You have a part to play.

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November 1, 2017

Praise the Lord. I am glad to be here tonight. I hope you had a good day. I know it was Halloween, in spite of that, I hope you had a good time. Let us pray. There is something all my heart. Let us pray for the victims, of the terrible, cowardly massacre in New York.

Let us lift up the families. I cannot believe. I do not know, I do not know what these terrorist are thinking when they kill innocent people, I wonder what they think they are accomplishing. I do not know what they are doing. You know. We are not the enemy. Maybe they do not know that, or not.

I lift up this ministry tonight. Thank you for the privilege and the honor to be used by you tonight. We come before you; we come with humble hearts. Please touch the people. Please touch their lives. Please do your work in their lives.

Have your way. I pray for all of those who lost their lives, and for the family members in New York. WE pray for the ones who have lost children, and especially the ones who have lost children. I pray that we could stop the madness. It is senseless.

I do not have the words. I would pray you would touch the people. Please help them. Help them in the grieving. I pray that our country would have the boldness, to stop this. We could find a way for peace. Amen.

You know, it just, I, I, imagine going off to school, and that happens. I cannot get my mind around this. It is senseless. I have got good news tonight. I have got a lot of good news tonight. Considering what we have been through today, I have got good news. I will get to that.

I have your anticipation. Find out about the good news and let me go to first Corinthians chapter 12, I am preaching about the church. Last night I spoke about faith. I might go back to that. I do not know how far I will go with this. We will go to first Corinthians 12. I want to go to verse one.

It says about the gifts do not be ignorant and you know when you were pagans, you were led astray by the idols, and no one who speaks by the spirit of God, will say that Jesus is cursed, you can only say Jesus is Lord by the Holy Ghost.

When Pentecost came, that was the beginning of the church. James it says, the tongue guides the ship. God got a hold of our mouth. It is by the Holy Ghost we are quickened, and we know what to do.

This is why the preaching is so important. There is so little good preaching anymore. I am heartbroken. I do not hear any preaching. I hear good stories. Inspirational stories? If that was dynamite, that would not blow your nose. You need the Holy Ghost, from the word of God.

When Jesus would speak, something would happen. Something would go bang. People talk about evolution. They will say there was The Big Bang Theory, and then I say, but where did that come from? You know, and you know, so you are taking that by faith? You know the Big Bang had to come from somewhere? I believe that there was the Big Bang, and when God speaks, there is a Big Bang. Life comes into being.

Things happen. God gave us the Holy Ghost. We will see this in a moment. So here, we have, he is talking about the gifts. Then he goes into a talk about the church. Verse four. There are many gifts, and the same Lord, many workings but at the same Lord is working it in all men. Now, we all have the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.

When you begin to read from the book of Genesis, the story of creation. The subject is God, and not the creation. The subject here is also— God. Just like Genesis. This is the creation of the church. So the spirit, the point here would be, that me continue.

Now, we have the manifestation of the spirit for the common good. One person might have wisdom, am one person might have knowledge, but it is all by the same spirit. Some people have faith, but that is by the same spirit, or maybe you have healing, but by the same spirit, or maybe miracles, and may be discernment, or maybe different tongues, and maybe another one has the interpretation, but this is all the work of the one spirit.

He gave each one, just as he has determined. God has determined what he would give out. People become jealous. They want someone else’s gift. But why would you want someone else’s gift? God has the gift for you. You cannot do a good job with somebody else’s gift.

My wife can play the piano. Very nicely. She likes to play a lot of music, and she blows my mind. She loves the classics, and I do enjoy it. Sometimes she plays around on the keyboard. You know, when she plays the keyboard that is still not guitar, you know, we are not mimicking anything we want the real thing.

When you have the gift, you need to fulfill it. We all have different gifts. We come together in the unity of the spirit, the spirit moves, God created everybody differently. We have a purpose. Now, my wife Becky will lead a worship service. She was hoping a church recently. Some of the instruments were not there. It was not the same.

It did not sound the same, it was good and wonderful, but that would be great to have the drums, or the others. My daughter could play the flute, and many people really enjoyed, because we have all of the different instruments. As we come together there is a beauty in the sound. But you cannot have it, when the sound is missing.

When we do not help out, we do play a part, but if we are missing, it is like a symphony that is not fully functional. Let me show you what I mean. Let me look at verse 12. The body is a unit, there are many parts, we form one body. It is the same with Christ, we have one spirit, and we have one body, we all have one spirit.

It is amazing when you see the church, if God is moving, it does not matter who you are, when God moves we are one in Christ. That is what I like about this program, we get into unity. We do not talk about denominations, we do not talk about different colors. Maybe I might joke with you, about my origins. You know, I am a melting pot.

That is not important. We are one in the spirit. I did not mean to say all of that. We have one spirit, it does not matter who we are, we have one spirit. The body has many parts, not one. The foot cannot say I do not belong to you, and it could no longer be a part of the body. You know, the ears cannot say I am not a part of the body because I cannot see. If your entire body was like the eye socket, where would your sense of smell be? But God has put everything together. God has put it all together in the body, everyone of them, like he wants them to be.

If they were all the same, where would the body be? There are many parts in one body. You cannot say, I should be the mouthpiece. But you know, you do not have that choice. But that would not mean that you are not less important.

God want you to do what you are supposed to do. You cannot function to see, if you would be the ear. That would not work out. Find out what God wants you to do. Sometimes people are confused, they do not know what they should do. But be still. Sometimes things are dormant until they are needed.

Maybe we realize we needed, and it is important. In some parts are used more than others. That is okay, when you do what God wants you to do, what difference would that make? God wants you to enjoy your calling that is on your life. That me show you this. This bugs me, the eyes cannot say to the hands, I do not need you. Those parts of the body that would be weaker, they are indispensable.

In the parts of the body that would not be presentable, would be treated with modesty. There are other parts that need no special treatment. God has given the greater honor, so that there would be no division, there would be no division, no division, but that the parts would have concern for one another, equally.

If one person, suffers we all suffer with them. We are talking about the body and the church. If you are in the body, you cannot say we do not need them. I will tell you, if they are in the body, we need them. We might not know why. But we need them. God has a purpose. You have no right to say, they do not belong. You cannot say I do not like them, they are the wrong color. You cannot say that you do not care for their ethnicity.

But if we would lose them, we would lose a part of the body, and then the body could not function. If you do not understand what I am saying, let us say I cut off your finger, and maybe you would figure it out. You will say wait a minute, I cannot function without my finger.

I share this with you, when one nation would conquer another nation, they would cut off thumbs, and they would caught offer their toes. Without your toes or your thumbs, you cannot fight in a battle. Your toe is very important, you know, I am telling you, without your toes, you have no balance. You do not ever think about it, you take your feet for granted.

It is all because of it, it happens because of the toes, and everything else is just as important. They have their function. There are people that have their toes they find out it is very tough. You know, in Florida, we have to wear socks with our flip-flops to hide our feet. We cover them up.

, but our feet are very important, even the little toes and the big toes. You cannot say that any part would be important over another part. I know I need to stop. I cannot finish here. I want to go to John 17:20. Let me go, here we are. My prayer would be, this is not for those alone, this is Jesus, I would pray for those that believe in me, that they would be one, like we are one. I pray that we could be in them, and the world would know that you have sent me. I have given them the glory, that you have given to me. I am in them, you are in me.

I pray they would be in unity, to let the world know you love me, and I love them, and you love them like you love me. I will stop right here. How important is unity? It is very important. As we come together in love, from the Holy Ghost, folks. As we come together we are one.

When you are not in the body, you heard me speak about this, when you smash your finger, you pull it in close. You care for it. You begin to care for it. But if you are not in the body. You cannot find protection.

You might say pastor, I was in the body and they hurt me, they kicked me out. This is why we need to be in unity. We have to function together, or we will not work properly. We must pray through. We need to pray for people when they lose their way so we can be in unity. We cannot toss them aside. Just because they do not act like, they act like someone who has been hurt.

We cannot toss them aside. Let me tell you something. This program is very successful. So many people, we get 40,000 attempts to call in per night. So many people have been hurt. The body is scattered. It is a mess. I do not have to talk about it all, I cannot talk about that now, maybe tomorrow night.

I want you to see, that the body, the body, okay? The body comes into unity to protect one another. Listen, why do athletes do great things? They bring the body into agreement. They command the body until it is in agreement, they can do unbelievable things. The human body is amazing. But the body of Christ is even more amazing.

We must be in unity. Maybe you have had that moments, you do not feel right. You know something is not right. You cannot function like you should. This is why we need to be in agreement. Sometimes things do not feel right.

I will ask you to do me a favor, we have been praying about this for a long time, me and Becky. We put it aside for a while. I have been studying the church. God to spoke to me, pray for me. I do not pastor a church. I am here at CTN. I work at the hospital. God is leading me, I am not leaving here, please. God is telling me, we are doing so much already. The Lord is telling us, begin a new work.

Start a church. He will gather the people. One of the reasons I want to do it, it is this. We need to bring people healing. We do not have a place where we can physically pray. Please pray that we could have wisdom for what we do. We are asking for your help. Please pray. Simply prayer. Just pray with us.

We want to do what God wants us to do. God has showed me where we will be. I will share that with you. Also pray, tomorrow night, you will be able to go, I do not know, will be using Facebook. We will be using Facebook. My Facebook page. I would begin to teach life. Me and Becky will be together. This is something God wants me to do.