Don’t Touch the Anointed of the Lord.

Listen to: “Don’t Touch the Anointed of the Lord.”

January 10, 2017

Praise the Lord, I’m glad be with you tonight, and I pray that you are glad to be here, and I am pastor Jeff Lane, and you will be able to call in.

We will have the telephone number up on the screen, and then we can pray and get into the word of the Lord.┬áSometimes I don’t understand why the Lord tells me, and then I go, that’s why at this would be one of those times and let’s pray together.

We thank you for the word and we trust you Lord, because you give me the word, and sometimes I don’t get it, and tonight, we shall preach what you have spoken, I pray this would go forth and do what you would like to accomplish. Continue reading Don’t Touch the Anointed of the Lord.