Time to Walk in Holiness.

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December 7, 2017

Jeff: Praise the Lord. I’m glad to be with you tonight, and I’m excited tonight. If you did not see me on Facebook tonight.

Please go there, my daughter and my wife plates music tonight. My daughter was on the flute and my wife was on the piano.

The sound was not the best, but it does not sound so good on the Internet. All right,  I need to turn on our little angel,

it was beautiful, if you want to hear those musical pieces. I began my Christmas message on Facebook.

We talked about John the Baptist, anyway please go and watch. Now. I don’t know what they mean in the back, I don’t think they know what they’re talking about.


Let’s go into prayer and I am pastor Jeff Lane, this program is live on the air. We are glad to have you. You can go to my Facebook pages. I have messages. I am so proud of my wife and my daughter, I cannot tell you how proud I am.

My dog was howling, in the middle of the music, it hurts my dog’s ears. We thank you for the word. Thank you, Lord we are about to receive. We pray that we could submit to your will. We pray for your well in our lives. You have done so much more than we could imagine. Your glory is beyond description.

Please help us to obey you, I know you would pour out your glory upon us and we will give you the praise tonight. To you be the glory. We pray in the name of Jesus.

We will go to John chapter 1. I will go very quickly. Try to keep up. In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and was God. Through him everything was made, in him was life, that life was the light of the men. The darkness does not understand the light. I hear this. People don’t know the word. They cannot understand it.

God shall reveal the word to you is. I pray tonight you can see. Let me go to Romans one. Therefore I would urge you offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, pleasing to God, this is an act of worship. Don’t be conformed to this world, but be renewed by the renewing of your mind, then you can prove God’s perfect will for your life.

We need to renew our minds, we give our bodies to live holy to God, in obedience, and the more obedient we are, the more we have him. Without holiness we cannot see him. The more we see him, the more we know him. Not because of the law, but because we love him. We obey him.

The closer we draw to him, We have the renewing of our mind. We begin to think like him. We act like him and walk like him. The Bible talks about that God has predestined the ones that are saved to be conformed to Christ. We are predestined, God does his work in us.

It is not always pleasant, but we do have the reward of righteousness. We need to be renewed, by bringing our bodies to submission. For by the grace given to me, do not think of yourself more highly, but be sober, and have that measure of faith that God has given to you.

When God is working in you, you might pray for someone, they would be healed. You can feel the healing. People begin to sing your praises. It’s great, and everybody’s flattering you, but you must humble yourself. You must be sober.

Me and Becky have gone through so much, and we know, we know, that God will remind us to be humble, so we can continue to move where he wants us to go. You must be humble and sober. It is easy to think you are special.

Remember the devil, he began to think of himself above God, he was the most beautiful creation. He was brilliant, he had a voice that was out of this world. He reflected God’s glory. He began to think, he began to think it was really himself. We know the rest of the story.

He was taken out of heaven, with the angels they followed him, they were foolish. How do you renew your mind? Let me jump over, to Isaiah 55. Verse six. Call upon the Lord while he is near. For sake your wicked ways, turned to the Lord, he shall have mercy upon you, he will freely pardon you. My thoughts are not your thoughts.

It is not based upon man’s wisdom, but God. As the heavens are higher, so are my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. Even though the rain does not return to the heavens without watering the earth, so my word will not come back to me empty, but it showed do what I want. You shall go out with the joy, you shall have peace, the mountains will burst into singing, the trees of the fields will clap their hands.

There shall be no briars, but you shall have the myrtle treat. This showed be a sign that shall not be destroyed. God sends out his word from his mouth. We want his word to saturate us. When I was younger I was a farmhand. For the seed to be of any value, you have to break up the soil. The more you break it up, you can put the seed in, it can absorb the water, and the better the Seed will grow to something good.

Sometimes you must break it up again. Otherwise if he becomes hard, the water washes away. It is of no value. The soil must hold the rain, the plant has no value. You must constantly break up the soil so it absorbs the water. You humbled the soil, you break it up, you uproot the weeds.

We must be humble. We must be humble. We cannot grow hard. When you become prideful, that makes you hard and it makes you think, that you have it together, baby. You have arrived. But no you have not.

You are not God yet. You won’t get there. You must be humble before God, so that you can absorb what you need. If everything runs away, the plant withers, it dies. We live by every word from God. We need his word. This brings life. It sustains our spirit.

Let’s go to Philippians, I read this many times, I use it all of the time. Chapter 2, verse five. Let this attitude be in you, like Jesus, he did not consider himself, he made of himself nothing, he became a servant, he became in the likeness of men, he humbled himself, he became obedient to the death of the cross.

Here man is, he is just clay. We won’t humble ourselves, we think that we are in control, we think we are God. But Jesus, said all of that aside become a man. He wanted to teach us. Therefore, being found like a man, he humbled himself to the death of the cross. We try to avoid death.

We want to allude death. It is inevitable. We want to build ourselves up. But God says do the opposite, when you lose your life, you will find it. I will give you your life back, more abundantly. When Jesus died, he rose again.

God put him at the highest place, he put him at the highest place, every knee shall bow, in heaven and on earth, and everyone will confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the father. Therefore, as you have obeyed in my presence, but now in my absence. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. It is God that works inside of you, for his good pleasure.

Don’t complain, do not argue. Be blameless, do not fall into this crooked generation. Now you are shining, as you hold out the word of life. I shall boast, that I did not labor in vain. Even if I would be poured out like a drink offering, in the service for your faith, I will rejoice.

A drink offering, they would pour out on the sacrifice, or the ground. It was poured out. Paul says he was a drink offering, poured out. It seems to be of no value.
There seems to be no value. I pray that Christ could work in me that you will enjoy the riches of Christ. We all want to follow Paul, we will be poured out, giving all to Christ.

He says I die daily. Today by friend called, we were talking about moving to Costa Rica. He said it would be wonderful. He said that you can retire. It would be nice. To just be on the beach. To kick back and do nothing. Just live for me.

That sounds good. Is it my thought? Well when someone freezes over, but praise God, I am excited, to be poured out, so that others would be saved, I give myself to Christ. So that others may find him. Did you see what happened today.

Let me run off. Did you see what the president did today? But gosh, I was dancing. He declared Jerusalem. He said it is the capital, but he said now we recognize Jerusalem. That is prophetic and profound.

The Bible says Israel shall have the wings of an eagle. The whole world is against it. But the president said, I will stand with Israel. It is your right. God says so, it is your capital. I was astounded. Finally, somebody with some backbone, that will declare what God says, thousands of years ago.

I am excited, I don’t care, I am excited, there is this one thing. We are one step closer to the return of Jesus. Why what I want to stay on the beach, living out my life for myself, but the time is short. I must give my time to God, I must be poured out in worship to him. That others might know him.

His retirement, outweighs this earth. It is temporary here. I should want to lose my life so I can find it. So many people do this, they try to find their lives but they lose it.

Let me go to the book of Hebrews. Hebrews 2:5. That me read this. It is not to the angels that God has subjected the world, but someone has testified, what is man that you care for him? He is a little lower than the angels, he has been crowned with glory, everything is under his feet.

I pray my prayer like this all of the time. There was a time we would walk in our own self righteousness. We thought we were doing God a favor when we were saved. That is pretty arrogant. When you walk with him you become conscious of what you are in your sinfulness, it is not in a way to tear you down. But you exalt Christ, you are nothing. Without him, you are nothing.

Then you can say, I cannot believe what you’ve done for me, I spit upon you, I was arrogant. Did you ever have a child that was a brat? Maybe your child has not humble themselves yet. So God puts up with the brats.

Everything has been put under our feet, and now we don’t see everything subject to him, but we see Jesus, who is crowned with glory and honor, he suffered, he tasted death for everyone. Now Jesus has the glory, he was a man, he was already God, he laid that aside, he came down, so that we could have it, too. Some of you are getting it.

He brings many to glory, and by him everything exists. He is the author of our salvation, he was made perfect through suffering. Jesus is not ashamed to be called our brother. That me stop. Jesus was made perfect through suffering. He was sinless. Babies are sinless. Maybe we could have sacrificed a baby, but that’s not how it works.

He had to be made perfect, like God is holy. God is sinless, but that does not make you holy. Holiness is to be obedient to God, you must separate yourself, you must separate yourself to God. That is true holiness. Many people are holy, and they are arrogant. They say they won’t go to hell, because they are good.

Well hell is full of good people, that were kind of holy but they did not know the Lord. You must submit to the Lord, walk in his ways. If you want the word, if you want to know his word, then you must submit yourself to God, and humble yourself to God, like Jesus did.

He is our example. He did, he went to John the Baptist, and John the Baptist said you need to baptize me, but Jesus says I must fulfill the word. This is an example, that every man needs to follow me and do the same thing. Because my flesh, I must put it under, it must die. He was tempted. He put that aside.

He did not submit to the temptation. I need to wrap it up. First Peter 4. I’m running late. Verse 12. There is only one lawgiver, and judge, I’m sorry, that’s James. I apologize. Dear friends do not be surprised, at your trials, as though something strange was happening, but rejoice because you suffer with Christ, and you shall be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.

If you are insulted for Christ, and if God test you, and that is resting on you and you suffer, it should not be because you are a murderer, or any other criminality. However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, if you suffer as a Christian do not be ashamed, it is time for the judgment to begin at the house of God.

What can overcome? What will the outcome be? For those that do not obey the gospel? If it is hard for the righteous, what shall happen to the ungodly? For those who suffer, they should commit themselves to the creator. He says now rejoice, that you suffer with Christ, that you may be overjoyed when you see his glory.

We will submit ourselves to God, and we shall be persecuted, and then God shall reveal his glory to us. I cannot read all of this. All of you, have humility to one another, because God opposes the proud, humble yourself, that God will lift you up. Have self-control, the enemy is like a roaring lion to devour someone. Resist him. Stand firm. You know that your brothers undergo the same suffering.

The God of all grace, who has called you to his glory, after you suffer, he will make you strong and firm and steadfast. To him be the power, forever. God says if you humble yourself, you will lift you up, and restore you.

Submit to the spirit, don’t be surprised at persecution. But when you persevere, and when you stand the test like Jesus in the wilderness, he will show you his glory, he will show you his will. You will grow. You will have fruit. People will see the glory of God.

He did not say that you would not suffer but you will suffer. Praise God. But God shall restore you. It’s like Elijah in the desert. He was exhausted, he sat down under the tree, and there was an angel cooking him a little meal. Then the angel ministered to him.

God shall restore you, as you go through the trials, like Elijah. God will show you he is glory. Like Elijah, his ministry continued for another generation. Don’t you want to pass down your legacy? For the glory of God? I hope so.