Journey of Faith 3

Listen to: “Journey of Faith Three.”

December 2, 2017

Jeff: Praise the Lord, we are glad to be here tonight. Of course, I am pastor Jeff Lane, and this is my wife, Pastor Becky, say something.

Becky: Hello.

Jeff: She does not say too much more, unless we are at home. Nobody believes me. I am worn out when I get home. Oh, praise the Lord. We have a $300 challenge from California. We just need nine more people. We shall get into the prayer of the word of the Lord, and I will tell you the word is always special to me, every time.

I forgot to say the program is live, and you can call the telephone numbers you see on your screen. We had the Internet fixed today. We were shut down last night. The entire building; nothing was working. But everything was back on today. Everything was put back together today.

Praise the Lord. Don’t you love the technology? It makes your life so much easier. But you know now we use even more paper than before, before we used the computer. All right, Becky is very quiet tonight.

We thank you for this wonderful night tonight. I pray that you would touch this place and flow out to the people. We want to be with you, you want to be with us. I pray that you would give us your presence. If you cannot go with us, and we would not want to go without you. Without you, we don’t want to go.

Tap us on the shoulder and remind us to come back to you. Let us be with you every day, every day. In your teaching every day and in your love every day. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen. We shall begin, and when I figure out where I put my glasses. We shall go to the book of Genesis.

I spoke about this last night, the Lord told me tonight, to talk about it again. I did this later in the evening last night. Well, good for you, you can hear it again. This would be Genesis 4. This would be verse one. Adam, and his wife gave birth to a baby, named Cain, and then there was able,

in the course of the time, they brought forth their offerings. Came brought forth his fruit, but the young man abel, he brought a blood sacrifice. So Cain was very angry at his brother, and the Lord said why are you so upset? If you will do what is right, you will be received, but if you do not, the sin wants to have you. You must master it.

I want to stop for a moment. Cain is very jealous of his brother, the presence of the Lord was with his brother, God was with his brother, abel. In the presence of God you have his glory. God was with abel, he was with God. God is everywhere, at all times. He is with me and with you. But sometimes we are not with him. We need to walk in his presence, and we must do this, however sin, it causes like a curtain to fall over our eyes.

Maybe we are in the same place, we are blocked from being in the presence of the Lord. Cain, had sin crouching at his door. God talks about sin as if this was like a demon, to jump on him. This literally is coming after you, if I can say that.

Satan wants to come after you, he wants you to be carried away with your own lusts. Let me go to the book of James and want you to see this. This is important, and why? We want to be with God, I hope. But maybe not everybody and I can show you that, too.

Let me go to James 1:12. Blessed is the man that perseveres in trials, and we have stood the test, and we shall have the crown of life, that God has promised to those that love him. When tempted we should not say that God is tempting me, and God won’t tempt you with evil, but everyone is tempted when they are taken away with their own evil desires, they are enticed and dragged away.

That me say, it is by his own desires, you cannot say the devil did make me do it. But you cannot say that, no one made you do it. You chose to do it. When you give in to sin, it pounces on you, it pulls you in like a lion eating its prey.

But you made the choice, people say well you know, it is this or that. You need new friends, perhaps. However you did it. The enemy knows your heart. He will come after you. He knows what is in your heart by your actions. He does not know your thoughts necessarily, unless you talk about it. But he can see by the way you act.

Then after the desire has been conceived, it brings forth sin, and then that brings forth death. Do not be deceived, every good thing is from above, from the father of light, he does not change. We have a new birth through the word of truth, so we would be his firstfruits.

Take note of this, everyone should be—I’ve gone too far. I need to stop. Why does it shift? He talks about every good and perfect gift, as we walk in his presence. What takes us out of his presence? Let me go back to Cain, it is sin. If you are in the presence of the Lord, you shall be blessed by God.

Certainly we shall have trials, when you have trials, if you stand your ground, stand the test, you will have the blessing. The presence of the Lord will come to you. The Bible says he will take away his spirit to test you and not to tempt you. To see what you have in your heart. Is what God wants you to see about your own life.

I cannot spend any more time on this. However then he says, he chose to give us a new birth, through the word of truth. Jesus Christ he is the firstfruits, take note of this, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger, because anger does not bring for the righteousness of God. So get rid of the evil. Don’t simply hear the word of the Lord, and you do not want to be deceived, do what it says. Abel brought the firstfruits. We should be a kind of firstfruits.

You are following Christ, it is his best, and he wants you to give your best as the firstfruits. Abraham gave his only son, he gave his best. That was his second son, he gave the best one to God. Then God gave the best son back to mankind.

God says you give me your best and I will give you my best. Amen? So, we need to get rid of the filth, and we do what the word says.

He says back from Genesis, and he tells Cain, you need to obey me, and the word, you will be blessed. Let me continue. Then Cain says let me go to the field, and then Cain killed Abel. Then the Lord said where is your brother Abel? Cain said, I don’t know where he is. The Lord said but what have you done? Now you are cursed because your brother’s blood is crying out, and the blood is on your hands.

When you were working the ground, you won’t see the crops come up, you shall rest thusly wonder on the earth. Please untie my tongue. Then Cain says my punishment is more than I can bear. Today you are driving me out of the land, I shall be hidden from your presence. I shall wonder restlessly and then someone will kill me.

Cain says, you did this to me, however Cain shows to sin. Men always blame God. Satan blames God. It is funny. When Cain hears about of the curse, he does not want to be in God’s presence. Then he says you are driving me away, I will never be blessed. But Cain understands this.

Do not blame God, Cain understands this, don’t blame God. The Lord says, and not so if you kill Cain, you will suffer seven times over. Even though Cain would not walk in the blessing, God protected him. They put a mark on him so no one would kill him.

So Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, he lived in the land of nod. So Cain makes the choice to leave God, he did not want to be with God. He was not around the glory, or the blessings of God. We do not seek his presence for the blessing, the blessing comes because you are in his presence. So many people get this backwards. Now, I’m running out of time. Oh, oh.

Let me go to the book of Exodus, I’ll finish this next week. Moses says to the Lord, you tell me, you tell me to leave the people, but you will not send them with me. You say you know me, and you say I have your favor, but I want you to teach me, and I want to know your ways. I want to find favor with you.

Remember that this nation is your people. Then the Lord said I will go with you, I will give you rest. Let me stop here. God speaks to Moses, and the Lord says my person and my presence will go with you. I am with Becky now. Then Moses says, who shall teach me? God says it is his presence that will teach him.

When the apostles were with Jesus, he would teach them. When you are in the presence of the Lord, you will know his word. When you are in the presence of the word, you shall learn. People will say I want to preach and teach like you and to know the word. But you must get into his presence.

The letter kills, but the spirit brings life. You can know the word and that could bring you death and judgment but the spirit wants to bring your life. I see people that know the word more than I do, the written word. But I don’t see the evidence that they know Jesus.

When you preach the word God says he will confirm the word with signs and wonders. You must be in his presence to know him and spend time with him. It is a choice. Let me go further. I’ll fix this next Monday. All right now where shall I go now? Then Moses says, if you do not go with me do not send me out. You know, they’ll go without the presence of the Lord and do not move, and do not move without him.

Too many people move without his presence. How can they know that you are pleased, unless you would go with us? What else can distinguish us, from the other people’s of the world. God says I will do this, I’m pleased, I know you by name. Moses says; let me see your glory.

God says my goodness shall go before you, I shall proclaim my name. Oh, hallelujah. I shall proclaim my name in your presence; I will have mercy and compassion upon whom I will. He says if you see me, you will not live. Then the Lord says you will stand in the cleft of the rock, I shall put you into the cleft, I will cover you. I then I shall take away my hand, you cannot see my face, but you will see my back.

This means, and when I put my hand over you, I will give you my name, I will take my hand away and the residue of the presence of the Lord can rest upon you. I wish I had the time to finish it. The residue of God’s presence will rest upon you. This is where he has been.

The residue of the glory was upon Moses, he had to wear a veil, there was so much glory it fell on Moses and he had to wear a veil. Now we have a greater glory. It is an ever increasing, through the spirit, and that glory never fades away. It increases. Seek his glory. You need God to come into your glory. He can give you the name of Jesus.

His glory shall ever increase; now let me say it this way. God spoke, that was the Big Bang. The universe is still expanding. Because his glory is increasing. When he speaks his word in you, the glory is ever-increasing! Glory to God. I must stop.

I have to stop. Okay. I must catch my breath.