Journey of Faith Part 2

Listen to: “Journey of Faith -Part Two”

December 1, 2017

Praise the Lord, I’m glad to be with you tonight, I am pastor Jeff Lane and this program is live, at least I hope so. I’m going to be preaching, you cannot get through on the phones, and WE HAVE HAD A CATASTROPHIC INTERNET FAILURE TONIGHT THAT HAS CLOSED OUR PHONE LINES, and they are working on this presently. We are trying to put back the old phones. We are doing our best

Let us pray and all began to preach and they would let me know as soon as they can, if it is running. We will do our best and trust me, I can do my best, and I could preach for three hours. I can do this if I have to. The enemy is fighting us at every turn, so, let me pray and let me get into the word of the Lord.

Father we thank you for your love, we want to be in your presence and we want you to go with us, we want your presence to be with us, so, Lord, and I would pray tonight that we would not look on anything but you, we would look at you, and I pray that nothing would distract us, in the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Let me go, and I am calling this the journey of faith, and I’ll be doing this for a few nights. Excuse me and my throat is suddenly dry. I thought I might do this for maybe three nights but maybe we might go even further. Maybe I might preach for three hours tonight

and I have, and I had a church, and I would preach, and that’s the water, and I would go preaching and they told me not to stop. Imagine a church, and the people would plead with you to preach. I would continue to preach and they would tell me not to stop. They told me to continue. I would keep going, and the Holy Ghost was moving. It was unbelievable what God was doing.

God shows up for those that are hungry for him. God will be there, and God will show up let me go to the book of Genesis, and I believe, that we have been in chapter 12. Take your Bible, and let me get a little water. Last night we spoke about Abraham’s father, and God spoke to him, and he had settled in Iran before he went into Canaan, Abraham goes down to take his nephew, down into the promised land. Low and behold, and what happens? Let me go to verse 12.

Something has told me to go here. There was a famine in the land. That would be just like the devil, my friend. You think you are into the Promised Land, and you think that everything will be okay, and you are where you are, you are in the right church, but then there is a famine. Then, the enemy makes it look like it is not the Promised Land, but you know that you are where God has brought you to be. They are in the Promised Land.

There is a famine and then Abraham went to Egypt, and the famine was severe. Then he said was wife, you are a beautiful woman, and when the Egyptians see you, they will kill me but let you live, and they will want to take you. But I want you to say that you are my sister and we can be spared. She is 75 now, honey, and this is amazing. When the Egyptians saw, and no offense to anybody 75, but you know normally they are not in the beauty pageants. Abram went into Egypt, and when they saw that this woman was very beautiful, and when they saw her they were taken to the palace of Pharaoh. They were treated well.

They were given all that they needed and they had been given servants. But then there was a serious disease on Pharaoh, because of this situation. The king says, this is your sister, and I have taken her to be my wife. Then the Lord had Pharaoh release him. So here, and may be the problem was his faith was waning, and he got to where he should be, but there was a famine. This did not look like the land of milk and honey. It did not look like a great land.

Maybe his faith was wavering. He goes down to Egypt; he goes to the world, and not to God. There is nowhere that God says go to Egypt. He does not trust God, he winds up, he winds up telling a half-truth, and God has mercy on Abraham and he protected them, and then Pharaoh did not sleep with this woman, and God gave Pharaoh a disease. He says this is what it is; you are good as a dead man, for taking this man’s wife.

He did it innocently. He was spared. Abraham could go back to Canaan. I do not know if the drought was over, he went back into Canaan to trust the Lord. I want you to know he is a man of faith, and maybe you don’t think he was walking by faith but my friends let me tell you, I don’t care how great you are, I don’t care where you have been, that would be times you will mess up and waiver.

There would be things that will shake you, we are humans. We are weak, we are weak in the flesh. Before Jesus went to the cross. You know, he was sweating blood, this was caused by extreme stress. He did not want to go to the cross.

But he knew he had to do the will of God. He would do the will of God. He said, my God, why have you forsaken me? You know if you are not that place, you are in the shallow water. Now let us continue.

Abraham went up to the Negev and then he went up to the Great Plains. Then he had become so wealthy, and from that land he went from place to place, and he went into Bethel, and he went to AI where he had been earlier, and where he had first, and where he had first built the altar. Then Abram called upon the name of the Lord. You have heard me say it so many times.

If you lose your way, go back to the cross. If you lose your way go back to the altar, go back to the cross. This is the altar of Jesus Christ. Go back to the cross. Find your way. You can find the Lord by the grace of God. When your faith waivers and maybe things do not go right, go back to the beginning. Go back to where you found the Lord in the first place.

You can say Lord how am I messing up? I cannot find you. Go back to where you were, get direction again. You don’t get saved again, all right let me continue, Lot and he was moving with Abram, and he had many flocks, and many tents, but they could not be supported together. They were so great, and they had so many cattle, and they had so much land and cattle, they had to split up. Abraham said let’s not quarrel, let’s not fight, we are brothers. You have the whole land. I am we shall part company. I will go wherever you do not want to go. Then Lots saw he could have the best land and he wanted going to the best land. This was the plains of Sodom and Gomorrah. So Lot wanted the best land.

They parted company. Abraham lived in a tent, and then Lot was near Sodom and Gomorrah. The people were so greatly wicked. Let me talk about it. We have two different people here. We have Abraham. He loses his life to find it, and he wants to see where he is going. Lot did not ask God, that was his mistake.

He did not ask the Lord, but he looked, and then he said oh, this is a beautiful land, which is well watered. I can take everything here; I can have even more. The problem would be, he had unholy ties in this city. These people were evil. It was no e secret they were evil and maybe he wanted that easy life,

but Abraham preferred his nephew Lot over himself. He said you can choose and Lot looked, and he did not walk by faith.

Abraham trusted God. If God can take me through the drought, or if I could go down to Egypt, and maybe I would live in the wilderness, I know God can provide food and water and everything I need. What did he do? He went to the wilderness

and look at what God says to him. Look with me. The Lord says to Abram, lift up your eyes from where you are, and look to all of the directions, every place you see, I will give this to you forever. You shall have children like the dust of the earth. If they could counter the dust, they will know how many children you will have. Go take a land. He went to live near the great land of Hebron; he built an altar to the Lord. Can you pick it up?

He messed up, and he goes back to the first altar, and then he goes back to the second altar. He goes back to a place. He goes, but why? He knows he needs to pray. I said to a man in my church. He messed up. He did not understand me.

I said you should go back to the beginning. He wanted to go back to where he had left off. You need to go back to the first of the line and the beginning. You need to understand, and humble yourself, and start over, at the beginning. He did, God took him through. Then he said I know what you mean now. I get it. But then he did not mess up. Sometimes you must and then you have to go through everything again, until you pass the test.

So here is. God says I will give you the land, but your descendants shall be so great, and he wonders about these things, he was pushing 80. He heard these things when he was 75, things were not going like they should go, his wife was still older.

But he said I will trust you, and I will go back to where you told me to go. He goes back and he prays. I cannot spend a Lot of time here. He talks about the kings. They went into the battle, and there were the ones that had rebelled. They had been around Sodom and Gomorrah. The kings had overrun them, and they took a Lot and his family. Abraham saves the family. Abraham has 300 servants, he fights the kings. There were five different kings. He overcomes them.

He brings back his family out of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom and Gomorrah, and we know that God wants to destroy this land. He will destroy them. You should know that. I want to explain this to you. If there would be one righteous, God will save these kingdoms. He will keep people; God will keep them for your sake. God will give you the people that you are with. God can give you the people that you need in the military and God can protect you, and the others for your sake.

God will do this. God brought the family back. Abraham had a huge, a huge plunder. He received great wealth. You need to see what he does. This is incredible. We are in chapter 14. When they come back from the kings and they defeated them, and the kings of Sodom wanted to meet him in the Valley, it was the Valley of the Kings. Then Melchizedek, the king of Salem, that would be Jerusalem. He brought out the bread and the wine. He blessed Abram saying, you are blessed by the God most high. He is the creator, blessed be God, and he has delivered you. Then Abraham gave him one tenth of everything.

One tenth of everything. He gave him the 10%, the tithe, he gave 10% of the plunder. This is incredible. But before I go further I want to go to Hebrews 7:1 you see the law. Did not come through Abraham, but that came through Moses. We are the children of faith from Abraham. By faith we still give tithes, not as a regulation but because we do it by faith. If you have faith, you can do it. So he gives one tenth to Melchizedek.

But you might say who is Melchizedek? We really don’t know who he is, he is a priest, but with that being said, but he had no genealogy, we don’t know where he comes from. He is not Jewish. He is not of any holy people. Yet God calls him a type of Christ, he is the priest of God most high. Let me say. Maybe you do not have the credentials to be used by God. Maybe you do not have the credentials to be Jewish, but that does not matter. When you walk by faith, God will not look at your genealogy, he will not look at the bloodline. He brings you into his bloodline.

But you say but this and but that. He can do this through you. But God is so sick of your buts, get your buts out of it

and get your life into his presence. Bring your butt into his presence, I am sorry and I am sorry, I am like my daddy too much. I need to know, are the phones to fixed? All right no.

So we see Melchizedek meets with Abraham, he was in the body of his ancestors. Isaac is not been born, but Abraham, he is a man, and God reveals himself through this situation.

Listen to me, he pays one-tenth to Melchizedek and they do not even know where he came from, but he was the priest. That is Christ. So he was a type of Christ. He had no credentials but he was a priest forever. That is grace beyond words. People say that we are not expected to give the tithe, if you walk by faith you will give the tithe.

People will say, the blessings of Abraham’s is ours, and yes, they are.

The Bible says this. But my point would be we walk as Abraham, he was a man of faith. He gave the tithes to Melchizedek.

As the man of God, he gave it to the Lord and it was dead to him.

And I will show you what Abraham does , hold onto this, let me keep reading it perfection could be by the priesthood, I’ve lost my place, it perfection could be obtained from the priesthood, or on the basis of this the law was given to the prophet of God, and why do you need the priesthood? Like Melchizedek?

When there is a change in the priesthood, there must be a change in the law, and these are said, and the one from that tribe I’m sorry, no one has t of that tribe has served at the altar and this is the tribe of Moses. But he did not talk about the priest. If another priest like Melchizedek appears, and it is not because of a regulation, but on the basis of the power of the law, it is indestructible. You are a priest forever like Melchizedek.

The law was not perfect, and now we draw near to God, and this is not without an oath. Others became the priest without any oath, but he became the priest but God says I will not change my mind and you are a priest forever. Jesus is the guarantee of the better covenant.

This better covenant my friends, it would be this it would be Jesus Christ, Abraham understood it before the law. The law was given to train the people, that they needed a priest like Melchizedek who could bring them into the blessings of Abraham. The Jews would say, Abraham was just one man, but you must have the presence of God to go with you. They stepped away from the presence of the Lord, but Abraham walked by faith with God.

Let me go back. I told you he took one tenth, and he gave it to Melchizedek. I told you that. Not put that on the shelf, I want to show you how smart Abraham was, and how great he was. Look at this. Hebrews 7, verse 21, the king of Sodom says, keep these goods for yourself, and then Abraham said, I have stretched out my hand to God, and I have taken the promise, and I cannot take anything belonging to you, not even one thread, or your sandals, so that you cannot say you made me rich. I will take nothing but what my men have eaten; and those that are with me. Let these men have their share.

You might say what is the mystery? If you did not catch it Abraham paid one tenth, he was smart. He planted the seed. He wanted to invest in the kingdom. He wanted to invest in the kingdom. He says you take it, and why did I get out of it? I got my nephew. I got my nephew but nothing else. You cannot say that you made me rich, so take it and go. Do you see you? Abraham was wise he took the tithe, he gave it away, he gave it to Melchizedek.

He gave it to God. Then he says now you keep the rest. He was very shrewd. He did not want them to attack him, because they would want to take it all back. He said now we could be friends, and I will be here for you. Abraham planted the 10%, and he gave them even the 90% back to them.

Do you see how powerful this is? God made this man so rich, and the Kings made him move away, and they could not support him and their kingdom as well. This man was so rich. He had the wisdom to trust God. He gave God everything. God says I will take mine on the back. I will have more than you. When you put the kernel of the seed in the ground, it looked like he had nothing, but when it dies, it dies. It dies to you, when you put in the ground it is dead, then it begins to sprout.

You have the stalk, and then you have the corn. Then you have the mighty blessing. It is incredible. God says I shall protect you, and you can say you did not make me room\you did not make me rich, and this is so true\\\\this man understood walking by faith.

They did not understand him. They had no idea what he was doing. He understood the law of faith and tithing and giving. He understood it. It was his, he gives one tenth the way to the priest, and then he gives the rest back to them. I don’t know about you, but that to me is shrewd. So the man of faith, he looked like he had nothing.

Yet he had the 10%, it was so much more than even the 100%. People might say why should we give? Let me help you if you want to constantly ask about tithing, do not bother. You know you do this by faith. If you do not do it by faith you missed the point. You should want to give the God.

You should want to give to God. You should give cheerfully. But you should give with joy and anticipation, like you cannot wait to give. You look forward to the church being open, and I have seen people in other countries when it comes time to give they dance to give. Here we debate, and is healing for today?

What is God doing now? Should we give? I do not think that we should give, and I do not think that we should give on our Social Security, and not this or that. If you have that attitude, why bother? You know, if your faith was gunpowder you cannot blow your nose. That is not faith. I am glad the phones have died. You cannot call to give. I am glad. I would be disappointed. Let me keep preaching, are the phones working? They are not working— oh, great.