It’s the devil. The devil must bind the one with the authority. How does he do that? It is through religion. Through the religious spirits.

You know, they will tell you to be quiet, and they would tell you stop praying for people, and they become jealous. They would be afraid of losing their position. When you are afraid of that, and you think that a man has more authority than you, then you are bound from doing what you need to do.

Saul was afraid of the people, he was afraid of the people more than God. His kingdom could not stand, Satan knows that. He will bind up the anointed one. We have to do just the opposite. We have to bind the one, we have to bind Satan then we can take back what is been stolen.

When we take authority over the demons, we take back to the things that were meant for us. Let me go to verse 30. It says, if you are not with me, you are against me. So I will tell you every blasphemy— if they are not with you they are against you. Don’t forget that.

If you are not with me you are against me, if you are not with me you are scattering. If you do nothing, and you do a lot of nothing, we are people of action, we need to do something for the Lord. There are many things that we are called to do, not every body is called to preach on TV, and do what I do.

Not everybody is in the pulpit. Some are teachers, some our prayer warriors. This is what we do. Dear Lord, we need, we need, we do need more prayer warriors. Let me continue. I tell you every blasphemy will be forgiven, but when you blaspheme the Holy Ghost, when you blaspheme against the Holy Ghost that won’t be forgiven, you would be forgiven if you speak against the Lord Jesus, but if you blaspheme the Holy Ghost, you would not be forgiven.

The Bible says in the Old Testament when you would attack the prophets of God, you are like attacking the Holy Ghost. They would always talk about the work of the Holy Ghost as the work of the devil. Let me give you some understanding.

Look at verse eight of first John. It sums it up. Verse 8. If you do what is sinful, is of the devil, because he is a sinner from the beginning. The Son of Man has appeared, it is to destroy the work of the devil. Jesus has come to destroy the devil.

What is the devil’s work? When David killed Goliath, Satan wanted to hurt the armies of Israel. Saul could not fight Goliath, because he was full of fear. But this little boy, he cuts off Goliath said and he was not afraid. He knew who he was in Christ.

He said I come against you, I fight you with the anointing. I fight you and the name of the Lord God Almighty. This one man did not have a chance. Second Peter, 2:10. Lord, help me to find it. This is true of those who follow the desires of the sinful nature, and they despise authority.

These people are not afraid to slander even celestial beings, and even the angels are very powerful, and they don’t slander those in the presence of the Lord. These men are blasphemers, and they are to be caught and destroyed like a beast.

They shall be paid back for the harm that they do. Their idea of pleasure this gets me. They want to be blemishes, they feast with you. They are full of adultery, they are never, they are never not committing sin. They are like the old prophets of baal. You know, I like the King James, when it says these men are like jackasses.

These men are madness. They have no water, they are clouds with no rain, and they speak boastful words, and they appeal to their lustful desires, they entice people who escape, I’m sorry, I lost my place.

They entice people, who are escaping, and for those who live in error. They say they are free but they are really slaves to depravity. You know they have escaped the corruption of this world, and yet they go back into sin, they are even worse off than the beginning.

It would be better not to know the way of righteousness, and then to turn their backs on the Lord. Then it says, the dog goes back to its vomit, and the pig that is washed is now back in the mud.

What would be the key thing? They despise authority, they despise authority. These people live like animals, they act like it. They do things, and they are disgusting. You must be concerned about them. I see more of this in the last days.

It is horrifying. I wonder if people are blind, and maybe they cannot see, and they have no understanding, than the people, who feed depravity to us, and they question God, I just heard yesterday. There was someone who made a comment about Jesus that horrified me, she said she was a Christian.

She said there were more ways to God, than Jesus Christ. They despise authority. Let me continue. Let me go back to 33, make the tree good, and make it bad, and the fruit will be bad, you are known by your fruit. You are evil, so you can say nothing good. Your mouth speaks evil. You will bring good out of your mouth and out of your heart, and the same with the evil, they bring out of their hearts. But men shall give an account on the judgment day, your words will acquit you or judge you.

These religious leaders, he was speaking to them, and he said, you will be judged by your words. What is on the inside comes out of you. Life and death are in the power of the tongue.

Go to the book of John, John 6: 63. It says the spirit is life, and the flesh counts for nothing. My words are spirit and they are life. Go down to verse 68. Simon Peter said, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We know that you are the holy one.

It was the authority of Jesus and his words, he would bring life. The Pharisees and the Sadducees, they would speak by the law, Jesus spoke by grace. Jesus brought life, he was healing the sick, casting out devils.

He had the authority to do it. The Sadducees had a position, and therefore they brought death, they were cursing Jesus, and they were saying that Jesus was a devil, and he cast out the devil by the devil. God says this is a blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. So you will give an account.

Ephesians 1. 1:17. I keep asking the Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious father, listen to the words, he will give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation, that you may know him better. I pray that you may be enlightened, in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, and for the inheritance of the saints.

His great power, for those of us that believe. We have such great power, for those who believe. That power is, it is like the work of a mighty stream, that he has done this in Christ, and he raised him from the dead, to the heavenly realm. Far above all rulers and authority, and every title that could be given.

Not only now but in the world to come. God has put everything under his feet, and he is the head of the church, which is the fullness of him who fills everything. God exalted Christ, he is the King of Kings over all sickness, and everything, and he gave it to us as the body of christ. It is given to us, too. We are a part of Christ. We do his work.

Look at Revelation 2: 26, and what does it say? If you overcome, and if you do my will unto the end, I will give you the authority over the nations, you will rule over them, you shall break them like pottery, just like I have received authority, I will give you the MorningStar, if you can hear, what is the spirit saying to the churches?

If you do my will, I talk about authority, and what do I say? I keep pointing it out, to have the authority, you must be under the authority. The centurian had to obey. Therefore, because he could be trusted, he was given authority over 100 men. Like he was under authority, then he had authority.

As we do what God wants, he brings more authority, as we are obedient. Maybe I would be mistaken, I don’t think we are called to retire. We keep at it until our last breath. We can never take a break. We fight to the last breath.

We have the authority, and we keep doing the work of the Lord, when you quit fighting, you fall. When you stop, you stumble. God gives you the authority, he expects you to use it or lose it. One last Scripture.

Maybe I’ll bring this up. Let me go back to the book of Matthew. Let me go back to Matthew 7:13, that was not it. All right, watch out for the false prophets, they come to you like sheep, but they are like wolves, you will know them by their fruits. You will recognize them. You cannot pick fruit from a thorn tree.

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, if you don’t have good fruit you will be cut down and thrown into the fire. You will know them by their fruits. Not everyone that says to me Lord, Lord, will enter into the kingdom of heaven. Only those that do the will of the father, go into heaven. God wants your obedience.

Many will say to me, Lord, Lord, we prophesied in your name, and we drove out the demons in your name. We did the miraculous. Then he shall say, I never knew you, so away from me.

This talks about the wise and foolish virgins. Where do you build your house? Are you building upon the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ and his word? If you would be in the ministry, and maybe what you have, would be a position that God has given to you, if your ministry would be built upon the rock, it will stand.

When the waves come, it won’t change. But if you are on sinking sand, it would be built upon a position, or piece of paper, it will collapse. You would be disillusioned. The people that fall you will go with you. That would be scary.

God says you can have authority, I will give these things to you if you obey me. If you walk in authority. The people attacked the Holy Ghost when they attack you. God says don’t worry I’ll take care of them. That is mine. Don’t touch the anointed.

When you are seeking the Lord about the ministry, remember, the anointing will make room for you, it will put you in the right place at the right time. Man-made positions it would be of no value. It falls. It falls. It crumbles. Don’t seek your position, seek the anointing. Seek his favor, but not men.

You do not want to wind up like Saul. You will wind up like Saul. Let me stop. ———–