In the Name of the Lord.

Listen to “In the Name of the Lord.”

January 4, 2018

Jeff: Praise the Lord, I’m glad to be with you tonight. I’m going to go to the Book of Acts tonight, and I’ll pick up, this is going to be our rabbit trail. We are talking about the power of the name of Jesus in the first church. Don’t let this bother you.

Sometimes we need to do these things, we need to go to the Old Testament and get a picture. I am pastor Jeff Lane, this program is live on the air. We will have the numbers up on the screen. You can allow God to touch you.

Let’s pray together. We thank you for another night. I would pray in the name of Jesus, that you will touch, touch, the church and your body and your people.

Wake us up. Let us know what you have done for us, let us know what we have to do because the time is short to reach the lost. Let us reach out to the lost because your favor is upon your church. Continue reading In the Name of the Lord.