Sometimes The Gospel Makes Us Uncomfortable.

consequences to sin
Consequences to Sin.

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December 6, 2017

Jeff: praise the Lord. I am glad to be here tonight. I pray you had a good day. God is good. Fasten your seatbelt. I have got a heavy word tonight. It is not a comfortable sermon. But is what we need to hear.

I used to have a pin, someone purchased from me, it says you must love me I am of the pastor. You must love me, I don’t know what it was. I need to find that.

When I would wear that, everybody knew they were in for the barnburner that night. I would wear that when I had my sermons like this.

I am the messenger so don’t beat me up. Let’s pray and get into the word. Please hold on. Dan, my computer has messed up, do we have Carl? Please look at that. All right I’m sorry.

Father we thank you for what we are about to receive. Give us understanding your love comes in many ways, and sometimes it is playing tough. It is what we need. Thank you that you disciplined me. My earthly father would disciplined me. It brought forth the fruit of righteousness.

Father, I pray that we would be delivered. We give you the praise. We shall begin in the Book of Acts 3. It is strange, to begin here, verse one. Peter and John were going to the temple and the time of prayer, there was a crippled man who was being carried up to the gate.

He was placed there every day to beg. When he saw Peter and John, he said, can I have some money? And then they said look at us and then the man began to look at them, and then Peter said, I don’t have silver or gold what I have I will give to you. In the name of Jesus get up and walk.

He helped the man up, and then he instantly was able to walk he began to run into the temple, he was praising God. When the people saw him praising God, they saw him as the crippled man who was a beggar. They were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened. There are so many things in the story here.

It is a simple prayer. Today, someone might say I cannot walk. They would tell Peter and John why they could not walk. But they might say now wait a minute, I have got my disability, I have got a good thing going. People carry me around. Hey, I don’t want to be healed.

I have had people say, do not pray for me. I want my disability imagine that. We should always want God’s perfect will that we would be healed. We do not want to take what we want to be able to give.

I’m not condemning disability, I had it, it got me by, but I wanted my healing. I want to God’s will. I wanted to bless others. That being said. This is what I want you to understand. They saw the same man who was the beggar. As we read this you will see this.

Jesus for 3.5 years, had been walking through the same area, he would walk past this man. Maybe he never said anything to him. We don’t know what happened. But we know that Jesus had to go by him. He did go by him. Year after year.

The man was continually crippled. I would ask you a question. Was Jesus being harsh? He did not meet the need, why wasn’t the man Healed? Why was the man not healed? He saw him. Everybody saw him. He had been there so much, they knew who he was.

Have you ever seen someone, you know who they are. You recognize them, there always right there. My friend, God’s ways are not our ways. The man never asked before. Then they said, what we have, what I have I will give to you. But today they would want the silver or the gold.

Let me go to John 2:11. Now. Please catch this. Remember this. This was a miraculous sign that Jesus did at Galilee, he revealed his glory. Jesus turned the water into wine. It was the first miracle. People said he did miracles before, but this was the first one. It was after the Holy Ghost came over him.

The disciples put their faith in him. After this, and the point was, this is the beginning of the ministry of Jesus, this is the first year he went to the temple. Jesus went down to Capernaum, with his family, and he stayed there for a few days.

Jesus went to Jerusalem at the Passover, they were selling items, and they were exchanging money. Then he made a whip, and then he drove them all away, he scattered everything, he overturned the tables. So those who sold these animals, he got them out. He said now you made my father’s house Nothing but a market.

Jesus went up To Capernaum and he said you have made my father’s house a market. Jesus sees these things, he is very methodical. He sits down, and he puts the leather together, he makes a whip. He is not having a bad day. He is not suffering from irritability.

He is righteously upset. He sees that they are merchandising in the temple, they are bringing down the name of God. They spit on the name of God. One of the things they would do, these people would bring the very best they had. These people did not have a lot but that would bring their best gift.

And they would say this is not good enough, and they would buy it from them for $10. They would put the money through the wall. Then they would say at the next table, we have got a better sacrifice and then they would sell them their animal back. But now it would be worthy for the temple.

They made money, off of the glory of God. First off, when you tell someone, no matter what your gift would be, it is not worthy. That is disturbing, then to make a buck, that is even worse. Jesus was furious. Listen to what he says.

He says get these things out of here, my father’s house is not a market. Then the people remember that Jesus would have a zeal for his father’s house. Then they wanted a miraculous sign, and then Jesus said I will destroy this temple, and I will raise it up in three days.

But this temple had been made over 40 years, but he was talking about his body. When he was raised from the dead, they remembered what he had said. While he was in Jerusalem, and the feast, many people saw his miracles. They believed. Jesus knew the people. He did not need their testimony. But he knew what was happening. He knew they were not right.

And he knew if he gave them his life, they would use this against him. Jesus cleanses the temple. He goes up to cleanse the temple. I don’t know about you, it would not be pleasant to have these people running around, and they were telling you, and Jesus said, you are vipers.

This is the side of Jesus we ignore. It was a zeal for the house of the father, that would consume him. He had a holy, justified anger. He wanted to do what was right. This is his first year, in Mark 11. We do not know for certain, we know this. Jesus went into the temple two times. I also believe, it might’ve been three times. It would be Mark 11:15. Let me read this. There we go.

And when he got to Jerusalem, Jesus went to the temple, and he drove away the moneychangers, he overturned their tables. He would not allow anybody to take the merchandise through the courts. He says, my house is a house of prayer. But you have made it a market of thieves. The people wanted to kill him. They were afraid of him.

Everybody was amazed at his teaching. When the evening came, then he left. I believe this was a second cleansing. They could not touch him. The people honored him, they respected him. This is why I don’t like merchandising on this program.

This is a time for prayer, we go to God in prayer. I don’t want to say for $9.95, I will send you a worthless bracelet from China, but it’s holy, because I prayed over it. We won’t go there. This is before the time, we go for the people.

Jesus heals the sick, when he does this. That me go to Matthew 21. This would be his third year of ministry, right before the crucifixion. 21:12. Matthew. Jesus went into the temple, and he drove out of the moneychangers, and then he threw over the benches, and then he said my house is a house of prayer. But you are making a market of robbers.

The blind people would come to him and he healed them. When the teacher saw what he had done, and the children were shouting, they were calling out Hosanna, they were indignant. They said listen to these children. Then Jesus says, God has ordained praise out of their mouths.

Jesus had another whip, he overthrows the temple. It looks like he’s having a temper tantrum, throwing everybody out. But the children had no problem. They recognized who he was. A child that is disciplined is loving, they will respect the father. He does not fear the father.

My oldest son is so cute, when he would do wrong, I believed in punishment. He would run, and he would jump in my arms. He would jump into my arms. He would throw himself on my mercy. He knew I would be firm. However, he loved me.

He understood I would not hurt him. I’m not saying he was not uncomfortable, but I would not hurt him. I would do what was best. Praise God, and he went out from Bethany where he had spent the night. How do I know this was his last year?

This was his triumphant entry, they were waving the palm branches, and he was not trying to win any friends, he cleanses the temple. I can only imagine it. He was running around like a crazy man running the people out. You know you might think he would not be popular with some of those people.

Matthew 2:18. 2:18 of Matthew. I love John the Baptist. He is something else. I have a respect for him. This is another one of these men, I don’t know, now let me see, where am I? 2:18? No, that’s the wrong place, Matthew 3:1.

John the Baptist was preaching in Judea, and he said repent for the kingdom is near. This is the one of Isaiah, prepare the way of the Lord. John had clothing made of camel’s hair, with a leather belt. He would eat locust and wild honey. People went out all around him into the Jordan, and they ate thousand dollar meals. But no he had locust and honey.

That people would be baptized in the river, confessing their sins. When he saw the Pharisees to where he was, he said okay, I don’t think this would be a red letter day for the Pharisees. He calls them vipers. Maybe how would you like it? He calls them snakes, and who warn you of repentance? And don’t think that you can say Abraham is your father, but I tell you God can raise up children out of the stones.

Every tree that won’t produce fruit, would be cut down and thrown into the fire. I will baptize you with the fire, but there is one greater, I’m not worthy to carry his sandals. He will give you the Holy Ghost and fire. He will clear the threshing floor, he will gather up the wheat, he will have unquenchable fire.

Jesus was a fiery preacher. It was not always comfortable to hear him but the truth will set you free. Jesus was like John the Baptist. Let me jump over to Matthew 23, Matthew 23:1.

Listen closely. Jesus says, he is attacking the church people, the church leaders. Then Jesus said to the crowd, the teachers of the law are sitting in the seat of Moses, so you must obey them. But do not do what they do, because they do not practice what they preach. They are not willing to lift a finger to help you.

Everything that is done, everything that they do is for people to see. They make the phylacteries, and they make their garments very long. They love the places of honor, they love to be greeted in the marketplace to be called Rabbi.

But do not be called Rabbi, you just have one brother and master. Don’t call anyone our father. For you just have one father in heaven. Don’t be called teacher, you have one teacher, Jesus Christ. The greatest among you is a servant. If you exalt your self you shall be humbled. Here it comes.

Here it comes. Well unto you Pharisees and you are the hypocrites, I am sorry, you shut up heaven, and you don’t enter in, and you won’t let anybody else, in, you are the teachers of the law, you won’t let anybody else in turn in, and you will make these people the sons of hell like you are.

You are the blind guides, and you say these things mean nothing, but you would be bound by an oath. You are blind fools. You will say if anyone swears by the altar that does not mean anything, but if you have the gift, you are bound. You are a blind guide.

If you swear by the altar, you swear by everything on it. If you swear by heaven, you swear by the throne of God. Well unto you hypocrites, you give 10% of everything and even the spices, but you do not love mercy. You should practice these things but remember the former. You are the teachers of the law, and you are swallowing camels but you choke on a little bug. Yet you are full of greed.

You are blind. You need to clean the inside, and then clean the outside. You are hypocrites. You are like sepulchers, but you are full of dead men’s bones on the inside. On the outside you appear to the people like you are righteous, but on the inside you are filled with wickedness. You are hypocrites.

And you build tombs to the prophets, and you say if we have, and if we have these days, we have not shed the blood of the prophets. But you are the descendents of the ones who killed the prophets. You are the full measure of your forefathers.

You are snakes and vipers, you are condemned to hell. I will send you the people that are wise, and you will kill them or flog them, and you will run after them from town to town. So their blood is on your hands. So much righteous blood has been poured out on you. All of this shall happen to this Jerusalem, this nation. You have killed the prophets.

And you have killed the ones I have sent unto you I wanted to gather you together, like a mother hen, but you are not willing. Now you are desolate.

I tell you will not see me again, but you will say, blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord. Listen to what I say to you. Jesus always did not say pleasant things. But he did say things to cleanse them, so they could have joy.

Not everything Jesus did seemed good and wonderful at that time. But he disciplines the ones he loves. So they can have a righteous life. They can be blessed. What he said the Pharisees was done out of love. When he cleanse the temple, he was angry. He did it out of love.

God is love, he does nothing but out of love. God bless you.

Let me show you this. Donna made this for me this is a little boy praying, this is amazing. I need to show this, this one here. This is a manger. That is amazing. People take their time, she made this it is a star for the Christ child. Each book was purchased at a thrift store. I wanted to show it. I am so proud. When someone make something like that, to me the time, means so much more than a gift card. It is precious. If someone has me over, it means so much more than a red lobster meal. When you take the time to cook. I had people that have been so nice to me. I’m not saying the meal was great, but they made me feel so great inside, it was fabulous. Time is the most precious thing. If you love someone, give them time. Give of your time. It is the most precious thing. Your children want your time. Okay. Thank you Donna that was very sweet. We have a $100 challenge for Michael and so I have run on and now they met that. We praise the Lord. Maybe somebody else can help us. Mike in the back said, when I was running my mouth, he said, “well, as always.” we have been together for 30 years. It has been torture. Hello Virginia?