Such Power in the Name of Jesus.

Jesus baptized Holy Ghost
Power In His Name!

Listen to: “Such Power in the Name of Jesus.”

January 6, 2018

>Becky: Hello, welcome to you and me, our prayer meeting.

>>Jeff: I am Pastor Jeff and were looking forward to tonight, and we are surrounded by angels, and I’m stuck in the middle, with an angel, and you cannot beat that, and we thank you for the angels.

We shall get into the word right away, but wanted to let you know, this program is live, and you can call in and of the numbers will be up on your screen.

You can also write to me with an email, I shall pray for you and I pray for everything. You are welcome to do it that way. Let’s get into prayer and get to work and go and preach.

We thank you for this night at your presence and we thank you for all of the good things you have done for us.  Continue reading Such Power in the Name of Jesus.