Obedience Brings Faith.

Listen to:  “Obedience Brings Faith.”

December 28, 2017

The Lord says–If I can?  what do you mean if I can?  He says, I’m God, and there are certain words in the Bible, all, everything, and it is pretty much all, and everything is possible for the one that believes.

If you believe, then it is possible. Then the man said, I believe, but help me to overcome. Then Jesus saw there was a crowd, he rebuked the spirit, and then he said, don’t ever come back.

The spirit began to shriek and came out of the boy, he looked like a corpse, and many said he is dead. Then Jesus lifted him to his feet. Then the disciples said, why couldn’t we do this? Then Jesus said, this only comes out by prayer.  Continue reading Obedience Brings Faith.