You Can Walk in the Glory.

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December 5, 2017

Praise the Lord, I hope you had a good weekend, and I pray that you had a great weekend. Our program is live on the air, and you will be able to call in to the telephone numbers you will see on your screen. We will be happy to pray for you.

We will have a short teaching in a moment, and we will get right on into praying for the people. So pray with me. Father we pray that your presence would be with us, and that you would have your way.

I pray that you could empty me of the cares of this world, and give me your sweet presence, and I pray that your glory could fall upon these people in the name of Jesus I pray and I thank you and Amen.

Let’s go to the book of Exodus, we began to speak about this on Friday night. I did not want to stop but I had to. We spoke about Moses, how the glory of God came down, and in the Hebrew he saw the residue of God’s glory. It was not to the fullness but the residue.

That he was covered with a veil. We will begin with chapter 34:29. God told him he would go with Israel and they must obey him, to obey his commandments. He gave them the 10 Commandments. That God gave to them and then he would go with them. Again, and let me go With you, and he came down with the commandments, from Mount Sinai. He was radiant. He had spoken with the Lord. When everyone saw that he was radiant.

They were afraid of him. Moses called to them. Then all of the people came back, along with Aaron. Then everybody came up, and he gave them the commandments of the Lord from Mount Sinai. When Moses finished speaking, he put a veil over his face. But he would take it off when he spoke to the Lord.

Then he told the people what he had been commanded, then they saw he was radiant. Then he would put the veil back on, and then he would go back to speak with the Lord. God has given Moses the law. When he gave him the law the residue of the glory of God was so great and how can I say?

The Lord passed by Moses, Moses was able to see the residue of where God had been. So the law was the residue of the glory, it was where God had been. But God has moved on to Christ, and to grace.

Even though we had the law and the glory, there is a greater glory with Jesus. Sometimes we just don’t obey the law, very simple. We cannot. We are in sin. Moses had to keep going back to the Lord, and he would go back, he would be even more radiant.

Then over time it fade away, it would fade. They can to put a veil over Moses, because the Jews could not look on him. The glory of God was so great, he was so bright, they could not even look at him. He covered himself. That is the radiance of the law.

Christ is greater. Now, with that being said, I can remember someone said the radiance of God fell upon them, they cannot look at this person. The glory of God was so great, they turned away. You don’t see that. It is incredible.

But we have the glory, but we have it in a different way. That me go to chapter 3, of second Corinthians. Second Corinthians. It’s in here. Now we will go to verse three. You see, you should understand, you are living letters, and you are not written on tablets of stone but, tablets of the heart.

It is ours through Christ. Not that we are anything of ourselves. Let this comes from God. We are ministers of the new covenant not of the letter but the letter, but we have the spirit because that brings life. The letter of the law will kill you. As beautiful as it is, it brings death. We all break the law.

God said there would be just 10 Commandments, that would be 10, but we cannot keep the two, that say love God, and love your neighbor. The letter kills. That me say this. This book is knowledge, it’s good, when it comes from the Lord.

You can know the letter, but it can bring death, because you will not walk in the spirit. People can be destroyed because you twist the word. There are many good church ladies, they will destroy someone, they can destroy a loved one, they will interpret it under their own will.

That is the problem with Adam and Eve. Adam, Adam, —- Adam and Eve, when they came into the garden, and they found out good and evil, then they found out they could be the judge. We get into trouble. We question God, and his righteousness.

There was a ministry of death, month and there was such glory, they could not look at Moses, it was fading, but now we have a greater glory. How much more glorious is the one of righteousness ?

There is no glory now compared with what we shall have, and we will have the greater glory that will last. Now we have this hope, we are bold. We are not like Moses, who had to wear a veil, and the radiance would fade away.

But to this day, they have the same veil, it has not been removed, only in Christ is it taken away. They are covered by a veil in the heart. But if someone comes to Christ God will take away the veil, and you will have freedom.

We now reflect his glory, and we are going to be translated into his likeness, it comes from the Lord, it is that spirit. Under Moses there was glory, but it was the residue. If you have a residue, it will fade away, it goes away.

But with Christ, we have ever increase in glory. In the beginning was the word, the word was God. Everything was made by him, the word. The word was spoken. God spoke it. There was a Big Bang. The universe was formed from a point in time. From nothing.

I don’t know want to say. It was something so small, it was like a particle, just a nothing. It began to expand. The universe continues to expand today. When God gives you the word, the glory expands greater and greater over time. It is ever increasing, just like the universe.

So is God’s word. All right let me continue to second Corinthians. It is through his mercy, we don’t lose heart. We will renounce the secret things. We will not be deceptive, or distorted the word. But we will commend ourselves to every man’s conscience.

Even if our gospel is covered, it is covered to those that are perishing, so they cannot see the light of the gospel, Christ is the image of God. We say that Christ is Lord, we are your servants. God says let the light shine, made this shine in our hearts, to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.

We have this in jars of clay, it is from God, not from man. I saw something on a satanically church. They would talk about knowledge. If knowledge would be so good, it doubles every 20 minutes right now. Every 1000 years, back in the 1800s the knowledge would double every 1000 years. But now it doubles every 20 minutes. With the computers.

Why are things better now? Why aren’t things worse? If knowledge could bring salvation, where things are mess. People don’t have any understanding. That me go to the book of Hosea. I did not finish reading. Let me go back to the book of John.

If you love me, obey my teachings, I will come to you, I will make my home in you. These are not my words, but they belong to my father who has sent me. The Holy Ghost, the father will send him to you in my name, he will remind you of all that I have said. I will give you my peace, do not let your heart be troubled.

The Holy Ghost brings knowledge, and he teaches us, and he teaches us the word, we walk in it. We are talking about knowledge, but they had no understanding. The Satanists were talking about knowledge. But they don’t obey anything. You know they said Satan only rebelled.

But the Bible says, it will make you where you cannot understand God and his ways. You don’t obey, you are rebellious. That me go to Hosea, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, you shall be rejected, I will ignore your children, you have ignored my law. We teach rebellion.

We rebelled against the law of the Lord, we do what? We will fail. Let me say this. People say that we have a blind faith. It is not blind. Let me show you Romans 10, my brothers, my prayer to God for Israel that they may be saved. I can say they are zealous, but it is not based on knowledge, they don’t know the righteousness of God. They want their own righteousness.

They do not submit to Christ, and Christ will give you his righteousness. The world wants their own righteousness and they rebelled against the Lord. They failed, they don’t base their faith, the highest form of knowledge would be faith. The highest form of thought is based on faith.

There are things that you can understand but nothing by faith. But you could base it on knowledge. You might say, what are you saying? Let me go to chapter 10, of the book of Romans. They cannot call on the one they have not heard of, they cannot preach without being sent. The feet are so beautiful when they bring the good news, as it is written. But the Bible says no one believes us.

Faith comes from the message, from the word of Christ. We don’t walk by blind faith, we are based upon knowledge. The more of the knowledge of the Lord, the more knowledge we have from the Holy Ghost. The veil is taken away, so we can see clearly. What does it say in John?

I shall make my home with you. If you have the word inside of you, if the Holy Ghost brings you Christ, it is the Holy Ghost that will convict you. It brings understanding, it teaches you all things. The Holy Ghost teaches us about Christ.

So our faith is based on knowledge. People say that we are walking in blind faith, I am disturbed. We do not. Our faith is based in the knowledge of Christ. We don’t just walk by blind faith. God has opened our eyes to see.

They did not think it was worthwhile to think about God, but then they were inflamed with homosexuality, and other immorality. What I find interesting, the temple worship, they were involved in homosexuality. If you would have a good knowledge, you would have the proper life, but you bring forth death, when you don’t understand.

Go back to second Corinthians, chapter 4. That me see if I want to stop. That me go to verse eight, all right I want to jump down, go to 16. We do not lose heart, but we are renewed day by day. These troubles will bring a eternal glory. Look at what is not seen, because what is seen is temporary and what is not seen is eternal.

Now we know we have a building of God, it is not made with hands, eternal by God. We want our heavenly dwelling. When we have the clothing, we shall not be naked. But now we grown, we do not wish to be unclothed, but we want to be clothed we will be swallowed up with life, God has made us for this purpose, we have the spirit of the greater things to come.

As we are away from the Lord, we walk in the body. We have the deposit of the spirit, of his word inside of us, we have what? We have knowledge, we walk by faith, not by sight. We walk by the truth.

We have peace, we are not moved by every wind, and everything that happens. When you know the truth, everything else is a lie. Let me go to the second Corinthians, and I do not want to be as bold as I was, and you think we live by the standards of this world, but we don’t live by the weapons of the world, but we can demolish strongholds, and everything against the knowledge of God.

We make every thought obedient to Christ. We punish disobedience, as we are obedient. God says I shall go with you, as long as you obey me. Through the knowledge of Christ, we will take every thought captive, we no one is of God, and what is not of God.

We have the grace of Christ, our faith is based upon the knowledge of Christ. It is ever increasing glory. How beautiful. How beautiful. My friends.

God has created man, he said multiply. We are still doing it. God brings life. Things get bigger and bigger and bigger with the Lord, his glory is always expanding. We are made in his image. We are made in his image. Everything that God says, is ever increasing. It brings life.

Think about that. It says in the Psalms, Selah, think about it. Think about it. Think about it again. Realize my friends, we do not walk by blind faith. We are open, we are not veiled, we can see.