Keep Believing.

Listen to: “Keep Believing.”

December 14, 2017

Jeff: (30 second music intro ) Praise the Lord. I’m glad to be tonight with you. I don’t have my jacket, and my wife got this shirt for me for Christmas, believe that? So I cannot wear my jacket. You cannot hear the whole story tonight.

God is good and I thank you for the emails and the testimonies. It is so good. If you have not had the chance you can go to my Facebook pages and see  my teachings.

I’m talking about a Christmas. Next week we will be talking about of the Christmas story, and we have some lovely music on our Facebook page.

You can see it tonight if you want to go, it is slightly different, it would be different than what you might expect at Christmas time. I believe that you will enjoy it if you want more faith. God is great. By the way I am pastor Jeff Lane. This program is live on the air. Continue reading Keep Believing.