Walk the Love Walk

Jeff and Becky
Jeff and Becky Pray for You

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November 4, 2017

Becky: Hi, and welcome to the prayer meeting, I am Becky.

Jeff: I am Jeff. We are so glad to be here and we are live on the air tonight. Please call in at the numbers you see on the screen. Let us get into the word, I have a special message.

Please pull out of the King James version of the Bible for me please. I will give you a Bible verse to look up, if you would, please read that.

We shall go to first Corinthians 13, and let us pray and let us get into the word. We thank you for the word that you have given to me tonight. I know, this is a very special word for the people.

I pray that those who want to learn about you deeper, would fall into your presence and your understanding of the word, and who you are. I pray that we could have a deeper walk.

Please quicken them and touch them to listen. Touch them to hear, that them receive. I pray they would do it. In the name of Jesus. Amen. We have been talking about the church. We talk about the gifts. We were talking about the anointing by the spirit. You are chosen for the gift.

Chapter 13 out first Corinthians. The last verse it says, and now, these three remain, the next is the greatest, love. Desire the greatest gifts. Desire the spiritual gifts, and the gift of preaching.

And he says desire these gifts, and follow love. Remember that and you do not even have to turn there, but Colossians 2:9, all of the deity of the Godhead bodily is in Christ in bodily form. As and what we have seen in Christ, is the father and the son and the Holy Ghost. Let me go to first John 4:8.

I will tell you want that says. God is love. God use love. We must walk in love to know God and he is love. First Corinthians 13:8, Jesus is the same yesterday, tomorrow and forever. He walks in love today, and he walks in love tomorrow. If you are standing before the Christ 2000 years ago. You had leprosy or cancer or diabetes, or gout, and maybe broken bones or whatever it would be. You wanted him to heal you, he would not deny you.

He will heal you. He will never say no. Even there was a woman that was a Gentile, and I tell you this for a certain reason. He is still alive. He lives inside of us. He still answers the same thing like he did back then. He still says yes to healing. Yes and yes.

Now that gets me to where I want to go. That me go to first John chapter 1. Let me go to 1-4. Jesus is from the beginning at we have seen him, We have looked at him, We have touched him. We proclaim the word of life. We have seen the word, and We have proclaimed the eternal word of life, he has appeared to us.

We proclaim what we have seen and heard, that you may fellowship with us. Our fellowship is with the father and the son. We write this down to make our joy complete. John says now let me tell you, we have seen the father, we have seen the son. He has seen us and we walked with him, they walked with him and talked with him. Like the old song, he walks with me in the garden. All right.

We come to the garden alone. They walked with him every day and imagine being there, and sitting around the campfire, and that would be very empty minute. We both love campfires. My wife, you know, she loves the gas fires. She does not want to mess with the wood. But she likes the fire. That sounds like a sermon. We will not go there now.

Verse five, this is what we have heard of him, and we will declare this to you. God is light and there is no darkness in him. If we say that we are with him, but we walk in the dark, we are lying. But if we walk in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus purifies us from all of our sins.

Jesus says if we walk with him we walk in his blood. We are purified from sin. We must be in fellowship with our brothers and sisters, too. Love them is to love Christ. Do not push me.



let me continue on. If we continue without sin, if we say we do not have sin, we deceive ourselves. People say they do not do anything bad, but you are really a liar. If we confess our sins, he will forgive us he will purify us, if we claim that we have not committed sin, we say he is a liar. Jesus is the word. The word is God.

But we must come to him, we must be purified from sin. Adam Eve had a perfect relationship, but they were found in sin. They hid from God, they were ashamed of one another. They put on their masks. That is not who they are. You know, if you are breathing you are like that.

Chapter 2. Let me continue. I have lost my place. Here we go. My dear children I write this to you so you do not commit sin, but if you do, we have an advocate, Jesus Christ. He is our atonement, and he is the atonement for the sins of the whole world. But let us say that we fail.

And I tell people, if you fall out with the Lord, go back to the beginning, go back to the cross. Do not leave the cross. Always stay at his feet. You cannot go wrong. He will be faithful to forgive you.

We know, here it comes, we must know him, I am sorry, we have come to know him if we obey him. How do you know, that you know him? You obey him. Without that you do not know him. It is clear. Many people think they know God, but they live like the devil. This is not what the word says. If you know him, you will obey him.

The ones who say they know him, and they do not do what he says, he is a liar. Do not throw stones at me. God’s love is made complete in him. If we say that we live in him, we walk like Jesus. If you obey the word, the word is complete. God is love.

He is the same, always. He is love. If you want to love, you must obey him. Knew what he says to do. If we love him, we obey him. One case in point. What does it say? If we are in him we walk like him. How did he walk?

I will tell you. He says you should be together, and even more as the day of Christ comes. He says even more so. We must go to church, we must come together. Did Jesus do that? That was his custom to be in the synagogue every Sabbath.

Do not separate the synagogue and the church. That is the way that it began. We went to the synagogue in the beginning. We change the name. Verse seven. Dear friends, I do not give you a new commandment, but you have had it since the beginning. This old commandment you have heard it, but I give you an new one, and because of the darkness is passing, but the light is shining. If you say that you walk in the light but you hate your brother you are in the dark. If you walk in the light, you will not stumble.

And if we say we are in the light. If we say that we obey Christ, and we must love our brothers, and sisters. If we are breathing, we should love them. We should walk in God’s love. We must forgive to be forgiven. People want me to pray, but they are walking in bitterness and unforgiveness and hatred. Then they are mad at God, because their prayers are not answered.

God cannot hear you when you walk in hatred. If you want to deeper walk, you must forgive your brother, release the bitterness. Walk in love. If anybody had a right to be angry it was Christ. It was Jesus. You cannot hold bitterness. You cannot hold bitterness against anyone, not your fellowman even your children. You cannot go there. You must love them. We love like Christ loved.

If you want to walk in the light, if you want fellowship with him. There is no compromise here. There is no compromise at all. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot say you do not qualify. You cannot say that you do not qualify, so you do not have to obey the light. I do not care how bad you have been treated. You must forgive. You must forgive.

It is a commandment have an imperative. I need to keep going. I need to get this over. If you hate your brother you walk in the dark, you are in the dark, you do not know where you go, because you are blinded by the dark. You are blinded to Christ, you become blinded to God, you hate your brother and your sister, or the kids or the spouse. The hate someone, maybe the parents. Let it go, baby.

Do not love the world, if you love the world the love of the father is not in you, you do not have the love of the father, if you love the world, everything that is in the world, the lust of the eyes, it is not of the father whatever the world. The world and its lusts, and its desires are passing away, but if you love God you will live forever.

The Bible says do not love this life. You should really have hatred in comparison with your love for God. I work with some people, and they said they were called, and they did everything foreordination, but they never walk and the ordination, or the anointing, because, they loved the world. If they did not get paid for what they were doing. They would not do it.

They would walk away from it. You must do what you are called, no matter what. You must do it. It burns in your soul. This is what Jeremiah says, he was called, and then he says I have been deceived, I have the Holy Ghost, I must open my mouth, even to my detriment. I can identify.

Let me see now, verse 18. Dear children, this is the last day, the antichrist is coming, he is even here. We know it is the last time, they do not belong to us and they do not belong with us, and if they had stayed with us they would been with us. But many people say there with us, and the bitterness comes to the surface, they will not pay the price to follow Christ.

When the antichrist takes over, and the persecution begins, you will not be able to walk with him. People say I will not take the mark of the beast, but I am like, if you cannot do it now, you will not do it later. I do not think so.

You have the anointing. Please read this. I will tell you.

But you have the anointing,

go ahead.

You have the anointing of the holy one, and you know the truth. I do not write to you because you do not know the truth but you know the truth, and the liar is the one that dies Jesus is the Christ. He is the antichrist. If you deny the son, you do not have the father. If you have the son, you have the father. You have heard this from the beginning. Remain in the son, and he says he will be in you, so you will have eternal life.

If you are in him, you must love the son. You must love one another; you must do what Jesus does. I will, I will read this. It says, I write these things to you, about those who want to lead you astray. As for you, if you do not hear me, here this. As for you, the anointing that you have from him is in you, you do not need anyone, oh, oh, you do not need anyone to teach you. But the anointing will teach you, it is real, it is not a counterfeit. It will teach you, so remain in him.

If you remain in his love and this is the anointing of love, and as you stay in the anointing, he will teach you. When I was younger, I would eat every Christian book. I remember Paul Yonngi Cho; he was a pastor in South Korea. He told my friend, he had a big library. It was magnificent. It was a huge room. It was a big library. He brought the man in, and Paul Yonngi Cho looked around, and he said general knowledge, and he says this is all you need.

And I thought WOW. He said, it is really watered down. You do not need milk, that will kill a baby. We need the pure milk of the word, we need the meat of the word, that comes from the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost will teach you.

The book of John, what does it say? I wrote it down. John 14:23. Jesus says if you love me you will obey me, and my father will love you, we will make our home with you. If you do not love me, you will not obey me. These are not my own words. They belong to the father who has sent me. I have spoken this to you, but the Holy Ghost, the father will send him in my name, he will teach you all things. He will remind you of everything I have said.

I will give you my peace, and Jesus says the Holy Ghost will teach you. God will anoint you, you will have the understanding of the word. You will not go to a priest to be taught, but the Holy Ghost will teach you.

That does not mean that you would not be unteachable or arrogant, but as you walk in his love, the love of Christ, and you walk with humility, the Holy Spirit will teach you. He will take you into the deeper things. What do we began with? Follow the way of love, desire the spiritual gifts, especially the preaching gift. Like preaching, or speaking in tongues.

You do not teach someone how to preach, or speaking in tongues. You can teach the word and people can know the word, but when the Christ stood before them, they did not know him. They would preach about him all the time. But they did not know him. They nailed him to the cross. To know him is to walk in love.

We need the anointing, and the fullness of Jesus in bodily form. It is poured out on you, from Colossians. It says, for in Christ all of the fullness of the Godhead has been given in Christ, he is the head of every authority. Please read from the Bible.

Verse 27, and it shall come to pass and the burden shall be taken away, and your guilt shall be taken away, and the yoke will be destroyed by the anointing.

It is not by might or power but by my spirit. What is your yoke? What is your burden? What have you been bound with? Allow the love of Christ to touch your heart. Forgive everybody, so that God can answer the prayer. God says he will shatter the yoke. He will shatter it. Do you need that? Do you have cancer? Do you have diabetes as your yoke? Do you have gout or Crohn’s disease? Or a brain injury? Or maybe a heart problem, or a long problem? What is your yoke tonight?

Let us allow the anointing to fall. It shall shout of the yoke. It shall shatter the yoke. / God wants to do this in your life, and before I pray. Let us pray together. Dear Jesus, I come to you tonight, and Jesus I forgive my brothers and my sisters. I forgive my family, my whole family. I forgive my children. Jesus, I forgive my neighbor. I forgive everyone. I forgive anyone who is committed sin against me. Cleanse me. I give it all to you. I pray in your name, please forgive me. Cleanse me, give me your love.

Help me to love like you love. Help me to walk like you have walked. Give me your Holy Spirit, for the position for what you want me to do. Help me not to go in my own strength, but to go in the spirit. Let us walk together, like the Holy Spirit carried apostles along. I pray you would carry me along, that we could go forward, please spread your love for me to reach the lost. Give me your spirit, anoint me with your love.

And in your name we pray. Amen. Hallelujah. I hope you heard my message tonight for the last 30 minutes, I believe the word tonight. I have lost my pen, I believe tonight the word, it is special. You cannot walk in the love of God, unless you forgive. I want to say, Donna, you know who you are. You write to me. You write about God’s love. If anybody has heard it, what I said, you did.

So, if I would dedicate it to anyone it is you. Thank you for the emails.