Obedience Brings Faith.

Listen to:  “Obedience Brings Faith.”

December 28, 2017

The Lord says–If I can?  what do you mean if I can?  He says, I’m God, and there are certain words in the Bible, all, everything, and it is pretty much all, and everything is possible for the one that believes.

If you believe, then it is possible. Then the man said, I believe, but help me to overcome. Then Jesus saw there was a crowd, he rebuked the spirit, and then he said, don’t ever come back.

The spirit began to shriek and came out of the boy, he looked like a corpse, and many said he is dead. Then Jesus lifted him to his feet. Then the disciples said, why couldn’t we do this? Then Jesus said, this only comes out by prayer. 

Matthew 17 gives us the same story. We will go to Matthew 17: 17, you are a perverse generation, Jesus says, how long can I be with you?Or put up with you?

Not put up with the on believe. Now, bring the boy here. Jesus healed the boy. Then the people said to Jesus why couldn’t we do this?

Then Jesus says, if you have faith like a mustard seed, you shall say move from here to there and it shall move. Nothing shall be impossible for you. Then he compares faith to a mustard seed. You cannot separate some things, you cannot separate faith and the word.

It’s the spoken word, or the seed, you know, I was thinking of something else. But he says faith is like a seed. My father used to plant mustard seed. They are very tiny. If you believe, you can tell the mountains to move. How many mountains do you have in your life? What is in your way tonight? Do you need faith? Well let me show you how to get it.

Faith will take you through. It is what will hold you up and sustain you, when everything else fails. You must have faith. We shall go to Luke 17:5. The apostle said, increase our faith. We would like more faith. They did not even have the mustard seed. If you have faith like mustard seed, you will say to the trees, be uprooted and then they shall obey you.

You know, and people don’t understand, he is speaking. He says now let me say you have a servant, and when he would come in from the field, sit down. Then the servant would say, I will wait upon you, and then afterwards I will do what I will do. But would you thank the servant, but you know, we would simply say we just done our duty.

Then Jesus says, faith is like mustard seed. Let me tell you how it works. That me tell you what he means. If you are faithful, you will have faith. Obedient people they are full of faith. When you wait upon the Lord, you know, it’s taking them four minutes, and I thought this was fast food.

You know, but this is not that type of waiting. You know, waiting upon the Lord would be like waiting upon the table in a restaurant. You will take care of him and you will worship him, you will wait upon him, like Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. It is action. It is obedience.

You do what he says, and you are humble about it. Faith can find power, faith finds power. Now, let me keep going. Let me go to Luke 7, they came to Jesus and they could with him, this man deserves this, this man loves our nation. In Jesus was not far away, then there was a centurian, who was a leader of 100 men or more.

Then he says not don’t you trouble yourself, don’t come under my roof, this is why I did not even consider myself worthy to come to you. It reminds me of a servant waiting upon the table. But I want you to simply say the word and my servant shall be healed. I am a man under authority.

I tell this man to do what he should do and he does, and I tell others to do it and they do it, and then he said, I have not found such great faith in Israel. Then the man went back to the house. Why did the centurian have faith? He understood it from being obedient. You cannot be a good leader until you can follow. You cannot be obedient to the one that God has placed over you, you cannot be a good leader unless you follow.

If you cannot follow, you will not have anybody following you. You must learn to walk in obedience, and do that which you are told. If we can be obedient, and we wait upon the Lord. That is called being faithful. When we live in faithfulness, we walk by faith. We have authority by God.

Now let me go a little further. Let me go to John 14. I’m doing good tonight. John 14. Verse 10. Look at what it says. Listen, now. I am in the father and of the father is inside me. These are not just my words, but these are my father’s words.

I am in my father, and my father is in me. Believe in me, and if you believe in me, you will do the greater works, I will go to the father, I will bring glory to the father. You can ask anything in my name and I shall do it. If you love me, I will be with you forever. I will give you the spirit of truth. The world does not know him but you know him, he is inside of you. If you are in the father, and you are into the father and the Lord is in you, by the Lord, you will just do what the Lord tells you to do.

You will be incomplete obedience like the centurian. Whatever he says, it will happen. Like this ensure in he had authority to say things and he was backed up by the Roman government, and so the Lord will back you up. When you tell the demons to go, they go. You must be in obedience to the father. We were release To do the will of the Lord. We shall release, the will of the Lord. I will not be able to stop here, let me see you. I’ll make that decision.

Lord, what shall I do? I’m in the wrong place. I think what we shall do, we shall stop here for the night. Well, I guess I should continue.

If you shall remain, if you shall remain in me, you will bear much fruit and apart from me you can do nothing, if you are not inside me, you would be like a branch that is thrown away, and put into the fire. If you remain in me, and my word is inside of you, ask what you will, and you will bear much fruit, you shall be my disciples.

As the father has loved me, I love you. Remain in my love, I remain in my father’s love. I want your joy to be full. I want you to love one another as I have loved you. No one has any greater love, that you would lay down your life for your friends. If you will do what I say, you are not a servant but a friend. Because I everyone I love, for everything I have of my father, I have made known to you.

I have chosen you, to bear fruit that shall remain. The father shall give you whatever you ask, love one another, this is my commandment. You know, the key to faith is love. If you don’t walk in love, you don’t have the keys to the kingdom. I want to go a little further but I guess I will stop. Let me go a little further with the theme of faith.

I was disturbed. I had a vision. About a minister and that disturbed me. I wanted to know what it meant. The Lord told me to look at the fruit, look at the fruit of that person. The Lord says, the enemy wants to destroy, I want to bring your life. I you know, I realized the person was not bringing life.

He says you shall know them by their fruit. Wherever they go, it shall bring life and fruit at abundance, and joy, okay? Look at the fruit. Look at the evidence of the fruit. Keep your eyes on what is happening. If you have any doubt, look at the fruit.