Wake up the Church.

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November 9, 2017

>>Jeff: Praise the Lord and I’m Glad to Be with You Tonight. This Has Been a Good Day. God Is Good. Goodness, I Have a Cup Warmer from Dan, it is for my tea, he found it for me, so I’m happy about that. I am pastor Jeff Lane. Our program is live on the air. You can call in at the telephone numbers you see on your screen. The numbers are now on your screen.

We have an unusual word tonight. I need you to fasten your seatbelt, you can relax. You will not be relaxed for long. Let me go to chapter 1, we shall go to verse three.

We thank you for the word that we are about to receive. Please have your way. Have it your way. Have your way. Lift up your church I pray, and wake them up. In the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord. Amen. People? I do not think people know the times we are living in.

In the days of Noah, they were giving in marriage by up until the time he closed the door, and people are just so blind. We are in the same time. We have the attitude well, we have heard about Jesus, and we kick the can down the road. It shall be later. We will have more time.

Let me go to chapter 1 of the book of Haggai. Of the word of the Lord came to me, you should not be living in paneled houses, and my home is in ruins. God says, think about what you are doing. You plant, you don’t have, you don’t have your fill. You where clothing, you are not warm. You earn money, but then you just put it into the pockets with holes in them. Think about what you are doing. Build my house, and I shall take pleasure, and be honored. I have wanted much, but you brought me little.

what you have brought home I blew it away, it is my house, it is in ruins, you are so busy with her own home. Let me talk about this. The house have been torn down, it was done by Nebuchadnezzar. You should know. God brought back the Israelites, this was the temple of God. Is God concerned with these things? Not really, what God is concerned for our temple, that would be us. Build up the temple, not the world.

don’t be worried about the things of this world, don’t miss it. God is calling you to build the temple, to put God first. Stay with me. We shall go to second Timothy, stay with me. We shall look at chapter 3. We shall go to 1. Mark it down, and in the last days, the times would be terrible. But what do you mean now? We are in the last days. People to love themselves and they will just love money, and they would be disobedient, unthankful and unholy.

Verse three says. Without love. I never caught this before. I turned to this. I found out. Without love, it could be translated, without family affection, as in a love for the parents or the children, or the family members.

There is no family affection. They don’t care for their own. They are so busy with life, they miss the more important things. You watch this program every night. This is what we hear. We hear it all of the time. People want to lock mom and dad away. I know about that. I spent five years in the nursing home, I was appalled.

There is a time and place for a nursing home. But so many had no business there, they should have been with the family. This is not about a this is all about. People shall be unforgiving, brutal, no self-control, they don’t love a good. If I don’t know this, this seems like this world. They love pleasure more than God, they have a form of godliness, but they did not of the power thereof, and have nothing to do with them.

This is the church, and as the church goes, so goes the nation. The church is these things, people. We do these things. We have a form, we go through the motions, we try to act like a God, there is no power for salvation, there is no love. Love begins in the home. We cannot say that we love God, but we don’t care for our families.

We don’t care for our own family members anymore. Jesus says, he talked about it, and Jesus says, they would give the Corban, they would care for their family members, but they would dedicate the money to the temple, but they did not really give it away. This is the way they could get a little extra money in the till.

then they look like they were godly, but instead, they did not care for their own family members. I see the same thing today. Where is the love for your mom and your dad? Go to the book of Matthew chapter 24. We shall go to verse one. Maybe we will come back to this later. Chapter 24. The book of Matthew. Verse one.

Jesus was walking away from the temple, with the disciples. He looked at the buildings, and he says I tell you the truth no stone will be left one upon another. That it was 60 years after Jesus, after he left, the temple was torn down by the Romans. There was a great rebellion, and 2 million Jews were killed. They impaled them onto these types of sticks, and it was like these crosses, and they cut down most of the trees to do this.

he talks about, he talks about the 77 years, or the 490 years. It stops here, but it shall pick it up again in the tribulation. This is the beginning of the end. God is dealing with the Gentiles. We are in that time. Jesus was sitting, and the disciples said, when will these things happen? When will the end of the age take place?

Jesus said, they shall be deceived, there shall be wars and rumors of wars, and able to say that they are the Christ. Don’t be alarmed, yet the end is to come. This means literally, ethnic group will rise against ethnic group. Kingdom against kingdom. There shall be earthquakes, and all of these would be the birth pangs. Then you shall be persecuted and put to death, and you shall be hated by all nations because of me. At that time, they shall turn away from faith and they shall turn away from faith and they will hate one another and because of the increase of the wickedness, the love of many will grow cold. This is the thing about love again.

But if you stand firm you shall be saved. The gospel of the kingdom shall be preached as a testimony to all nations. One of the things we see in the end times is a lack of love. God is love. It is a lack of God. I heard something tonight, I was appalled. That people would mock the Christians for praying for the victims in the state of Texas. I said where is your compassion? yes prayer makes a difference, it changes things. It cannot bring them back from the dead, it has happened, but I don’t think it will happen again. But we should wake up.

We should wake up to prayer. I’m not saying God did it, but he will use it. You better wake up, it is the end. The love of the people is cold. Go back to second Timothy. Maybe, let me read it again and maybe I was reading it. Where is it? I want to read it again. Second Timothy. Let me see. — Lord help me, all right. These are the ones who worm their way into homes and they gain control of the women, they are loaded down with us in, they have evil desires, they never acknowledge the truth. Just like the false prophets opposed Moses, these people are depraved, they have no faith, they are rejected. They shall not, they shall not get very far. There were these false prophets, and they threw down the staffs, and they became snakes before Pharaoh.

then it says, the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he would not listen and people today are hard. Even though they see the signs. The people are hard. Their love grows cold, to the things of God. If you go to the book of Revelation. Jesus is judging the church. He sets them straight. He does not condemn of them. He wants them in order. Then we get to chapter 5. It simply says, then I saw the right hand of the one that was on the throne, there was a scroll, there was writing on both sides. I saw the angels proclaiming, who is worthy to break the seals? But no one could do it, they could not open it, or look inside. I cried because no one could look inside of it. Then the elders of said don’t cry, the lion of the tribe of Judah, has triumphed. He can open up with this scroll.

then I saw the Lamb, who was slain, and he was surrounded by the four living creatures, he have the seven eyes, and these are the seven spirits of God. He took the scroll from the one who was on the throne and when he took it, the elders fell down, each one, listen, they were holding the golden bowls of incense and these are the prayers of the saints, and they were singing a new song.

I do not want to continue for the sake of time. The prayers of the saints, they will change everything. I would love to do a sermon on prayer. This is what will change the world. It is prayer that brings judgment. It is prayer that will make it straight. It must go before the word. Listen to me, the prayers go before the word. It is before Jesus shows up. Prayer goes up first, they might mock us and able to say there is no comfort there is no value in it, and God will listen to you. When you pray the earth will be straightened out and things will be bad,and able to get even worse. The love of the people will grow cold. They will hate their own family. Look at what it says.

I want to go to the book of Malachi. No, let me go to Hebrews, chapter 11. I read this the other night. What shall I say? This is the faith chapter. I don’t have the time to talk about the heroes of the faith the great people of faith. By faith they shut the mouths of lions, they escaped the sword, they became strong, they were powerful, they routed the enemies, and women received the dead raised to life again. Others were tortured and would not be released, that they would have a better resurrection. Some were flogged, they were put into prison. They were stoned. They were cut in two, and they went about in clothing of sheepskins, and they were mistreated, and the world was not worthy of them. They wandered, in the holes of the ground. These were commended for their faith.

But they did not receive what had been promised. God had something better, and we shall receive it with them. I want you to understand the times we are in. We are in times, we shall be persecuted like never before. The persecution shall come. It has started. It shall become worse at a worse.

Faith is not about believing for a brand-new airplane, or for new houses. God says, these things pass away. We are reading it. Your faith is to trust God, and to do what God says. God has a better promise. Sure you can have nice things, but be careful what you do, which way you go in the end times. Your faith must carry you now. I will wrap it up.

now we have a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off all hindrances, and they are holding us back, and let us put our eyes on Jesus, he is the finisher of our faith. For the joy he endured the cross, he is sat down at the right hand of the throne. He endured such opposition, and do not grow weary, in your struggle against sin. You have not yet shed blood. You have not forgotten the word, your faith, it is not so that you can have things. Your faith, God says he will take care of it. Maybe you might be fed by the ravens. Maybe buy a little widow woman but who cares? All of the shall burn up. But your faith right now is to take you through the struggle. Maybe you might not shed your blood, most people don’t, but you might.

Do you hear what it says? Get this and out. This is going to be happening, get out the sin. God delights in his sons. I want to wrap it up into Malachi. Malachi 4. I want to read 5, 6, the Lord shall return you to your family members, and I do not want to strike this land with a curse. I began to cry when I read these things, it chokes me up.

The most important thing would be your family. It starts in the home. At what does God want? He says get your house in order, get your home right. It is about your family members. The last days, put your home in order. If you do not, you show to be destroyed with the land. We shall go to heaven, we will be with our loved ones, if we listen to him.

We might shed our blood. We might be shot. God says these things will happen. These people had to walk by faith, they did walk by faith, God to says emphatically. You know, and they say if you have faith, you won’t go through trials. That is hogwash. Look at Paul. He was a man of faith. Don’t be foolish. He went through these things because he was a man of faith.

We need to build the house of God. We need to build his house. We need to preach his unadulterated word. The good and the bad and the ugly. Everything. It’s not always pleasant. The end will be beautiful. Be careful, whose house you build. Be careful, be careful what you do with your money. I see something now, it is horrifying, people take money that belongs to God, to put the word around the world. They put it in places, where people are taken with the cares of this life. They are taken with jets, with cars, and that garbage. It’s not that. Is about getting out of the word to the world.

It is about prayer. Be careful where you plant your seed. Be careful what you build. Are you building God’s house? Do you build the devil’s house? are you taking God’s money, where people can enjoy this world. But can you change lives with your money? You think very hard about that.

Be careful with what God is given to you. I don’t know how I got on that.