Walking By Faith

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November 11, 2017

>>Jeff: Praise the Lord them are glad to be here tonight. This is not pastor Becky, Pastor Becky is at home, we had a sweet 16 birthday party, we have a house full of kids. She is being a gracious host, taking care of the kids this evening the sweet 16th birthday party. My youngest girl is 16, that does not seem possible.

So there you have it he is not quite as pretty. No offense.

>>You know, what can I say? When you are right, you are right.

>>Jeff: You will have to suffer through this,  this is not that bad, I hope. You can turn the sound up, and the picture off.

>>This shall be an exciting time.

>>Jeff: all right my brother, you have a jail ministry?

I did in the church. I was a sheriff for 46 years, at I was a chaplain for the last few years.

>>Jeff: I know that was a tough job.

Really, one job, it complements my other job. Even though, I would work with younger people, when I began in the church, you know, there are both sides of the coin, you can really help the people as you do here. You know were the problems. You know the solutions. As you do here, you are changing lives.

>>Jeff: it is an amazing thing how God can take our experiences, God can bring the anointing out on you, it can help others. I really do not think people know, how evolved God is in our lives throughout our lives. Before we are saved. People do not get it. I really do not think they get it. I believe when we get to heaven, we will say, oh my gosh, were you there?

>>When I see your program, like the jail system, many people have had a religious experience, but they do not know Christ. Once they meet the Savior, everything is different.

>>Jeff: honestly, it might sound strange, most of the atheist get it, you know, they did not meet the living Jesus, but they had dead religion. They could not see what we see it, they would say there is nothing in it. At him when you meet the Savior, oh, my gosh, they would say I don’t see what you see it, but when you meet the Savior, you know, it will be an amazing thing.

Jesus is alive well, I had a girl right before I left the Sheriff’s Department. One of the last girls I was working with it is a long story she was sentence, she was 23, she had life without parole. It was a drug party; a lot of things went on. Her baby was killed. She did not know Lord, but she received Christ. Then she saw me, she will say you know I am praying that I might get out of this, maybe I won’t, I will live with Jesus here in the prison for the rest of my life. This is excitingnot boring at all.

>>Jeff: this is how we walk by faith, no matter what might happen, whatever life might hus, out of the situation that we are in there is a reason we are here, there is a reason that God brought us to this place. Maybe Joseph, you know, he was a slave under then in prison. But you have to trust the Lord, that is your faith, you walk with him so many people don’t understit, they think it is all about lhouses if I don’t have those things that’s not faith but that is not true. This is what I wanted to teach on tonight.

We will be getting into some of the end time things. At once again, we are talking about of the church. I want our pastor to say a quick prayer, we can get right into the word of the Lord.

Father we thank you for Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I thank you for one that is tuning into night. I thank you for everyone of them, this is not a coincidence, the Holy Ghost has a word, the victory for them. I pray that the Holy Ghost would reveal the truth to everybody watching this broadcast tonight, I pray that me Jeff could be led by the spirit everything that would be said done tonight would bring glory to God.

I take authority over the darkness the sickness disease. People that are hurting those that would be in the middle of a divorce whatever they might be going through, I pray that this would be the deepest darkness, but from now on, Jesus would set them free, we can have the victory from now on. What Christ has done on Calvary. I pray that those that could hear it, they would hear it I pray that salvation would be in-store. I pray that Jesus would become the Lord of their lives. Whatever the people are going through whatever hell is on them tonight I break that assignment of the devil, I say in the name of Jesus they shall be free, Amen. We speak freedom.

>>Jeff: I will not be starting right where I want to start. The Lord hit me what is something let me see if I could find this, let me see it, please be patient. Oh, Lord help me to find what I need. Oh, Jesus.


>>Jeff: I, I, I cannot find it right now. I will get it for you. / all right, here we are, I will get it for you. The God of this age has blinded the minds of those that cannot see the great gospel of Christ. How does the enemy blind you? It is through sin, I say this a lot. If I offend you, but you know, sin makes you stupid out of that just makes you stupid you do stupid things in sin, you cannot reason clearly. The highest form of understanding of thinking is faith. It is faith.

You can study it out, we don’t have the time tonight but this is the highest form of thinking. Anybody can reason logically but there comes a time, outerwear we take things simply by faith. When you study Einstein, he understood it, this is how he could formulate many of his theories now let me go to first Kings 16, automated, we would go to 17.

Ahab was the king of Israel, he was serving the false gods, the gods of immorality vegetation to come prosperity, of these different gods. They have become involved in it involved in sin during his reign, he rebuilds, once again, said it makes you stupid, Jericho was cursed because of the King. They said, they would lose their firstborn son, when they would set up the gates, they would lose the youngest son.

Anyway, when the Kings were doing this, this is what happened but why would they will build Jericho? It was a fortress out of this is where all of the caravans would go through in trade it was a fortress in the land, they trusted in the fortresses. In the last days, the God of the fortress would come along but why? The Lord says, don’t keep the gold or the silver, but if you have too much they will simply take it from you.

So they trusted in my edited did not trust in God to provide for them. They trusted in gold silver. They were blind because of sin. Put that on the shelf, remember, next week, as I am preaching, looking at a prosperity immorality, they were throwing their children into the fire they were serving the gods of the Canaanites.

The Lord said, when you do this, you know, I’m going so fast, I guess have got to slow down had a Joshua went into the promised land, the Lord of host, the captain of the host was standing with these Lord, added Joshua says are you for me or against me?@of the Lord says neither. The Lord says, you are not having the lbecause you are righteous but they are wicked if you follow them you will see the wrath of God. I am paraphrasing but he says, if you follow wickedness you will see the wrath of God. He goes back he serves the God of the Canaanites.

God push them out so they could take the land. They were so blind, they rebuild the city, God told them don’t rebuild the city because it is cursed, you are trusting in your selves, it is like secular humanism, you do not trust in God. Then you shall return from God. Along comes Elijah, chapter 17.

You know, then Elijah comes up, then he says to Ahab, Almighty God, is there shall be no rain in the next few years, than the word of the Lord came to Elijah you need to go hide in the ravine east of the Jordan, I have Lord of the ravens to feed you drink from the brook. The Lord told him to do it he obeyed, he stayed where he was told to be. The ravens brought him food in the morning out of the evening, he would drink from the brook.

He was drinking from the brook. He had bread water, the ravens brought him food day after day, he was not living in a palace. He did not have any great chariots, but he was living by faith, people. Sometimes faith is just having enough. Sometimes faith, the Lord would get you by, get you through. One of my favorite verses my father told me, I gave it onto my family members down the line, this too shall pass, okay? Remember that because that shall pass.

Heaven earth will pass it, heaven earth shall pass away but not God. You know, Ahab was wicked, he would go out he was sit on the porch, when he would eat, the people were starving, but he was so much more concerned about the animals that are the people. It reminds me you know, like North Korea. He began you know, to cut up the meat, for entertainment. While the people below him would beg for food.

The ravens would take away the food, he would give them food that he thought that was so funny, but he did not know he was feeding his enemy. The ravens took the food the bread the meat, you know, it was God, because they did not need it, they took it to Elijah they fed him. The birds did not eat it.

You know, God has a sense of humor. This is amazing, gone took the food off of the table of the King to feed Elijah. I cannot go too far tonight but this is for you people, this is for the widows, maybe when times are bad maybe you don’t have money to help the kingdom of God. Maybe you think you’re barely getting by.

But God says, things will be going sour, the enemy shall be given power over the Christians for a little time to be patient, okay? These things have not happened yet to be patient, because you need to look up your redemption draws near. We shall get into it but look at this.

Please let me say. You talk about the ravens, you know people to date of the Christians today, we have got so many books tapes, like you say, he is having the food of the Kings, that was brought about of the birds, if we could simply sit back relax focus on the Lord, most of the time we don’t know we can’t figure it out.

>>Jeff: what would be interesting, we think this would be maybe three years that this is happening, but he is there not preaching, he’s not talking to anybody or ministering. Sometimes we are anxious, you do need to wait on God while God is feeding you. Now let me go to verse seven of the brook dried up.

Some people say oh, is the end of the world, we are in agony, God has forsaken me the Brook has dried up. Have you ever met anybody like that?

Oh, yeah, very well.

>>Jeff: the brook dried up, there was no rain. It rains or the just the unjust, it falls on everybody. God says, there shall be a difference between the people of God the world. There is a difference between Israel Egypt went of the plagues hit them.

>>Jeff: the word of the Lord came unto him, he says not go to Zarapath, there is a widow that shall take care of you. He went to Zarapath, then there was a widow, then he says to the widow, please bring me some water, this would be one of his enemies. This is not friendly territory. This is in the lof false gods worship. They are killing the Lord God’s people.

>>Jeff: he says please bring me some water I want to drink. He says please bring me some bread. Then she says, as God lives, I don’t have any bread I only have some baking flour little oil, I shall gather my sticks I shall cook my meal then we shall eat it die. Elijah tells her, do not be afraid she says we shall eat it we shall die after that. But Elijah says don’t be afraid.

You know, you can operate out of faith or fear.

>>Jeff: you know faith, what I mean? You know faith obedience go hin hand. The number one rule of faith, you must obey. It’s not just believing. The demons believe, they do shutter. They know that God is God/ but they do not obey him, this is why they were kicked out of heaven. When you have the faith, you will obey him.

He says do not be afraid act out of obedience, not fear not go home do what you say, but first, first, this is another thing people don’t understand, “first.” I was on a farm from the years. You had to plan before you would receive. That is just amazing, not go figure, you must put the seed into the ground before you have the harvest. Many people to say give me the harvest then I can have the seed.

God planted the garden before, there was anything. He planted the seeds out of it came up, okay?

>>Jeff: when I was a sheriff in Indiana, the farmers would be out in the middle level the night, the weather was not good, they were not being warm it up.

>>Jeff: you know when you’re on of the combines you are learning it, you learn very quickly. Then he says make a small cake for me at a bring that to me-of it first. Then feed you your son. / out of this is what God says, that shall not be used up, until the day that the Lord brings back reign of the lshe went away she did but Elijah said. / there was food every day for her her family. The jar of the oil did not run dry, it was true according to Elijah. Before we go wonder, I do not believe, that of the jar was full to the top. I believe, when she looked down, she did not know. There it was. She shook it. Maybe you think it was running everywhere a this is not what it says. It says it was not used up.

Every day she had to go by faith had become of the jar, it was, it was the word of the Lord, every day she had to make something for the prophet of God first. She would take care of the man of God first, then she would have enough for her her son. Look at what happens because of her obedience.

Do you know what she did? When in their day, when he had the food first, that would’ve been a story in itself.

>>Jeff: you know, they would’ve had the biggest scandal in the papers.

Sometimes we need to be obedient first, even though we don’t see what happens.

>>Jeff: you know God says give me what you have in your hand, he won’t say give me what you do not have but give me what you have, let me finish it up, then the son became ill, that it was the son of the woman. She says to Elijah, do you have anything against me man of God? You have reminded me of my sins to kill my son.

Elijah says give me your son, all right now we are back to gloom despair, then he took the baby to the upper room where he was staying he laid down onto the bed, he put the baby on the bed. Then he cried, my God, then he says have you brought tragedy to this widow? Her son has died. The enemy wants to destroy. He stretched himself out on the boy, then he said all my God, let alive compact to the little boy. / the little boy came back to life. Then he took him back to his mother he said, your son is alive. He says, I am the man of the Lord God, she says yes, your the man of God. She had to obey, listen to me, please, oh, God help me, she had to walk in obedience as she was obedient her faith would grow when she was obedient, not my what she would see. She had her son raised back to life.

This might upset you. Many people to want to be religious when tragedy strikes, but you must live in first. / just like she had to obey you have to live it, you have to live it at–./ every day, you need to live in first for the Lord, a matter what of the circumstances would be, you must walk by faith. Everybody wants to get right when tragedy strikes.

That is not bad, at the time, but if you would be obedient all along, you know, you could have the faith to overcome. If you have faith, you shall obey, you shall obey. Many people want to blame God in their disobedience. Let me go back to the man, you know, the man on the roadway, for Joshua, Joshua says, to the man, are you forming or against me? But of the Lord says I have come to bring your justice. He says are you for me? Or are you against me? The Lord says neither, I want to bring you to the righteous state of faith. Jesus is not here to justify your actions, to condemn you, to say you are a good person.

He wants to take you on a word to righteousness. Faith without works is dead. Faith without works is dead. In the woman’s obedience, in Zarapath, her son came back to life. You might say but– did the you might say but why did the little boy die first? The enemy — Satan is the god of this world. Okay? He is in control, read this for your self. He destroys. But of the man of God who walks by faith, you will have a distinction in your life. But you must start by walking in obedience. You must walk in obedience to his word. Then God can intervene do great things in your life.

Put that onto the shelf. Because we shall go someplace like a freight train next week, God is showing me, we need to begin here. People will say how will I get through it? You will go by faith that you will obey him God will do the rest.

God is not upset when the woman questioned Elijah, God did not panic. You know God had a plan for Elijah when the brook dried up. God has a plan for you. He will get you through. We shall go through persecution, we shall go up through persecution like the church is never seen in the history of the world some will be dying at a put to death. It says they will. When it happens, that should not be thought of as being strange.

But in the end, I will show you, we shall overcome, stay with me. This is good stuff, people.