Journey of Faith 3

Listen to: “Journey of Faith Three.”

December 2, 2017

Jeff: Praise the Lord, we are glad to be here tonight. Of course, I am pastor Jeff Lane, and this is my wife, Pastor Becky, say something.

Becky: Hello.

Jeff: She does not say too much more, unless we are at home. Nobody believes me. I am worn out when I get home. Oh, praise the Lord. We have a $300 challenge from California. We just need nine more people. We shall get into the prayer of the word of the Lord, and I will tell you the word is always special to me, every time.

I forgot to say the program is live, and you can call the telephone numbers you see on your screen. We had the Internet fixed today. We were shut down last night. The entire building; nothing was working. But everything was back on today. Everything was put back together today.

Praise the Lord. Don’t you love the technology? It makes your life so much easier. But you know now we use even more paper than before, before we used the computer. All right, Becky is very quiet tonight. Continue reading Journey of Faith 3