God Is Everywhere.

God Is Everywhere..

Listen to: “God Is Everywhere.”

January 25, 2018

Praise the Lord, I’m pastor Jeff Lane.  You can call into the program  with the numbers on the screen, You can ask for prayer.  We’re going to be going into the book of Psalms 139.

By the way, if you missed seeing our teaching on Facebook, on the website tonight, it is not too late.  You can watch it, if you are a widow, perhaps you are a widower. Perhaps you are  going through a hard place financially.  Maybe you are going through a difficult place–my teaching might help you.

Let me pray, let me get into the Word of the Lord. Father we thank you for what we are about to receive and we would pray in the name of Jesus that your Holy Ghost would speak to the people that you would have your way. Continue reading God Is Everywhere.