Thy Will Be Done.

Thy Will Be Done

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December 29, 2017

>Jeff: Praise the Lord, they are laughing at me in the back, and we were just having a nice conversation, and the music began, and I knew should be in the studio.  I will be doing a program tonight, and this program is interrupting my social time.

I’m so happy to be here and I am pastor Jeff Lane.  This program is live on the air, I am in a very good mood tonight, unusually, and I was able to sleep today, and I told my wife, I would lay down, and I woke up three hours later. You know, 45 minutes is normally my miracle.

Anyway, and when I figure out what I’ve done with my glasses, I’ll get into the word, and let me pray.  Father we thank you tonight for the word, and we thank you for the word, oh, Jesus, what can we say? Continue reading Thy Will Be Done.