The Power is in the Seed.

Power in the Seed

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December 22, 2017

Jeff: Praise the Lord. I’m glad to be with you, and I pray that you’re ready for Christmas. You might see a bear on my desk, I’ll show you. I am pastor Jeff. You will be able to call in. The program is live on the air.

This is from Ethel, and she loves the program, it is so cute. I will tell you a secret. When I grew up, I my teddy bear almost like this one, and mine was smaller. We would never be separated. I still have it.

One time, I forgot it, my family went crazy until they brought it to me. I cried all night long for the bear. I still have it. God bless you, that is so sweet. Okay. We have a special night tonight. It has to do with our angel. Continue reading The Power is in the Seed.