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December 30th, 2017

>> Becky: Happy New year. Welcome to America’s Prayer Meeting, I am Becky.

Jeff: I am Jeff, and I hope you have a wonderful new year.  We want to say Happy New Year to you.  My “Happy New Year” sign is shrinking. I’m not a technician but it is getting smaller.

We are happy to be with you and this program is live. We have a challenge for $50 from Fred. We shall go to the book of john, you can go to second Corinthians, all right let’s go to Romans, i am all over the place.

Let’s pray and get into the word. This is the season of the new beginnings. I pray tonight you will touch the hearts of the people. They will realize that today is the day, and it is a new day. You have made it. We can use this day, to shape our future.

We can plant for the future, in the name of Jesus. We have been speaking about faith, and giving and receiving. We shall state with that tonight. This is the last time you will see me for 2017. Everybody will say that’s too bad. We will talk about the new year.

Seven is God’s number, 8 is the year of completion. God will begin to complete things in your life in 2018. He will do things some things you have been waiting on. You know the story of Nicodemus and jesus, i am sure. Nicodemus went to jesus, it was nighttime, Nicodemus went to jesus, and then jesus says, hey, you must be born again. He says but what do you mean? How can you be born again?

Then he says, you don’t know this? Folks, when you come to christ, you must be born again. Like a seed planted that would go into the ground. God can make everything you. We had many people call last night. They needed a fresh start. Today is that day. You have your resolutions, they are not worth a lot. They are man-made.

People want to lose weight, now be quiet, I will exercise and get sleep and be with the family. These things are man-made. People might do something. They do a little. One god comes into your life, you allow him for his will to be done. He can make it new again.

Let me go to romans 4. Blessed are those that are forgiven, blessed is the man that his sins are forgiven. As we receive christ, it takes away our sins. He does not simply forgive you, he takes it away. He does away with it. It is no more, it’s like it never happens. Look at second Corinthians 5:16. Let me go to 5:16, of second Corinthians.

Now we don’t look at you from the point of the world, and we don’t look at you like that any longer, if you are in christ, the old has gone, the new has arrived. When you are reconciled to christ, god takes away the old man, he takes away your sins, and that makes you stupid. You are blind to reality.

Sin promises the world but it takes away everything, it is very bitter in the end. People commit sin, and it seems, it seems like it’s fun for a season, but these things add up, it winds up taking them. But god wants you to take sin, that you might be blessed, and it won’t rule over you.

Isaiah 63, Isaiah 63:1. Okay. The lord has anointed me to preach to the poor, this is what jesus said in his ministry. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to release the prisoners, to proclaim the year of favor, and took comfort those who mourn, and to provide for those who grieve.

To give to them the crown of beauty, not ashes, and the garment of praise for the despair. They shall be the planting of the lord for his splendor. God can take the ashes, the pain and the suffering. He makes you.

You become a planting of god, he makes you brand-new. All of the sorrow shall be gone, it is blown away, he will bring you something new. When you plant something, it does not necessarily happen quickly. But you will receive what you give.

When you have christ, when you are planted by the lord, when i die, we baptize people in water, it’s like you go down into the grave, the watery grave, you come up brand-new. He makes everything new.

Now let me go to first Corinthians, i want to spend some time here. All right make that second Corinthians, let me go to 15:35. Someone might say, how shall we be raised? But that is foolish, you don’t come to life unless you die. God will give you a brand-new body like he will determine, and he will give you a new body all flesh is not the same, birds have a type of flesh, and so do birds, and also the animals. We also have a heavenly body. It shall be like a splendor, and there shall be the splendor of the sunlight, or the moonlight, and they are different, and the body is planted in weakness, it is raised in power.

It will be raised like a spiritual body. There are spiritual bodies, and natural bodies. Jesus is a life-giving spirit. Now we have the spirit from christ. We have jesus from heaven. We are of the earth, and we are like those in heaven, and we are born in the likeness of the earthly man, we shall look like jesus eventually.

Flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom of god. Let me make it like this, putting it this way. A caterpillar it does not completely die, but it is on the earth. It crawls along, it goes cumbersome along the earth. But one day it goes into the cocoon, it has a new body.

It comes out graceful, and it is not bound by gravity, it flies away. That is how it is in christ. We go from a clump of dirt, like were crawling, and then we can fly above life, we will have such grace and beauty, that is what it is like to be born again.

That is christ, we are no longer vulnerable, but now we can be graceful in the spirit. Did i say that right? She wrote my blog today. She’s doing away with me, she’s put me out of a job. Never mind. I’m feeling sorry.

God will bring you a spiritual body. A spiritual mind. You shall be transformed, and you shall not be like the old man, but you shall be like the new man. You shall be of god. Let me ask you this. I want to read this. Let me go to romans 6:3.

We live no longer to the flesh, we have been baptized in christ, we have been baptized into his death, and now we will be raised from the dead, and we shall have a new life. We shall have a new life. What do you want for the rest of your life?

My friend was speaking about, they went to a friend, what do you want in the future? Do you think about it? What do you want to be in 10 years? Then i was saying, they don’t think that way. They are so deep in sin, and they just want to survive for the day. They want to the next drink, they want to get through the day.

They don’t have a clue about tomorrow. They have been overcome by death, they are a slave to immorality, and the alcohol. May be homosexuality, they are bound. They are mastered, they can no longer control their lives. They think about the next drug, or whatever it might be. To mask the pain.

They don’t realize they throw gasoline on the fire. But until you are renewed, you don’t think about the future. You do not have a future. Jesus says i will take you and cleanse you, you shall be a planting of the lord. I will give you a future. I release you from the laws of this earth. We will fly together in my glory.

What do you want in 2018? I’m very serious, what do you want? What do you want in 2028? Where shall you go? I’m not talking about land or houses, but i mean true joy. Today is the time to start, it is the time to plant what you want for the future, what it is you want for tomorrow.

Maybe i want to be a doctor. I must go to school, and if i do everything right, there is a possibility, i would be a doctor someday. But praise god, you can go to jesus, he has done the planting. He went into the grave, he has set you free. You may join him. You can live in glory with him.

What shall you plant today? What do you want to receive tomorrow? John 12:23, jesus says, the time has come for me to be glorified. Unless the corn falls into the ground, it will not produce. The man that loves his life, shall lose it, and then i will be with my servants. My father will honor the servants.

My heart is troubled, shall i say save me? But no, i say father glorify your name. Then the father said, i have glorified my name, i will do it again. He does it through you when you give your life to him. Christ says, thy will be done in my life. Then he told the apostles, lord, thy will be done.

Thy will be done. Now let’s be patient. We shall go to mark chapter 24:28. Let me find it. He says this is what the kingdom of god is like, a man scattered seed, night and day, it grows with them and does not know how. All by itself, it begins to produce the stalk, and then the corn, and then the harvest. Then the harvest is taken in by the farmer. Many people don’t know, the seed really dies, but then it does produce fruit.

The farmer takes it by faith, and he understands, if he puts the seed in the ground, it produces. Don’t ask how, but just say thy will be done. Don’t ask the lord how can he do it, but if god can take of the dirt, and make a man, if he can speak, where there is nothing, and he has done these things millions of years ago, he is making universe grow faster today.

The universe is growing, the universe is still growing, if the word of the lord can do that out of nothing, don’t even think about how, but just let him fix your life. Simply trust him. You can say lord i don’t want next year to be like this year. I am asking you to come into my life, glorify your name. Let others see i have died, you have raised me up to new life. Use me and take me.

Wash me, let’s pray together. Be a planting of the lord. Where do you want to go in the next year? I’ve learned with god, i don’t worry about the next 10 years, i know the lord can do more than i can even think. I don’t know about you but i could imagine quite a bit. But i do trust the lord.

I must say, he has never failed me yet. Let’s pray, dear jesus i want to be planted by you. I pray that jesus would come into my life. Forgive me. Wash me. Cleanse me. Take my life, i want my old life to be gone, i want to be washed away, i want my sins to be washed away. I pray that my past would be forgotten. I pray that my future would be new.

I pray you would forgive me, cleanse me, be the lord of my life. Send me the holy ghost, baptized me in the holy ghost. My life will be ashes, make it something beautiful, transform it. Make me new. In the name of jesus, i pray. Amen. I pray you begin the year off right.

Maybe you’ve not died to your self. You need to bury the old life tonight, plant a new life. That jesus wash it away. Let him do something great. Oh, praise god. I will tell you it gets better and better. Just like when god spoke the universe into existence, and i tell you the things that god has done, i see things get better.

I met this lady 37 years ago, but now she is better with time. We have four kids and seven grandkids. That is the way that god works, he expands the blessing. Isn’t that right? You are so agreeable, yes, you are right.