Thy Will Be Done.

Thy Will Be Done

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December 29, 2017

>Jeff: Praise the Lord, they are laughing at me in the back, and we were just having a nice conversation, and the music began, and I knew should be in the studio.  I will be doing a program tonight, and this program is interrupting my social time.

I’m so happy to be here and I am pastor Jeff Lane.  This program is live on the air, I am in a very good mood tonight, unusually, and I was able to sleep today, and I told my wife, I would lay down, and I woke up three hours later. You know, 45 minutes is normally my miracle.

Anyway, and when I figure out what I’ve done with my glasses, I’ll get into the word, and let me pray.  Father we thank you tonight for the word, and we thank you for the word, oh, Jesus, what can we say?

We are in complete agreement with you, and your will be done and not mine, and do have your way and touch the people. That the people see who you are at with your character, let them see that you love them. Everything that you do, it will bring glory to you, but father, it shall lift up us and edify us. I pray that you would have your way tonight. Amen.

I have an unusual word tonight, people, you know, i’ve told you before and when I preach, I go directly to the Lord, every sermon and every time I teach, it is directly from the Lord and what does he want me to say? I pray and I seek the Lord, lately I am hearing the people, they are preaching my sermons.

Not just,— some are on the TV, but I have been in the churches, and the pastors would be using the same pictures, and someone, they became upset, and I laughed, and I said are you kidding me? Paul says, I don’t care, let me get the word of Lord out there. We shall all work together. If you want to preach, go ahead, honey. Do what the Lord tells you to do.

We shall go to Matthew 6, and a lot of the presence of the Lord of fall upon you and listen to the Lord. There is some good stuff, here people. Let’s begin with the prayer of the Lord, 6:9. This is how you should pray, our father in heaven, holy is your name, your kingdom come your will be done, on the earth as it is in heaven, give us of our debts as we forgive our debtors.

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, from the evil one. That me stop at backup and i’ve always said, people say, and there are pastors that might teach, anybody that would pray, thy will be done, that is not a prayer of faith, but what? What do you mean? Are you kidding me? It is the greatest prayer of faith.

You know, you better trust God when you pray for his will to be done and catch this, and he says pray for the will of the Lord, and then give us our daily bread, and listen, give us our daily bread. I want you to go to the book of Luke and look at 1: 34. All right I’m sorry, let me go to Proverbs.

I’m all over the place tonight now let me go to 1, and out of the kings, and I really don’t know who these people are, I don’t know the names, let me jump forward to verse 2. I am ignorant and I don’t have a understanding, and I don’t have wisdom and I don’t have the knowledge of the holy one now let me stop right here, and this matter recognizes how little he knows. He admits to the Lord humbly, and then he says who has gone to heaven and then come down, and who has grabbed the wind out of the waters, and who has established the ends of the earth? What is his name? The name of his son? Tell me, if you will know.

Every word of the Lord is flawless, and he is a refuge. Do not add or take away from his words for he shall rebuke you, and he will prove you a liar. Please keep me from lies and falsehood, and don’t give me poverty or riches but just give me my daily bread otherwise I might have to much, and then I might say who is the Lord? Then I might become poor and steal, and dishonor your name.

Do not slander a servant to his master or he shall curse you, and then you’ll pay for that. We pray our daily bread, let me pray. This is what it says, we pray for the will of the Lord be done and don’t give me too much that I would turn from you, and go after the world, and then don’t give me so little, that I would steal to feed my family.

These are incredible words. Many people call, they talk to me in person, and they pray they might when $1 million. They could receive so much abundance. Remember, there are 3000 scriptures in the Bible about money, and 98% are negative. The love of money is the root of all evil.

So many people will do anything to promote themselves for money. Do you think that God would bring you money, and that might not be good for you. Maybe if you want bread, he would never give you a stone. I’ve lost my thought. He will never give you a snake instead of a fish. Sometimes great wealth can destroy you.

It might wipe you out. My friends, pray for the will of the Lord to be done. I want you to see this, this is such a statement of faith. Let me go to Luke 1:34. Listen, carefully. Luke 1:34, and how shall this be Mary said? Then the angel says, the Holy Ghost shall come over you, and the power of the most high shall overshadow you and the holy one will be called the son of the most high through you.

Elizabeth shall have a child in her old age, and she is said to be barren but now she is six months pregnant. Nothing is impossible with God. He tells this young girl, and he says you are highly favored. You know, she says I don’t know how this will be but how can it be? How can you do this?

The Lord wants to come over you and humble yourself and nothing is too hard for God and God wants his word inside of you to bring forth the right, and I don’t simply mean, like Mary, she had the baby Jesus. The Holy Spirit shall come over you, when you are baptized in the Holy Ghost.

He puts his word in you and it comes out of your mouth as you pray, and you pray for his will to be done, not your will but God’s will to be done. It brings your life and the power, and it does the will of the Lord. Listen to this statement of faith.

I am the servant of the Lord, and may this be unto me as you have said. Then the angel left. Then she says Lord, let this be done. I know so many people out they are so scared, they are not afraid of the Holy Ghost, they are afraid of the speaking in tongues, you know, the enemy never fights the spirit until you talk about the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues, you must let it come out of your mouth, and get into your belly, and you pray for the will of God.

This is when the enemy has a problem, he does not want to the word of God to be spoken out of you under the unction of the Holy Ghost. So they are afraid, and they won’t say be it unto me. But they find so many excuses why the Holy Ghost won’t speak through them. They realize, they know, they have to humble themselves.

The Lord told the apostles, don’t do anything and don’t move in ministry until you go to Jerusalem and wait for me until the Holy Ghost comes over you, then you’ll be ready for my service. You need to be commissioned, you need to have the Holy Ghost.

These people had been walking with Jesus for three years. That was the best Bible college. God says you’re not ready and you need to get under the anointing of the Holy Ghost so he can get your tongue, and then you can preach with power.

You know, and what I receive, these are not my sermons, God speaks to me and he tells me what you need. Sometimes I say Lord, please, I do not want these problems. There shall be people that will fight me, for saying these things.

Let me continue, John 5:19. John 5:19. Then Jesus says I can do nothing by myself, I only do what I see the father does, and then I do it. Remember John 1:32, the Holy Ghost remained upon Jesus. This is when Jesus began his ministry, there were no miracles before that, and they might say Jesus did miracles when he was a little boy, but that’s hogwash.

The only miracles Jesus did, the first one that he did, it was after he was baptized in the Holy Ghost, that is when he turned the water into wine. The Lord shall show you even greater things. Many people have a problem with the greater. It is all God anyway. God can bring your life but the Lord will bring life to those to whom he pleases.

The father judges no one, but the judgment is given to the son, if you don’t honor the son, you don’t honor the father and his sent him. Oh, wait a minute. I just read something and did you catch it? From Proverbs, when I read this, and what does he say?

Don’t slander a servant, don’t slander the anointed of the Lord, but you will pay the price if you do. Let me continue. Whoever hears my words, if you listen to me you will have eternal life You will not be condemned, you have crossed from death to life.

The dead shall hear the voice of the son of God and they shall live. The father has life, so he has given the son life in himself. He has given him authority, because he is the son of God. Don’t be amazed, and that time is coming, when all, and all that are into the graves, all shall hear his voice and come out. Those that have done evil they shall rise to the condemnation, if they have done good they shall rise to the judgment.

I do not want to please myself, but I please the one that sent me. At first when the people when Christ rose from the dead, the Christians became upset, and they thought it was somewhat of a disrespect, book because they were doing as Christ did, and even the heathens would call them Christians, they were Christ like.

They would do what Jesus did. Jesus only does what the father does. You must give yourself to the Lord, allow him to take control and be your Lord, follow him, agree with him, you say Lord let your will be done, not mine. Help me to find your will.

Luke 22: 39. Jesus went to the Mount of olives and then the disciples followed him, and then he said now let’s pray, that you would not fall into temptation, he withdrew to little ways away, and then he began to pray father, if you are willing to remove this cup, but not my will but your will be done.

Then the angel strengthened him, he was in anguish. He even prayed more earnestly, he was sweating drops of the blood. Then he found the disciples asleep. He said let’s get up and pray, and don’t fall into temptation. Jesus said you could be under such stress that of the capillaries break, I don’t know what that might be but from the stress you begin to bleed from the veins, Jesus was at that place of sorrow.

He understood what God wanted of him, and yet knowing that he would be beaten, and he would have his flesh torn away, he would have a crown of thorns, and the spear in his side, he would be nailed to a cross, he would die. But he said not my will but yours be done.

Even Until death, Jesus said I do your will. I don’t get it, there are those who will think, I’m going through a little hard time and this cannot be God’s will because I’m not going through the tulips. Jesus said pray that you would not fall into temptation, it would be the temptation to do your own thing, and not God’s.

So many times God asked me to do something, and we know full well what will happen, and we know what to expect but we do it, and we heard the Lord, and we knew what we would go through but we did it anyway, because listen my friends, there are those that are willing to follow Jesus even to the death of the cross.

The apostle Paul, he was in Jerusalem and they wanted to kill him. He knew he would be in jail. Then he would be sent to Rome, and then he knew he would be martyred. Then he knew he would be shipwrecked, he knew he would go through so many trials. He said I will do it and even more. You know most of the people will say I just should prosper, and have big houses and cars, and float through life.

It is God’s will, that everything would be wonderful, that I would walk through the rose garden. But if you listen, but the Bible says the Lord Christ Jesus, and he suffered. He was a offering for us. The will of the Lord prospered in his hands. Don’t go too far. After he suffered, he will see the light and be satisfied.

By his light he will justify many. I will give him the portion of the great, and he will divide the spoils, he has poured out his life, he has been numbered with the transgressors, he has made intercession for the transgressors, he has borne their sins. Jesus says I can do it, I know he would do it again.

God said he would be satisfied. Are you satisfied? Are you satisfied with your walk with the Lord? Do you really walk with them? Do you pray for the will of God? No matter what? Do you pray for the will of the Lord. It was God’s will to crush Jesus. So many of the men in the Bible they went through these things and it was God’s will.

The Lord says your life shall be a prayer for others. The Lord spoke to me in church when I was a teenager, I had to go to the basement, and I thought that was crazy. I thought I was losing my mind. The Lord told me to pray. I began to pray. I saw a vision of my life, and what I would suffer.

The Lord said he would bring many people to Christ, if I would do only one thing, he said do my will. I wanted to know why? Then I began to cry, I could see the visions. So many of already, to pass. It was so hard. Now let me ask you a question, and are you willing to pray for his will?

Are you willing to do it? Will you do it? When the going gets rough, shall you say, no wait a minute, I could make a lot of money and I could have a life of pleasure, and I could move to the Caribbean have a great life. What is it? Shall you go and have your own will in this life.

Your life is a breath, of short breath. Jesus did not say follow me, so that somebody else could be on the cross, you follow Jesus so you can take up the cross, to hold onto it, you do what he does. Are you willing to crucify your flesh? So that others would be saved? That God could show his glory in your life and then you’ll be satisfied.

You will be so happy. Any other way is a life of regret. It would be a life of regret. Maybe you are at the end of life and you are happy, but trust me when you stand before your maker, you shall have a life of regret. That would be nothing worse than to have regret, and can you lay down your life tonight? God says count the cost. I’m going to ask you to give your life to Christ.

Make him your Lord, asked the Lord to take control of your life, if you can do this, then you can say Lord let your will be done. Do it right now. Then I shall pray another prayer. I pray that you would be forgiven of your sins, you have committed sins, you need the blood of Jesus.

I pray you would be covered in the blood and you would be white as snow, and you would be pure and holy. I will give my life to you. Please baptize me in the Holy Ghost, that your will be done. Even unto death. Even the death of the cross.

Let me bring glory and honor to you. For everything that I have, it is because you have given me breath. I give it back to you. I pray you could fill me with the Holy Ghost. Let me give the breath of life to others. Oh, Jesus have your way. Please save me and make someone brand-new. I hope you can pray this.

Now let’s pray, many have been saved, you have been saved, but you are dead like a doornail. You are like my desk. You have been in church for so long and it’s hard to tell you from the pews, and if someone would sit where you sit, that has been your gravestone, you would become angry if you had to move.

You don’t care about salvation of others, you just are concerned about your spot. You know what I mean. I want you to pray with me. I thank you for saving me, but I don’t want to get to heaven, and to be like those are on the outside, I pray I will never hear the weeping and the gnashing of teeth. That me give myself to you.

I want you in my life and I want to give my life to you, fully. Breathe through my mouth, let me be used for your glory. That your will be done to bring glory to you no matter the cost. Have your way. I pray for the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

I pray for those that want to be filled, and wherever they would be around the world, or the nation, and from one end of the nation to the other, baptize people in the Holy Ghost.

Give them the overflowing, I pray they would rise up they would preach the word. I pray they would set the people free, and they would preach your word. God bless you. For those of you that will say who does he think that he is? I am the servant of the Lord, I don’t do what, I don’t do nothing more than what he tells me to do. I am nobody. I’m just his servant. ——————